Offroad Selection Blue

“tobacco with juniper and peppery notes”

The can of the Offroad Selection Blue snus is quite a basic looking an with no real sex appeal. However, the Snus is a different story.
When you first open the can the smell is of tobacco with juniper and peppery notes coming through later and smells great.
The taste is a juniper predominant taste with some peppery notes and tobacco hints coming through after a 5-10 minutes but it also had a instant cooling effect when I put the portion under my lip which surprised me but in a pleasant way.
Offroad selection blue snus is an inexpensive snus option for those still new to snusing to try out and I feel like it would be a good one for them to try.
I give it 
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Skruf Xtra Strong Portion

“the smell of a Lipton lemon teabox”

When you have a first look at the can, you’ll notice the stylish white colour with the stylish texture. It gives you the feeling of a well thought product.
I can’t even remember the last time I had a Skruf. But I remembered that it had an almost innocent sweet flavour. I like the opposite, I want a burly tobacco flavoured snus.
With this in mind, Skruf Xtra Stark Portion really surprised me. It has a strong smell of tea and lemon. You now the smell when you open a Lipton lemon teabox? That smell, and add some tobacco smell on it.
I really like snus that you can relate to something. When you mix memories with something you enjoy.


As you put it in, you can feel the characteristic taste of bergamot. The snus is foggy and well filled, so it lays perfect under the lip, without any bigger adjustments.
The nicotine kicks in after about 40 minutes, and does not drip that much in the beginning. But after ten more minutes, you can really feel why it’s named Xtra Strong. It has a strong tobacco flavour, that just keeps on going, even after an hour and half.
For me, that likes runny and strong snus, it was a happy surprise. But I would not recommend it for a person that doesn’t have been snusing for long.
I’m rating this bad boy
Best regards

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Jakobsson’s Nordic Chew – Guest review by

“If you’re a lover of mint snus, or traditional snus flavor, add these to your next order!”

Due to the EU Snus Ban, we are seeing more and more companies releasing chew bags, or Nordic Chew as it is currently being called.  Today we are going to talk about Jakobsson’s Chew Original and Wild Mint, two new products from Gotlandssnus. describes these products as being “manufactured by Gotlandssnus. Jakobssons Chew Bags are very similar to Jakobssons Snus. The only major difference is that the tobacco is cut instead of grinded. The specially developed paper of the bags allows an optimal delivery of taste and nicotine. Use it like a regular snus, put it under your upper lip and enjoy. For a faster nicotine and taste development, chew the bag gently 1-2 times before.”  These products both come in a 20 gram can with plump 1 gram portions and a nicotine content of 21mg/g!

Let’s start by talking about Jakobsson’s Ultra Strong: Original Chew Bags.  The flavor description for this one says, “Jakobsson’s Original Chew Bags has a spicy tobacco character with notes of bergamot and citrus. This product has a regular sized pouch.”  Going into this review, I was curious if it would taste like Jakobsson’s Dynamite or a product that was discontinued a while back, Jakobsson’s Classic Strong.  Some of you old school snusers may remember that one!  I was pleasantly surprised to find it to be a mix of the two.  The portions are moist and comfortable in the lip, and quickly release flavor and a strong kick of nicotine.  The aroma is a rich, well rounded tobacco smell accompanied by a hint of citrus.  The flavor follows the aroma and is a rich, spicy tobacco taste accompanied by a light presence of citrus and a gentle touch of sweetness.  I’ve found I can enjoy the flavor for up to 45 minutes.  The nicotine kick for this one is incredibly strong; within 5 minutes I feel it kick in and it doesn’t let up!  If you’re a fan of traditional Swedish Snus flavor, you will enjoy this one!

Next, let’s talk about the mint offering, Jakobsson’s Ultra Strong: Wild Mint Chew Bags.  The flavor description for this one says, “Jakobsson’s Wild Mint Chew Bags has a soft but distinct mint flavor and a hint of herbs. This product has a regular sized pouch.”  Going into this review, I was curious if the flavor would be like Jakobsson’s Mint Strong, a personal favorite of mine.  I was surprised to find out that it’s actually pretty close.  The portions are moist, and quickly release flavor and nicotine.  The aroma is. A sharp smell of mint which reminds me of peppermint, spearmint and menthol.  There also appears to be a light herbal presence lingering in the background.  The taste is a sweet taste of mint, which seems like a mix of spearmint and peppermint with a light menthol presence in the background.  I also pick up a light herbal taste and a mild tobacco character in the background.  Being a mint snus, you’ll encounter the familiar cooling sensation in your lip.  It is quite refreshing!  I’ve found I can enjoy this snus for around 45 minutes before the flavor mellows.  The nicotine is quite strong; it kicks in at about the 5 minute mark and certainly delivers a strong hit!  If you’re a lover of mint snus, this is a must try.

Both of these products are solid releases from Gotlandssnus.  If you’re a lover of mint snus, or traditional snus flavor, add these to your next order!
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Crafted Snus Whisky Single Malt Original

“juicy, rich and tasteful”

I am a real sucker for products’ good marketing, and boy oh boy is this a masterpiece when it comes to promotion and packages! This thing is a pure piece of art: either when you look at the can, or hold it in your hands and play with it.

The can is made out of metal, and the artwork is contoured into metal itself, making it a keeper for your living room decoration when you finish snusing. They certainly thought about everything, they even designed the disposal part is under the lid, so it doesn’t ruin the beauty of the can. Now, let’s talk about the snus itself… Crafted Snus Whisky Single Malt Original

The artwork continues inside the can! When you open the can, you immeadiately get the rich tobacco and whiskey, especially whiskey aroma. I was not expencting one thing though – the moisture of canned snus. It was as if the snus was just taken out of the whiskey bath, packed and sent. As much of a surprise as it was, I couldn’t find a single thing wrong with it. Snus is juicy, rich and tasteful. You get an aroma blast of 40 minutes to 1 hour of enjoyment, and thanks to nifty crafting – this is one of few snus products I use for 2 – 2.5 hours before disposing because the longer you hold it in, more aromas you will notice which are blended into the whisky, and each of them is complimenting the tobacco taste perfectly – you can find the earthy tobacco aroma, nutty and oaky whisky barrel aroma, and a slight hint of chocolate and smoke. It’s simply spot on perfect snus for my taste. I must add, this snus is not for beginners, in my humble opinion; since it’s a bit stronger then your regular daily snus (as whiskey and tobacco product should be, if you ask me). This snus was a blast, and I have met my match with my all time favorite snus, therefore I am giving Crafted Snus Whisky an easy If you ask me, you can NEVER go wrong with this. As a suggestion from a snus user to a snus user, give it a try. You won’t regret it!

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Kaliber+ White Portion VS Thunder Original Nordic Chew

“don’t be scared to try Nordic chew”

Hej guys! In this review we are going to be comparing Kaliber + white portion snus and Thunder original Nordic chew against one another.

Right so let’s start with Kaliber!!

On opening the can of Kaliber you are greeted with a nice light and slightly herbal Smell with some citrus notes in the background. The taste of this snus is very subtle for the first few minutes you can’t really notice much but then you start to taste the citrus and herbal flavors very gently which is shortly followed by a light tobacco taste. I found I could keep the portion in for about an 40 – 45minutes before I noticed any drip at all. It took around 30 minutes or so before I could even feel the nicotine start to kick in as well, as this is definitely quite a light snus.

Would be a good one for people who are new to snus! But doesn’t really pack enough of a punch for me.


Now on to the Thunder!!

Right to start of I just want to let you all know that Nordic chew is very much the same as snus, the biggest difference is how the manufacturer prepares the tobacco. You don’t need to chew the Nordic chew bags and there’s no need to spit like there is with regular chew. So don’t be scared to try them!!

On opening the can of Thunder you are greeted by a very pleasant tobacco smell with some slight herbal smells in the background. The taste of this product is fantastic! It tastes of tobacco with some herbal notes that aren’t to overpowering and you get this right from the start. After a while I even started to notice a almost pepper like taste but only very very lightly. The Thunder chew has a amazing long lasting flavor that still tasted great for up to hours and doesn’t really drop that much either so win win. The nicotine on this greets you nice and early on as with all Thunder products as it’s quite a strong one. I’d say I could notice it after about 5 minutes.

I absolutely loved the Thunder chew and will definitely be seeing it more often under my lip from now on.



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LG – Lundgrens Slim White

“it greets you with nice herbal and pine smell”

Hey snusers!

Today I´m reviewing Lundgrens slim white extra strong, pleasant upgrade of regular LG slim white. The snus is decently strong, but not as other extra strong portions. The can itself is equipped with Flexlid, which is a new lid technology, which allow you to stick more used portions as it gets bigger every time you put portions into it. After opening the can, it greets you with nice herbal and pine smell, also a little bit of citrus odor. The nicotine kicks in quite fast, it doesn’t take more then 5 minutes. The taste is very similar to the smell, as I mostly felt pine and a hint of earthy herbs, it´s a bit sweet and overall the taste is very good. Later on you get a great tobacco taste. It lasts up to more then one hour and it could be more, but it stops hitting after this hour.

To sum up, I liked Ludgrens slim white extra strong quite a lot, it´s tasty and I enjoyed the Flexlid technology, a great addition to snus cans I haven´t heard of before. I´m giving it  because it could be stronger (it should be called extra strong for a reason), otherwise it´s a great snus and I definitely recommend it to all strong snus lovers.

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Meet Marek

“I just love the buzz”

Name: Marek Hlaváč
Age: 18
Nationality: Czech

Football, traveling, hanging out with friends, watching Netflix and playing video games

Favorite Snus:
Siberia Red White Dry – I love the buzz you get from Siberia. It is so strong it will knock you out. So much that you could end up in a gulag working for the soviets or get eaten by a grizzly bear.

My first snus experience:
When I was sixteen and ever since then I know how awesome it is. I just love that buzz. I used to smoke but I’m only dipping nowadays.

Favorite life hack:
Being nice to people, it pays back.

A quote that sums up my view on life:
Live like there’s no tomorrow, love and dip.

Best regards,

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Meet Marko

“I stopped smoking after 14 years, thanks to one band from Sweden, whose drummer had snus”

Name: Marko Lulic
Nationality: Croatian
Hobbies: Playing bass guitar and manufacturing beard products – Beard oils and beard combs (only quality products for fellow bearded guys – mahogany or nothing!). Rainy and cold days are the best days to take out my bass guitar and play some bluesy or country tunes, while during sunny times I gladly replace my playing with woodworking and dusty room to create beard oils and various one of a kind, unique and personalized mahogany beard combs for fellow bearded villains of the world!

Favorite Snus: Offroad Coffee Vanilla, no dilemma here! Can you imagine a better way to start your every day, than with a hot cup of black coffee and coffee-vanilla flavored snus? It’s the best of two worlds combined, an unbeatable combo for everyday waking up!

My first snus experience: Several years ago I was attending a metal show downtown, and that nights guest band was a band from Sweden. Swedish band playing metal – you can’t go wrong with that, so after a great show onstage, I met the guys and we started talking. One thing caught my eye, every now and then; the drummer was shoving a weird pack under his lip and going “Mmmmmm… Now, where were we?” “What’s that dude?”, I asked. The dude explained, and since I was already smoking for 13-14 years, it instantly seemed as a great way to either reduce smoking, or stop smoking. “Can I try that?” I asked, and I think I didn’t even get the chance to finish the sentence, he already opened up his pack, and served it. The smell of eucalyptus was overwhelming, portions were neatly stored in a circular formation, it was beautiful just to stare at it. I took one, and boy was I in a weird time lapse of 20 minutes… Burning sensation was both pleasant and repulsive, the smell and aroma of eucalyptus was something I never experienced nor ever imagined I would experience when it comes to tobacco products; it was definitely love at first taste! That same night I found out a disastrous thing – snus is only obtainable in Sweden… “Yeah, well you can look it up online, I think some websites might even ship to Croatia.” – That was enough. I googled “buy snus online”, first webpage that popped up was Northerner. The variety of available products made me feel like a little kid in a chocolate factory. But, does Northerner ship to Croatia? It does? A-WE-SO-ME! I filled up my shopping cart, paid everything, and a week later, my first order of snus arrived. That was the beginning of a long lasting snus relationship, which will last for a long, long, looooong time! Long story short, I stopped smoking after 14 years, thanks to one band from Sweden, whose drummer had snus. Thank you Sweden, thank you snus!

Favorite life hack: Removing large quantities of meat from the fridge by simply grilling it and eating it afterwards. Works every time!

A quote that sums up my view on life: YOLO – You only live once? Wrong, you only die once. Live every day to the fullest!

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Jakobsson’s Strong Cola

“A Nostalgic trip when the smell and taste hits you”

Jakobsson Cola Strong
Do you get these nostalgic trips after you smell something?
Can you feel how it used to be when you were young and the same smell or taste hit you?

At first sight when I got the package… to be honest, I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to try out this thing. I mean… Snus with Cola flavor? Sounds pretty bad!
But after glaring at the snusbox for about 10 minutes, I opened it…
The smell that hit me, it was like something taken from my childhood and put into that box. I’m not talking about that cola flavor from different sodas…
I’m talking about that real cola flavor. That flavor that is in candy (Swedish candy).
I got astound by the smell, it was so nice, not only could you feel the cola but there was also a hint of tobacco in it which actually, for some reason, fitted in perfectly.

I looked at the bags and they layed there, perfectly portioned, a bit moisture (remember this isn’t a white snus, so you want the moistured part). I picked one up and threw it in my mouth.
Once it was under the lip the cola flavor hit you directly, like immediately.
The cola flavor is dominant, even 10 minutes in… The only difference is, the nicotine is playing with you. Seeing how this is a strong snus, you can really feel the strength of it.
I’m used to use strong snus, but this snus was actually really strong for me, I could even feel a bit of soft nicotine kick, which was amazing.
After 30 minutes in, you can still taste the cola flavor, so it’s not like chewinggums with taste, where you throw them out after chewing for 5 minutes.
Also a thing to mention about this particular snus is that besides from the little hatch (where you put your used snus) being to small, the actual box is pretty sweet looking.

I could feel the ride coming to an end after about one hour. The snus got shrinked up and as we say in Sweden, “turned into a snail”.

This brand is something worth trying, not only is it one of a kind but the taste and strength of the snus is insane.

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Meet Yasir


“Meet the barbering boxer who enjoys snus & coffee”

Name: Yasir
Age: 26
Nationality: Swedish/Pakistani

Hobbies: Barbering, boxing and recently I have found a sort of enjoyment in coffee brewing

Favorite snus: Tre Ankare, Göteborgs Prima Fint and Knox Stark White (due to the strong nicotine feeling)

My first snus experience: I was in a young age when I had my first snus experience, got a bag of snus from my friend, first brand ever tested was Göteborgs Rapé.

Favorite Life Hack: Take a sip of coffee before adding sugar, you won’t need as much sugar for it to taste as sweet afterwards.

A quote that sums up my view on life: The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion

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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.