Jakobssons Mint, 20g, Strong Portion Snus

Jakobssons Mint Strong

Jakobssons Mint has a rich and refreshing flavor of peppermint with a balanced sweetness and notes of herbs. This snus has a regular sized pouch.

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Flavored, Portion
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Jakobsson's by Gotlandssnus
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20 g / 0.71 oz

Jakobsson’s Mint portion snus

Introduced by Gotlandssnus in 2011, Jakobsson’s Mint has quickly become one of the most popular Mint flavored snus brands available. Jakobsson’s Mint is classed as an Original type portion which means that the portions are a bit more moist that a White type portion and will release it’s flavor much faster. The portions themselves are made from the same soft, tea bag type material that Gotlands uses for all their portion snus and is really comfortable in the lip for over 2 hours, which is pretty good since the average Swede keeps a portion in for half that! Each can of Jakobsson’s Mint contains 20 portions with approximately 14 mg of Nicotine per portion. The cans are made from white plastic with the signature Jakobsson’s compass embossed around the catch lid. While the can is cool, you’re here for the flavor review so, let’s push on!

The flavor of Jakobsson’s Mint can only be described as unique when compared to the other Mint flavored snus on the market. When you first put a portion in, the cool blast of a sweetish Mint flavor pleasantly hits you but, as the initial burst fades at about the fifteen minute mark, the mint flavor become a bit softer and sweeter and a few new elements begin to show. Subtle flavors of Anise, herbs and a floral note meld with the mint and really change the way the snus tastes. Overall, we are really impressed with the flavors in Jakobsson’s Mint portion and are sure that you will agree, Why not try Jakobsson’s Mint portion and leave us a review on what you taste? We’ll be waiting to read your thoughts!