Ink Strong Ice White Strong Chewing Bags

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Cool and fresh taste of spearmint, touch of menthol.
Ink Strong Ice White Strong Chewing Bags has a taste of spearmint and is manufactured by AG Snus. The nicotine experience is 4 out of 5 compared to similar chewing bags products. The original chewing bag can also be experienced in other flavors. You can find more news and classic chewing bags under "news" and on the Ink brand page. Ink Strong Ice is a modern style of chewing tobacco with a cool and fresh taste of spearmint with a touch of menthol. It's made from all lamina cut tobacco. The tobacco is packed in small pouches making it easy to use. Place the chewing bag between your cheek and gum. Chew gently on the bags for a stronger taste and nicotine delivery.
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Unit type Can
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Product Info Flavored, White
Brand Ink
Manufacturer AG Snus
Nicotine Level Strong
Flavor Spearmint
Nicotine (mg/g) 15
Portion Weight (g) 0.8
Flavor Spearmint
For 1 Roll order 5
Net Weight (g) 16.8
Net Weight (oz) 0.59
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