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Dark Cocoa, Chimó El TORO

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Chimó is a Smokeless tobacco product from Venezuela that has some similarities with Dip.

Chimó El TORO Dark Cocoa has a dark cocoa flavor. Its a smokeless tobacco paste from Venezuela that has some similarities with Dip.

How to use Chimó:
Take a small amount the size of an orange's seed (not more) of Chimó and placed it between your lip or cheek and gums or under your tongue and leave it there for about 30 minutes. It's not a spitless product so spit out any juices. Don't put your Chimó in the Freezer, It can make it very hard to use.

How Chimó is made:
Tobacco leaves are crushed and boiled for several hours, starch and fiber are discharged. The remaining portion becomes a concentrated product, 10 kilos of tobacco becomes one kilo of “Pasta”. For maturation it is then placed in natural containers, or “taparas” (the dried fruit from Tapara tree), or wrapped in banana leaves. The matured paste is “seasoned” with other ingredients. Finally packaged in small tins or candy-like wrapped cylinders. Most factories are small.

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Product Info Dissolvable
Nicotine (mg/g) 9
Flavor Cocoa
Brand El TORO
Manufacturer Chimo El Toro, C.A.
Net Weight (oz) 0.63
Net Weight (g) 18

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