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Ink X-treme Tropic CB

4,64 $
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Versand aus: Denmark

Melone und andere verschiedene Früchte.

Ink X-treme Tropic ist eine moderne Form des Kautabaks, welche aus allen Bestanteilen des Tabakblattes hergestellt wird und sich durch einen fruchtigen Geschmack nach Melona und anderen Früchten auszeichnet. Der Tabak ist in kleine Kissen verpackt, die der einfachen Handhabung dienen. Legen Sie die Kaukissen zwischen Ihre Wange und das Zahnfleisch und kauen Sie sanft auf dem Kissen für ein stärkeres Geschmacks- und Nikotinerlebnis.

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Unsere Rezension

“it’s really hard not to call it snus when you see it”

It’s always fun to experiment with tropical fruits and aromas, especially during the summer, and INK’s X-Treme Tropic original is on the menu today!

The all dark packing looks more menacing than the product inside, which can be noticed immediately after opening the can and smelling the light melon aroma. There is no punch in any specific smell, no strong overtaking from the tobacco, nor anything else to be honest, you just have that light, breezy melon sniff with some tropical and mango background. But is that it? Definitely not! Here is the fun part, it’s chewing tobacco! Well… Modern version of chewing tobacco; we don’t want to be walking around with spittoons, now do we? It’s long cut tobacco packed in pouches, and it’s really hard not to call it snus when you see it.
I received the can with a lot of questions in my head, and I was quite reserved to it. Will it be good? How can this work? Won’t I chew through the portion?
First one was really tricky. Since I’m used to regular snus, I forgot to chew it. Second one, I had to remind myself to do it (thank got we have reminders on our phones)… Now I understand the light aroma and light smell while opening the can. You actually need to work your way to the sweet nectar inside! Boy oh boy… A few light chews, and the aroma, the juice, and the nicotine runs out. Watch out though, you will feel that nicotine kicking in really good after chewing – that’s where you really notice it’s a proper xtreme product, not some regular or strong.
The only down side is the aroma duration, which goes up to 40-50 minutes. There are worse aroma duration products out there, but you would really want this one to last at least an hour and a half after you start to play with it.
This is my first chewing bags product, and I will not let it be my last. I’m glad my doubts were quickly resolved positively when it comes to taste and nicotine; but please, give us some more enduring aroma. It’s a shame to use it for an hour, when you could easily play with it for at least 1.5 – 2 hours without even noticing.

The overall grade could be higher if we had longer taste, so let’s give it a

and let’s hope the grade will make them think about it.

/ Marco, Snus Squad

Produktinfo Aromatisiert, Portion
Nikotin (mg/g) 20
Portion Gewicht (g) 0.8
Geschmack Frucht, Melone
Marke INK
Hersteller Lakrisan Tobacco Company
Menge/ Stange 5
Nettogewicht (Gramm) 16.8
Nettogewicht (oz) 0.59
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