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Thunder X WD CB

5,85 $
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Versand aus: Denmark

Minze / Menthol Geschmack.

Thunder X Chew hat einen starken Minz/Menthol Geschmack der dir kühlender Bilder von Mutter Natur im hohen Norden ins Gedächtnis ruft. Die Beutelchen haben die normale Grösse. Thunder Kautabak hat einen hohen Nikotingehalt. V2 tobacco erreicht diesen hohen Nikotingehalt auf natürliche Art, indem ein grösserer Anteil Tabakblätter pro Gramm Thunder Kautabak enthalten ist. Das Ergebnis ist ein grossartig schmeckender Tabak mit absolut natürlichem Nikotin. Weder künstliches Nikotin noch andere unerwünschte Zusätze sind in Thunder Kautabak enthalten.

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Unsere Rezension

"They really bring out the best in every snus"

I’m about to review the Thunder X, Chewing Bags, White portion. I first just want to say that the Chewing bags is really my new favourite type of pouches. They really bring out the best in every snus – honestly.

So, let the game begin. As I opened the can, I really felt the mint/menthol smell. It is something special with a mint/menthol flavoured snus – it smells extremely fresh. Every pouch is really welcomed! One thing that sort of bothered my eye, was how small packed the pouches where. It may be preconceptions, but a small packed pouch is not a strong snus.

Once I put a pouch in I felt the menthol flavour in my hole mouth –   almost as mouthwash. Really surprised that this tiny little pouch could taste so much. So, I first tried the old-fashioned way – under the lip. It just lays there, almost unnoticed – and just spreads a mint/menthol taste in the mouth. But about 40 minutes in, it starts to run. Just small amounts at the time. Sorry for the upcoming caps lock, but DAMN – this is a really, really, really strong snus. And the fact that it doesn’t run much, you can have it in easily for 1,5 hours (that is counted from when it starts to run).

So, let’s try the best way, the chewing way. I put it in, and lightly chewed on it. It started to run about 10 minutes in, and now it run a whole lot more then when you have it under your lip. It’s on the borderline to an extremely strong snus (Almost too strong for me, and well… that says a lot, hehe) But the minus for the chewing variant, is that it doesn’t last that long. Now, I’m not an expert of creating snus – but I’m taking a wild guess that it would last longer if you packed it more. Well, let’s not get down on that road cause sure there is a bigger picture with more aspects to think about.

Anyhow. I’ve noticed a thing with the brand Thunder. And that is that they want to bring out the best of a snuser. They know how to make a strong snus, hat’s off for you guys.

So, who’s up for this snus? I am not recommending this snus to anyone that isn’t used to snusing strong pouches. But if you are - you’re up for a chock!

I’m giving this one a


- really surprised of this one, and I really enjoyed it.

/ Robin, Snus Squad

Produktinfo Aromatisiert, Trocken Weiß
Nikotin (mg/g) 45
Geschmack Menthol, Minze
Marke Thunder Chew
Hersteller V2 Tobacco
Menge/ Stange 10
Nettogewicht (Gramm) 13.2
Nettogewicht (oz) 0.46
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