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Jakobssons Wild Mint CB

3,51 $
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Versand aus: Denmark

Weicher aber ausgeprägter Minzgeschmack und ein Hauch von Kräutern

Jakobsson’s Wild Mint Kaubeutel schmecken angenehm sanft nach Minze und einem Hauch Kräuter. Die Beutelchen haben die normale Größe. 

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“chilly tingling sensation when placing it under the lip"”

This one was a bit tricky… Jakobsson’s Wild Mint chewing bags are not that different to Jakobsson’s snus to be honest. The difference is only noticed under the lip, due to tobacco being cut differently. The trick is to chew the bag gently several times to get that nicotine and taste kick sooner.
So, let’s go to the can, shall we… Jakobsson’s Wild Mint CBs has a gentle but stable and quite distinct mint flavor with a hint of herbal scent, and quite a scent it is… When you open the can, you immediately get slapped by a sharp smell of menthol, spearmint, multiple herbs and peppermint. Just to enhance the aromas and smell, the bags are moist as well, so there will be no problem with almost instant aroma and nicotine kick.
Since we are talking about a mint CB, there is that distinguished chilly tingling sensation when placing it under the lip, and it expands through your breathing cavities – mouth and nose both! It tastes quite sweet, like candy made of mint mixed with a dash of chocolate (even though the chocolate is not present), the peppermint, spearmint and menthol are balanced quite nice, and herbal presence is just right (it only accents out the aroma, which is a nice touch). The thing that is odd here, you almost can’t even taste the tobacco, which can be a deal breaker for some consumers.
Nicotine kick is quite fast, and does not wear off so easy. Flavor time-span is on the low side, takes up to 45 minutes to wear off completely, and it’s kind of a bummer to lose the taste so fast. Trust me, you’ll want to have that thing in your mouth for at least 1.5 hours after you get addicted to it. That’s what she said… 
This one is quite tricky to put a grade without some good thinking… On the plus side, we have aroma, great kick, almost instant effect; but on the other hand we have almost no tobacco taste, low aroma time-span… Leaving it on the down note, in hope they fix either the taste or aroma lasting:


/Marco, Snus Squad

Produktinfo Aromatisiert, Portion
Nikotin (mg/g) 21
Portion Gewicht (g) 1
Feuchtigkeitsgehalt (%) 48
Geschmack Minze
Marke Jakobsson's Chew
Hersteller Gotlandssnus
Menge/ Stange 5
Nettogewicht (Gramm) 20
Nettogewicht (oz) 0.71
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