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Oliver Twist Tropical

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Shipped from: Sweden

Flavor of aniseed.

Tobacco bits are small, discreet mini-rolls of tobacco. Oliver Twist Tropical has a flavor of aniseed.

How to use it:
You place it between you jaw and cheek like snus and leave it there, while some of this nicotine is being released satisfying the need for nicotine. If you want additional nicotine, gently squeeze it between your teeth. No spitting required.

Oliver Twist tobacco bits are made of whole tobacco leaves with a natural nicotine content.

*Only some of the nicotine is released during use. The amount released depends on how much the tobacco bit is chewed. Therefore, a tobacco bit will still contain nicotine when it is disposed of.

Sugar/tobacco bit: 0.06g

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Product Info Flavored, Mini
Nicotine (mg/g) 21.4
Portion Weight (g) 0.23
Flavor Aniseed
Brand Oliver Twist
Manufacturer House of Oliver Twist
For 1 Roll order 12
Net Weight (g) 7
Net Weight (oz) 0.25
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