My first snus experience #6

“I was down in my knees in 2 minutes”

Name: Michal
Nationality: Slovakian living in France
Hobbies: Ice hockey
Profession: Professional Ice hockey player

Hello everyone!

So a little bit about me:

My name is Michal. I’m from Slovakia, but living in France where i play ice hockey as a professional hockey player. I live with my fiancée (7 years together) and my daughter which was born last year in August. I can say we are one happy familly 🙂 .

I stared with snus like 6 years ago when i played hockey in Czech Republic. Some of my teammates already was using it, so i tried too. I remember the first one i had. Skruf Tranbar. I am glad that i tried this one, it was not that strong as Skurf xtra stark, I was down in my knees in 2 minutes haha. After that i tried some stronger and many other brands.

And finally get to the THUNDER. Now my favorite is Thunder Frosted xtra white dry.

Let med know about your first snus experience in the commentfield below:)

Sincerly Michal

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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.