The Lab 13 Slim Portion

Sweet and spicy

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On opening The Lab 13 can you are greeted by a lovely sweet/spicy smell with a slightly fruity smell about it also as well as a notable familiar smell that reminds me of Monster Energy. With a few subtle tobacco hints coming through. On placing one of the portions under your lip you will be able to notice how this snus gets straight to work with no messing around. The taste is slightly sweet and spicy, slightly fruity and again reminds me of Monster Energy but with some lovely tobacco hints popping through.

The taste is a fantastic combination and lasts for about 45 minutes before it starts fading out to just a tobacco taste. Drip wise this snus is awesome, it lives up to the non-drip claim, as I could have it in for around an hour and a half before I noticed any dripping.

I do love the design of the portions, they are nice and slim and really fit under the lip super comfortably. However if you are new to snus I would recommend staying clear of this one for a little while as it certainly packs a punch!!

If you need help picking a good first snus scroll through the blog for one of my previous reviews, or post below for recommendations!

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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.