Göteborg Rapé Lingon White Large

“Reminds me of my grandmother’s kitchen”

Hey guys,

So one of the things I really like about all the snuses made by Göteborgs rapé is the presentation of the snus inside the can.
On opening the can you can smell that lovely lingonberry smell straight away followed up by a light lemon smell with some floral hints. The smell makes me hungry and reminds me of my grandmother’s kitchen.

This snus tastes as good as it smells, upon putting it under your lip you can instantly taste the lingonberry followed by some lemon notes and then that great Göteborgs original tobacco and herbal flavor. However, this snus also has a sweetness to it which can be quite nice.

This snus really stands apart from the others and is well worth trying.


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Nick & Johnny Strong Portion

“Like taking a whiff of a nice Dominican cigar”

To me, Nick & Johnny has always been a reliable source for great snus. No-nonsense, quality tobacco. This is a pretty plain-jane product from Nick & Johnny, not sporting any special flavours or extreme strength, but don’t stop reading yet. I can confidently say this is one of my favorite snuses. I used a few portions and was extremely pleased, but decided to wait to review this product until I got through the whole tin, to make sure my initial impressions were not premature.

This is a large-sized portion, and I found that it needs a little bit of fluffing to prep it for my lip. It’s not hard by any means, it just comes packed in pouches that are a little packed more to one side. Once you fluff it, its good to go.

Upon opening the tin, I’m hit with a slightly spicy, strong tobacco aroma. It is not overpowering, but the best way I can describe it is being very rich. It reminds me of taking a whiff of a nice Dominican cigar. The portion is pretty dry for a non-white portion. It is obvious that it isn’t white, I’m just saying that it doesn’t have as much drip as others. I quite enjoy it, as I get a bit more flavor than my normal white portions, without a lot of drip. On to the flavor. The rich tobacco I spoke of in the aroma directly carries over to the flavor. It has a very full bodied tobacco taste, with hints of pepper. It also has a nice lime character that becomes more prominent as time goes on.

This Nick & Johnny is labelled as a strong portion at 3 out of 4 for strength. It has a great nicotine hit that doesn’t knock you off your feet. I could use it all day. If you are into beer, as I am very much, I would pair this snus with a Porter or Stout. The rich tobacco would mingle well with the roasty and chocolatey characteristics of those beer styles. Another perfect match would be a Belgian Dubbel beer.

Overall, a very good offering from Nick & Johnny, that I will be sure to use again. Keep yourself tuned into the Snus Squad reviews here at Northerner – I will be sure to start offering my beer pairing opinions to everything else I review.



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Thunder Snus vs. Thunder Chew

“both is definitely 100 percent snus in nature”

Thunder Extra Strong Portion vs. Thunder Extra Strong Chew Bags

You may believe that having attained an E grade in Advanced Level Law and having been in court once would give me a unique understanding of the intricate laws and regulations regarding snus distribution. Alas, it is not so. The whys and wherefores of varying snus availability in certain countries is a baffling mystery which, to be honest, I haven’t researched at all. If I can get snus, I’m happy. If not, then I’ll moan and complain and shake my fist and sulk.

Chew bags sound more like something you would give a horse to munch on, but they may be small saviours when finding yourself in those areas unenlightened to the joys of snus as they fall into a legislative grey area. Chew bags are apparently not snus. At the same time, they closely resemble snus and are produced by snus manufacturers. So many questions, so many contradictions. In the interests of aiding the debate, satisfying my own curiosity and, perhaps, guiding human civilisation to a new level of knowledge and ultimate peace, I tested Thunder Extra Strong Chew Bags against their ancestral form, Thunder Extra Strong Portion Snus.

I’ll spring elegantly over my thoughts on the packaging as I have written before on my opinions of Thunder cans. Suffice to say, the chew bags are presented in the same way as other Thunder products. The chew bags themselves, however, do look and smell slightly different. Not as dark in colour or aroma as Extra Strong Portion; they have a khaki-ness to them and a nice little whiff of liqourice. The Extra Strong Portion are, as mentioned, darker and a bit greasier to the touch, with a very strong odour of something I can’t quite place, but is definitely 100 percent snus in nature.

Extra Strong Portion hides nothing in it’s approach. Dark, quite drippy and a strength which lasts until you physically are unable to contain or dispose of the juices anymore and are forced to submit. This is by no way a criticism, as I prefer a solid blast of snus over more delicate, slow burners for the most part, although I do find most Thunder products a bit too full, if you know what I mean?

The Chew Bags, as indicated by their lighter shade, are a touch gentler. Extra Strong Portion kicks in the door and grabs the arm chair, Chew Bags knock first, sit quietly for a while before livening up and getting going. Hit and taste-wise, the CB’s gradually rise from a steady buzz to a bona fide extra strong level over a quarter of an hour. I must also mention that no chewing is required to activate the snus. Sorry, I meant chew bag. It is easy to forget that, in some bizarre and undefined way, Chew Bags are not snus.

In comparitive terms, I preferred the Chew Bag for it’s more meandering way to the hit and a drier experience, more akin to a white portion. The flavour is a toned down version of the Extra Strong Portion, without any loss of strength of effect. In my attempt to find the flaw, the sign that something was lacking, which could explain why Chew Bags are not snus, I failed. In a blind taste test, with no prior knowledge, I’d bet my emergency frozen snus can that not one of you could tell the difference between a chew bag and a snus portion.

Whatever the difference is, be it ingredient, terminology or other is unimportant. I can only offer my deep gratitude to whichever creative soul first thought to produce chew bags. The name is a little odd, but behind the smokescreen is for all intents and purposes, snus for those who know snus.

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Skruf Slim Mynta White

“a pick-me-up from the cya-later-summer blues”

Well, we are right at the midway point of October, and as the weather starts to turn to crap, I found myself needing a pick-me-up from the cya-later-summer blues.That pick-me-up came in the form of a can of Skruf Slim Mynta White from the fine people across the world at Northerner. Mint flavoured snus was what got me into the whole snus game in the first place, so it seems fitting to return to my roots a little bit!

The can is pretty nifty looking with a matte-finished look to it. It also sports a good sized compartment for your used portions.

When initially opening the can, I’m hit with a great aroma of fresh spearmint. What I like about this is that the aroma doesn’t seem artificial like some other mint snuses. I later found out that each tin contains one-tenth mint leaves – neato!

The portion is slim and the material is as soft as cashmere. Combine that with the fact the tobacco is very supple, it doesn’t take much fluffing to prep this portion for your lip. It’s very comfortable. The manufacturer gives it 2 out of 4 on the strength scale. I’d say that’s about accurate. Maybe 1.5 out of 4 if I was being picky. It is definitely a mild-mannered snus.

I don’t get any drips until at least the hour-mark. It is a very dry white portion. This makes it the perfect morning snus for when you wake up but still can’t get out of bed! Why, you ask? I used my tried-and-trued test method of laying in bed in multiple head positions, which usually instigates even white portions to drip, but this Skruf did not! Perfect.

The taste is what you’d expect from a mint portion. There’s not much menthol going on, just smooth spearmint and a little tobacco, which could be the result of those real mint leaves mixed in there.

Overall, a pretty tame snus, but I can definitely tell that it is high quality. If you’re a fan of mint, and want something to accompany you as you smash the snooze button on your alarm in the morning, give this Skruf a go!



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Jakobssons Melon Strong

“make me want a sextant and more faded tattoos”

For some reason, fruit flavoured snus stimulates the same reaction in me as when someone says something illogical in the company of Dr Spock. Perhaps there is a link to my waning taste for sweet during my 20’s, maybe it’s just another fascinating side to my oh-so-interesting character. Whatever the reason, I generally would like snus to be snus and fruit to remain in the bowl, gradually getting soft, then thrown onto the compost.

I was tempted by Jakobsson’s Strong Melon, however, for 2 reasons. Firstly, I wanted to know which descriptor won. Is it more strong than melon, or is the melon strong? The second reason was less about semantics and more about my crush for Jakobssons. I really believe Jakobssons’ cans are the coolest, most authentic and ace snus cans around. There, I said it. They’re all maritime-y and Olde World-y and make me want a sextant and more faded tattoos.

The melon is definitely strong on the nose. Opening the can is like being cocooned in a bubble of Hubba Bubba, but this fades quickly – thankfully. The initial taste is quite sickly sweet too; the moist, soft bags secreting a dose of melon-ish juice from the off, but slow enough to be manageable. As said, the bags are soft and, well, baggy, requiring no lip contortion to work or keep in place, which is fortunate as I found most of my face to be convulsing in reaction to the sudden hit of syrupy, melon flavourings.

As for the hit itself, it’s lurking in the background from the off – building gently as the melon subsides, but never peaking as with other strong snus’. This could be due to my brain, suddenly alive to the joys of e-numbers again, reverting to a childlike state, where tobacco and nicotine did not figure and sugar was King. And as with those sugar highs of my young days, the rush is soon over with Jakobsson’s Strong Melon and I feel a little empty and I want to play outside.

But alas, now I am grown and am expected to be mature and honest, which can sometimes be hard. Did I mention that Jakobsson’s cans are very pleasing on the eye? Oh, I did. Did I explain properly that I don’t really enjoy sweet tastes anymore? Oh.

Well, it’s crunch time then. I didn’t get much out of Strong Melon Portions, other than childhood memories and wasting good money on a dark IPA, which I could barely taste due to the strength of the melon flavour coating my mouth. Chalk it up to experience, I suppose and get back to my Vulcan ways.

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Timber Wolf Natural LC

“middle of the road affordable dip”


It’s been a long while since my last review, but I was contacted recently to offer my thoughts on things again, and I’m pleased to do so for you. Today I will be reviewing Timber Wolf Long Cut Natural. My previous review was on another natural flavour, so let’s see how this compares!

Cracking this can, I can smell a dull muted tobacco. Nothing really sticks out. The cut is decent, it packs together fairly nice. Right away I can taste a strong tobacco flavor and it actually feels nice against my gums. It spits a light tan, and I notice there isn’t very much saltiness compared to other naturals I have tried in the past.

All that being said, unfortunately the flavor doesn’t last that long, and the density goes a little mushy. That’s expected with a cheaper tobacco, but still disappointing. Not much bang for the buck in regards to last ability.

Overall, I have to say that this is a decent middle of the road affordable dip. It’s not as good as Copenhagen Natural Extra Long Cut or Stokers Natural, but for the price it will definitely satisfy you in a pinch.

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Siberia -80 Degrees White

“Colder than my ex-girlfriend’s heart”

I’ve never been to Siberia, and probably never will. It’s cold, large, and did I mention, cold? – similar to this Siberia -80 Extremely Strong white snus, I must say. But while I don’t plan on going to Siberia, I do plan on mingling with Siberia -80 snus in my foreseeable future. Let’s get to it.

Cold – this portion is freezing! Colder than my ex-girlfriend’s heart. Throwing one in the lip and I get no shortage of icy cold tingles. The cool thing about this (pun intended) is that the icy cooling sensation lasts quite a while! As I write this, it’s been half an hour with this snus in, and I don’t have to press my lip hard against my gum to revive that sensation. In short, the freezing mouthfeel lasts the entire duration of using Siberia -80.

Large – this is a relatively large snus, but this is to be expected from a portion packing this much punch. It’s not for the faint of heart. I regularly enjoy my fair share of strong snus, but WOW, this Siberia is on the verge of being lethal! I literally decided I better take a seat on the couch after putting my first portion in. The nicotine hits you right in the cranium. Strength aside, these guys made a wonderful pouch of tobacco. Extremely soft, very fluffy. No need to fluff the portion because it’s already as soft and supple as a well-fed sheep.

The taste of this snus is mint, I’d say spearmint. This is more so evident in the aroma, but of course also the taste. Tobacco taste is very nice, but subtle. Definitely pleasing. There is little to no drip with these portions – exactly how I like and expect a white portion to be.

If you’re looking for a very strong snus, with a long lasting icy taste and feel, look no further. But do be warned, this stuff is strong and not for a beginner snuser.



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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.