Clove Explosion White Portion

“the taste and smell reminds me of Christmas”

Hey snusers!

Today I’m reviewing the Clove explosion white, from organic series by GN Tobacco. The puck looks great and a bit dangerous, but it surely isn’t. My experience with this snus was very pleasant. Firstly, I have to say that I’m quite a fan of clove, the taste and smell always reminds me of Christmas time and right as I opened the puck I felt like it’s Christmas time again. The clove smell flies right through your nostrils and you can enjoy Christmas any time of the year.

The snus itself is semi moisturized and that’s exactly what I seek within snus I use. It’s quite strong, but that ain’t a problem for me. I enjoy strong snus and I certainly like this product. 15% of the snus is fresh clove from Indonesia and the rest is obviously tobacco. The second you put it under your lip you can feel the christmassy clove flavor and the nicotine kicks in approximately after 5 minutes, it lasts longer than I thought, after one and a half hour I could still taste my grandma’s gingerbread. I really love the taste with a little eastern spice kick.

To sum up this snus – It surely impressed me and I’m going to use it again. It’s a must try for clove lovers. 

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LG Slim White Strong Portion

“the Flexlid technology is a great addition to snus cans”

Hey snusers!

Today I´m reviewing Lundgrens slim white extra strong, a pleasant upgrade of regular LG slim white. The snus is decently strong, but not as other extra strong portions. The can itself is equipped with Flexlid, which is a new lid technology, which allow you to stick more used portions as it gets bigger every time you put portions into it.

After opening the can, it greets you with nice herbal and pine smell, also a little bit of citrus odor. The nicotine kicks in quite fast, it doesn’t take more then 5 minutes. The taste is very similar to the smell, as I mostly felt pine and a hint of earthy herbs, it´s a bit sweet and overall the taste is very good. Later on you get a great tobacco taste. It lasts up to more then one hour and it could be more, but it stops hitting after this hour.

To sum up, I liked Ludgrens slim white extra strong quite a lot, it´s tasty and I enjoyed the Flexlid technology, a great addition to snus cans I haven´t heard of before. I´m giving it  because it could be stronger (it should be called extra strong for a reason), otherwise it´s a great snus and I definitely recommend it to all strong snus lovers.


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Marek – Snus Squad Member

“Live like there’s no tomorrow, love and dip”

Name: Marek Hlaváč
Age: 18

Nationality: Czech

Hobbies: Football, traveling, hanging out with friends, watching Netflix and playing video games

Favorite Snus: Siberia Red white dry

My first snus experience: when I was sixteen and ever since then I know how awesome it is. I just love that buzz. I used to smoke but I’m only dipping nowadays.

Favorite life hack: Being nice to people, it pays back.

A quote that sums up my view on life: Live like there’s no tomorrow, love and dip.
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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.