Jakobssons Wild Mint CB

“distinguished chilly tingling sensation when placing it under the lip”

This one was a bit tricky… Jakobsson’s Wild Mint chewing bags are not that different to Jakobsson’s snus to be honest. The difference is only noticed under the lip, due to tobacco being cut differently. The trick is to chew the bag gently several times to get that nicotine and taste kick sooner.

So, let’s go to the can, shall we… Jakobsson’s Wild Mint CBs has a gentle but stable and quite distinct mint flavor with a hint of herbal scent, and quite a scent it is… When you open the can, you immediately get slapped by a sharp smell of menthol, spearmint, multiple herbs and peppermint. Just to enhance the aromas and smell, the bags are moist as well, so there will be no problem with almost instant aroma and nicotine kick.

Since we are talking about a mint CB, there is that distinguished chilly tingling sensation when placing it under the lip, and it expands through your breathing cavities – mouth and nose both! It tastes quite sweet, like candy made of mint mixed with a dash of chocolate (even though the chocolate is not present), the peppermint, spearmint and menthol are balanced quite nice, and herbal presence is just right (it only accents out the aroma, which is a nice touch). The thing that is odd here, you almost can’t even taste the tobacco, which can be a deal breaker for some consumers.

Nicotine kick is quite fast, and does not wear off so easy. Flavor time-span is on the low side, takes up to 45 minutes to wear off completely, and it’s kind of a bummer to lose the taste so fast. Trust me, you’ll want to have that thing in your mouth for at least 1.5 hours after you get addicted to it. That’s what she said… 😊
This one is quite tricky to put a grade without some good thinking… On the plus side, we have aroma, great kick, almost instant effect; but on the other hand we have almost no tobacco taste, low aroma time-span… Leaving it on the down note, in hope they fix either the taste or aroma lasting: 

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Offroad Original CB

“Subtle, yet firmly present and comfortable”

The CB (chew bag) concept seems to be really hitting it on in smokeless tobacco industry. What does that mean for us, regular snus users? Frankly, I’m great with it (I use it mostly as snus) since the majority of CB products seem to be either strong or extra strong. If you are a snus starter, these might not be just right for you to start off with, just due to nicotine amount. There is not much difference between CB and regular snus except the cut. But let’s get to the real topic today, which is Offroad’s Original CB.

First thing that can catch your glimpse is the flavor. If you inspect the product description, you will notice the traditional tobacco flavor with hints of lemon and bergamont. This is a pretty much a failsafe combo, and you can’t go wrong with it. Bergamont and lemon go along perfectly, and imbue it into quality tobacco aroma, you have a damn good product on the spot!

The tobacco in portions feels quite dry, which automatically reminded me of dry snus, that was a big plus from my side (I’m a sucker for dry snus in any form or flavor). That being said, I know I have already tried something similar before, and I believe it was also Offroad’s Gold White Dry. The similarity is remarkable, wether we are talking about taste or aroma. Another big plus if you want to switch a snuser to CB way of life.

Upon opening the can, you won’t get blasted away by any hard scents, but rather a comfortable smell of lemony tobacco with a drop of bergamont (and pepper if I am correct, but don’t hold me on spot for that). If I had to describe it in my own words, I’d say it’s a „gentleman perfume in a can“. Nothing too strong, nothing mild, just a right amount. Subtle, yet firmly present and comfortable. The CB taste comes in slowly, it takes its time, and evolves from a slight peppery lemon taste to a bergamont aroma in your nasal cavity, which is really a wonder for your smell receptors.

Offroad Original CB has a huge plus over all white dry snus I have tried, and that is the life-span of a bag. This thing easily kicks for 2 hours, up to 2.5 hours, without losing the taste, and that is another huge plus! Now, since there is no product which is actually flawless, the only flaw in this one I have noticed is the nicotine strength. Nicotine intensitiy is more of a regular, even though they seem even on the light side, but not as light as other snus with same nicotine amount.

All in all, I can not say you will go wrong with this product, it’s definitely a thing to try out, especially if you need a product which will get you used to CB. Offroad Original CB is on spot, and stands firmly with 

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Ink X-treme Tropic – Nordic Chew

“it’s really hard not to call it snus when you see it”

It’s always fun to experiment with tropical fruits and aromas, especially during the summer, and INK’s X-Treme Tropic original is on the menu today!

The all dark packing looks more menacing than the product inside, which can be noticed immediately after opening the can and smelling the light melon aroma. There is no punch in any specific smell, no strong overtaking from the tobacco, nor anything else to be honest, you just have that light, breezy melon sniff with some tropical and mango background. But is that it? Definitely not! Here is the fun part, it’s chewing tobacco! Well… Modern version of chewing tobacco; we don’t want to be walking around with spittoons, now do we? It’s long cut tobacco packed in pouches, and it’s really hard not to call it snus when you see it.
I received the can with a lot of questions in my head, and I was quite reserved to it. Will it be good? How can this work? Won’t I chew through the portion?
First one was really tricky. Since I’m used to regular snus, I forgot to chew it. Second one, I had to remind myself to do it (thank got we have reminders on our phones)… Now I understand the light aroma and light smell while opening the can. You actually need to work your way to the sweet nectar inside! Boy oh boy… A few light chews, and the aroma, the juice, and the nicotine runs out. Watch out though, you will feel that nicotine kicking in really good after chewing – that’s where you really notice it’s a proper xtreme product, not some regular or strong.
The only down side is the aroma duration, which goes up to 40-50 minutes. There are worse aroma duration products out there, but you would really want this one to last at least an hour and a half after you start to play with it.
This is my first chewing bags product, and I will not let it be my last. I’m glad my doubts were quickly resolved positively when it comes to taste and nicotine; but please, give us some more enduring aroma. It’s a shame to use it for an hour, when you could easily play with it for at least 1.5 – 2 hours without even noticing.

The overall grade could be higher if we had longer taste, so let’s give it a and let’s hope the grade will make them think about it.

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Sisu Extreme Mint White Dry

“probably the softest portions you will ever touch”

Let’s start off with the clear thing here, SISU Extreme Mint is the first white dry product from AG Snus. Now when we’re out in the blue, it is to be expected that first tries do not always justify customers needs, and they need some tweaking along the way… Or do they?

SISU Extreme is the complete opposite. Just after you open the can, you get a nice refreshing wave of spearmint and menthol aroma, as if it has absolutely no tobacco. We are all used to those a bit rough portions of white dry snus, and it’s not really an issue to be honest: it’s dry, it’s supposed to be a bit harsh on your gums. SISU made that dissapear. SISU Extreme White Dry portions are probably the softest portions you will ever touch, when comparing to any existing snus you have consumed, and you are more than welcome to correct me here (you will not – trust me).

Let’s move to flavor… The spearming and menthol flavor is really rich, full, light, and packs a nice kick, but not a rather strong burning sensation like other extreme snus products. It’s more of a chilly sensation, hence I wouldn’t really put it into proper extreme category. That might, of course, differ from user to user (I mostly prefer really strong snus). Another reason why I wouldn’t put it in extreme category is the nicotine kick, which is also not overwhelming – it’s similar to strong white dry snus. The flavor duration, on the other hand, is nailed to perfection, with almost an hour and a half of freshness in your mouth.
Let’s sum it all up and say AG did a really good job with their first white dry snus, and I would love to see what’s next from their dry releases.

Kudos AG, for your first try, you get a decent .

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Epok Lime Slim White

“The aroma is so mild, yet rich, fruity and full”

When you see Epok Lime Slim White on your order page, it seems like a refreshing snus for hot summer days; and trust me, it’s full of great surprises!
I was quite skeptical about this pack, since Epok Lime snus is a sting-free snus… Yep, you read correct – pop it in, and you can’t feel a thing (or so they say, I thought).

The very first second I opened the can, I was surprised with seeing nothing but little white portions. Where are the brown packs? There was absolutely no tobacco smell, no strong nor pungent aroma, you just smelled lime!
The aroma is so mild, yet rich, fruity and full, my room immediately started to smell great. I popped one in, and waited in order to notice at least one or two negative things so I can get back to my regular snus. I must admit, it was a great surprise. You can’t find a single bad thing!
Taste was quite full and fresh, but not strong or overpowering. Sting-free combination of white tobacco and aroma was spot on, taste is really long lasting – up to 30-40 minutes easily. Every next pack was even better – no coloring like in regular snus, no snus rush, yet still packs all the benefits and effects of regular snus!
I am glad to be proven wrong when it comes to a good product, and Epok Lime made me want to try even more various white fruity snus as soon as possible!

Thank you Epok, you deserved a good from me!

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Crafted Snus Whisky Single Malt Original Portion

“It was as if the snus was just taken out of the whiskey bath”

I am a real sucker for products’ good marketing, and boy oh boy is this a masterpiece when it comes to promotion and packages! This thing is a pure piece of art: either when you look at the can, or hold it in your hands and play with it.
The can is made out of metal, and the artwork is contoured into metal itself, making it a keeper for your living room decoration when you finish snusing. They certainly thought about everything, they even the disposal part is under the lid, so it doesn’t ruin the beauty of the can.

Now, let’s talk about the snus itself… The artwork continues inside the can!

When you open the can, you immeadiately get the rich tobacco and whiskey, especially whiskey aroma. I was not expencing one thing though – the moisture of canned snus. It was as if the snus was just taken out of the whiskey bath, packed and sent. As much of a surprise it was, I couldn’t find a single thing wrong with it. Snus is juicy, rich and tasteful. You get an aroma blast of 40 minutes to 1 hour of enjoyment, and thanks to nifty crafting – this is one of few snus products I use for 2 – 2.5 hours before disposing because the longer you hold it in, more aromas you will notice which are blended into the whisky, and each of them is complimenting the tobacco taste perfectly – you can find the earthy tobacco aroma, nutty and oaky whisky barrel aroma, and a slight hint of chocolate and smoke. It’s simply spot on perfect snus for my taste.
I must add, this snus is not for beginners, in my humble opinion; since it’s a bit stronger thank your regular daily snus (as whiskey and tobacco product should be, if you ask me).
This snus was a blast, and I have met my match with my all time favorite snus, therefore I am giving Crafted Snus Whisky Portion an easy .
If you ask me, you can NEVER go wrong with this. As a suggestion from a snus user to a snus user, give it a try. You won’t regret it!

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Marko – Snus Squad Member

“You only live once? Wrong, you only die once. Live every day to the fullest”

Name: Marko Lulic
Age: 30
Nationality: Croatian

Hobbies: Playing bass guitar and manufacturing beard products – Beard oils and beard combs (only quality products for fellow bearded guys – mahogany or nothing!). Rainy and cold days are the best days to take out my bass guitar and play some bluesy or country tunes, while during sunny times I gladly replace my playing with woodworking and dusty room to create beard oils and various one of a kind, unique and personalized mahogany beard combs for fellow bearded villains of the world!

Favorite Snus: Offroad Coffee Vanilla, no dilemma here! Can you imagine a better way to start your every day, than with a hot cup of black coffee and coffee-vanilla flavored snus? It’s the best of two worlds combined, an unbeatable combo for everyday waking up!

My first snus experience: Several years ago I was attending a metal show downtown, and that nights guest band was a band from Sweden. Swedish band playing metal – you can’t go wrong with that, so after a great show onstage, I met the guys and we started talking. One thing caught my eye, every now and then; the drummer was shoving a weird pack under his lip and going “Mmmmmm… Now, where were we?” “What’s that dude?”, I asked. The dude explained. “Can I try that?” I asked, and I think I didn’t even get the chance to finish the sentence, he already opened up his pack, and served it. The smell of eucalyptus was overwhelming, portions were neatly stored in a circular formation, it was beautiful just to stare at it. I took one, and boy was I in a weird time lapse of 20 minutes… Burning sensation was both pleasant and repulsive, the smell and aroma of eucalyptus was something I never experienced nor ever imagined I would experience when it comes to tobacco products; it was definitely love at first taste! That same night I found out a disastrous thing – snus is only obtainable in Sweden… “Yeah, well you can look it up online, I think some websites might even ship to Croatia.” – That was enough. I googled “buy snus online”, first webpage that popped up was Northerner. The variety of available products made me feel like a little kid in a chocolate factory. But, does Northerner ship to Croatia? It does? A-WE-SO-ME! I filled up my shopping cart, paid everything, and a week later, my first order of snus arrived. That was the beginning of a long lasting snus relationship, which will last for a long, long, looooong time! Long story short, I discovered snus, thanks to one band from Sweden, whose drummer had snus. Thank you Sweden, thank you snus!

Favorite life hack: Removing large quantities of meat from the fridge by simply grilling it and eating it afterwards. Works every time!

A quote that sums up my view on life: YOLO – You only live once? Wrong, you only die once. Live every day to the fullest!

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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.