Hop(e) and Glory White Portion


“I’m absolutely in love with it”

Hop(e) and Glory White Portion Snus by Conny Andersson.

On opening the can you are greeted by a lovely sweet citrus aroma with some flowery hints. The portions themselves are dry even for a white portion snus, but that didn’t bother me one bit. And when you first place one under your lip there is a lovely citrus flavor which is quite fruity and slightly flowery, and tastes great after a little while the flavor starts changing to a more herbal and IPA oriented flavor. Which is great you don’t get a strong tobacco taste with this one at all. Overall the flavor of this snus is very gentle and long lasting and I found lasts for about an hour plus, and you don’t get a noticeable drop until about 50 minutes in.

This snus would be a great snus for someone who hasn’t used snus before or is still fairly new to snus.

I’m absolutely in love with it and will be making a very often appearance under my lip.

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Göteborg Rapé Lingon White Large

“Reminds me of my grandmother’s kitchen”

Hey guys,

So one of the things I really like about all the snuses made by Göteborgs rapé is the presentation of the snus inside the can.
On opening the can you can smell that lovely lingonberry smell straight away followed up by a light lemon smell with some floral hints. The smell makes me hungry and reminds me of my grandmother’s kitchen.

This snus tastes as good as it smells, upon putting it under your lip you can instantly taste the lingonberry followed by some lemon notes and then that great Göteborgs original tobacco and herbal flavor. However, this snus also has a sweetness to it which can be quite nice.

This snus really stands apart from the others and is well worth trying.


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Pöschl Red Bull Nasal Snuff

“An instant hit”

So I’m new to snuff and this is the first one I’ve tried, but I actually really enjoyed it. The snuff itself has a really nice menthol smell as soon as you open up the tub and the flavor to match when you use it. I experienced a near instant hit which only lasted about a minute or two but the flavor hung around in the back of my throat for around five to ten minutes which was fantastic and I really enjoyed that.

To compare snus to snuff is not the easiest thing to do as they are both so different. However, snus is definitely more discreet as you can pop one under your lip no matter where you are and no one notices. But with snuff it is a lot more noticeable, and in my opinion best done in private. The only other downside to snuff is that you can’t really use it outside as a gust of wind will take your helping away from you. However, its major pluses are the fact that you get a near instant hit and the fact that it is practically mess-free and completely waste-free, so it’s definitely more considerate towards others.

Overall I really enjoyed snuff and will definitely be using it again in the future – I look forward to trying some different ones out.


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The Lab 13 Slim Portion

Sweet and spicy

Hi there!

On opening The Lab 13 can you are greeted by a lovely sweet/spicy smell with a slightly fruity smell about it also as well as a notable familiar smell that reminds me of Monster Energy. With a few subtle tobacco hints coming through. On placing one of the portions under your lip you will be able to notice how this snus gets straight to work with no messing around. The taste is slightly sweet and spicy, slightly fruity and again reminds me of Monster Energy but with some lovely tobacco hints popping through.

The taste is a fantastic combination and lasts for about 45 minutes before it starts fading out to just a tobacco taste. Drip wise this snus is awesome, it lives up to the non-drip claim, as I could have it in for around an hour and a half before I noticed any dripping.

I do love the design of the portions, they are nice and slim and really fit under the lip super comfortably. However if you are new to snus I would recommend staying clear of this one for a little while as it certainly packs a punch!!

If you need help picking a good first snus scroll through the blog for one of my previous reviews, or post below for recommendations!

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Nick & Johnny Americana Portion

“pure essence of summer memories”

Hi Guys,

If your wondering what Snus will be making a regular appearance under my lip this summer look no further because here is the down low. This summer my main Snus choices are going to be General Snus in collaboration with Mackmyra (see my review that was posted on June 27th) to find out why! And then Nick and Johnny Americana Snus because it is the pure essence of my summer memories.

On opening the Americana can you get a very cherry smell initially with the tobacco coming through afterwards with hints of spices. The smell alone reminds me of summers gone by. The flavor of the Snus is beautiful you get a gorgeous taste of cherry and cinnamon with some nutty flavors coming through shortly afterwards which is then followed by the taste of top quality tobacco. The flavor really holds its own and still has a great taste about an hour later.I started to notice a small drip after about 40 minutes but it could easily be looked past because of the great taste.

This is one of my favorite Snus’s for the summer and makes frequent trips to under my lip. Try this unique Snus you will be delighted by its flavor.

I’m planning on having a pretty relaxed summer with a few day trips and other activities planned however I will end my summer this year by celebrating my birthday in NYC. I hope you all have a great Summer and I would love to hear about your plans and what kind of snus who will appear under your lip this summer, so please comment about them below!


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General Mackmyra

“Just fantastic”

Here’s my review for General Snus in Collaboration with Mackmyra.

On opening the can you get a lovely smell of Tobacco with the whisky hints in the background. And can tell already that it has been blended perfectly before you have even put it in your mouth.

The taste of this snus is fantastic and I mean fantastic, it starts of with the normal great tobacco taste we all know and love form General Snus products, but it also has the great light and fruity notes from the Mackmyra whisky almost right away and then after a couple of minutes you start to get a gorgeous slightly spicy peaty flavor coming through.

The flavor really holds up as well over an hour in and it still tastes great and I only noticed a very minimal drip around the hour mark. This is by far without a doubt the best whisky Snus I have ever tried and will 100% be making a very regular appearance under my lip.

All in all a huge well done to everyone at General Snus and Mackmyra whisky. You have created the ultimate Swedish Snus.

An easy 


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Nick & Johnny Crushed Ice

“the best mint flavored snus I have ever tried”

Hi there!

Nick & Johnny Crushed Ice (White) Review:

On opening the can you get an instant hit of a really nice fresh mint smell with slight tobacco hints in the background. The portions themselves are a great size and are really comfortable under the lip, being a white portion they are dry and take a bit of saliva to really release the flavor but it is definitely worth it.

The flavor it self is a really nice combination of different mint flavors which is just right it really gives off a wonderful cooling sensation from the very start which lasts for a good while. The flavor isn’t at all overpowering which can be an issue with mint flavored snus so is a great bonus. It has a great long lasting flavor and I can keep it in for about an hour before I start noticing any dripping which again is fantastic. This is by far the best mint flavored snus I have ever tried and makes an appearance under my lip very regularly.

I would recommend this if you want to try a great mint snus. 

If you tried it, please leave a comment in the commentfield!

Sincerely Matt

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Thunder Limo G’N’M (Lemongrass & Mint)

“a lovely cool sensation”

Hi Everyone!

Here is my review of Thunder Limo G N M (Lemongrass & Mint):

As soon as you open up the can you are instantly greeted by a nice subtle lemon smell with a slight herbal edge to it. On trying the snus, as soon as you stick a portion under you’re lip you get a lovely cool sensation but only a taste of lemon, as the flavor progress’s it gets slightly more herbal in flavor and you start to get a taste of eucalyptus coming through.

I myself didn’t get so much mint flavors with this snus. Overall it is a very gently flavored snus, but thankfully still maintains that signature nicotine punch of other Thunder snus flavors and options. In my opinion this would make a good first snus, as it is very subtle!

Talk to you soon!

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Meet Matt

“Never let your worries ever get in your way, Just think about drinking beer on a Sunday”

Name: Matthew Martin
Age: 24
Nationality: Half Swedish Half American
Hobbies: Snowboarding – more specifically I love to snowboard in the streets and the snow park as I love the adrenaline rush that you get from doing so, but this has lead to some pretty serious injuries in the past.
Favorite Snus: General Mackmyra – the combination of an extraordinary snus and an exceptional whisky blended together results in a truly beautiful and unique snus, there is no other like it.
My first snus experience: My first snus experience was when I was 16 years old and one of my friends got some from his older brother which he gave to us after hockey one day. it was a Skruf snus but I can’t remember which one I just remember loving it straight away, and then I would always say yes when I had the chance to get more.
Favorite life hack: To rapidly cool your beer, put it in a bucket with water ice and salt and it will be chilled nicely in no time.
Quote to some up my view on life: Never let your worries ever get in your way, Just think about drinking beer on a Sunday.
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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.