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We at the Northerner have 20 years experience in the smokeless industry, and recently we have witnessed a huge growth in the tobacco-free segment. More, and more consumers are looking for different way of using nicotine and are turning to nicotine pouches. But, we also see a growth in other products such as tobacco-free chew and nicotine toothpicks.

We love the idea of a tobacco-free lifestyle, and therefore we have created a completely new website dedicated to all kinds of tobacco-free nicotine products – Nicokick.com.
But since the segment is realtively new on the market, there is not much information to be found about it. So it was equally important for us to start a hub, where you can learn everything you need to know about nicotine pouches and other tobacco-free products. Where you can discuss with other consumers, write your own testimonials to help others learn more about the different nicotine strenghts, learn more about the different flavors, and much more.

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Skruf Super White #2 Cassice

Skruf Super White #2 Cassice

“cooling sensation and a pleasantly fruity Blackcurrant flavor”

Hey guys hope youre all well today! I have a review of Skruf super white #2 Cassice for you all!

The can is nice and simple in design like all Skruf Snus cans which I have come to appreciate over time.

On opening the can you are met by a beautiful Blackcurrant smell with hints of licorice as well, and tiny amounts of menthol being hinted at. It’s very pleasant and summery smell which I really enjoy.

When you pop a portion under your lip you are greeted by a nice cooling sensation and a pleasantly fruity Blackcurrant flavor witch isn’t too swee. It does taste natural and after a while you can notice the menthol esque flavors in the background but they are not overly noticeable and definitely don’t take away from the amazing Blackcurrant flavor. The flavor itself I found lasted for about an hour and barely produced a noticeable drip if any at all.

Now I myself do have a soft spot when it comes to Skruf as it was the first ever Snus I tried but I do tend to swing towards something with a fair bit more kick than this one in particular.

With all that said this still scores a comfortable

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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.