Thunder Ultra Raspberry Portion

“it will improve your everyday routine into something more comforting”

There are people in this world that have never tried snus. I know, it sounds ridicilous. However, even between those “Muggles”, as J.K.Rowling would say, are people that heard about the brand Thunder. As much as you like (or hate) the Swedish snus powerhouse, it belongs among the most famous snus producers there are. Even Jamie Vardy enjoys his portion before a training session! I had the honor to taste the Thunder Ultra Raspberry Portion and in the next few paragraphs, you can enjoy the experience with me. Can you feel the storm going through your body? Let’s find out.

As one of the youngest members of Snus Squad, the school life is unfortunately still part of my life. One day, being bored at Biology class, I decided not only stuff one portion under my lip, but also to provide you, our beloved readers, some quality review. I don’t consider myself as an artist expert, but the puck, same as every other Thunder puck, looks just hideous. However, a wise man once said “Dont judge book by its cover.” And that’s exacly what I’m gonna try to do. When I buy flavoured snus, I want a strong flavour I can taste without consistently adjusting the portion. And that’s what you gonna get when you buy Thunder. I’ve got to hand it to them, the taste I got from this Raspberry Portion evoked my memories all the way from when I was just a little boy and my dear grandmother just gave me the bowl of freshly torn Raspberries. She probably wouldn’t be exited about switching from her hard work of growing berries to a blast of nicotine. Maybe if she tried one, she would have some empathy but we all know that that’s not going to happen.

Strongwise, Ultra Thunder Raspberry belongs in a group of stronger portions. It won’t blast you into the Neverland, but it will improve your everyday routine into something more comforting. The nicotine will kick in after about 5 minutes and will last for a long time. I must warn you though, after about a half an hour, the bag will get soggy and the taste will get more aggressive, especially in your throat and it will annoy you, speaking on behalf of a dry snus supporter. I manage to go through about an hour until I had to put it out. I believe those who are fans of a wet snus will go through more. On the matter of a comfort, I don’t sense any problems in my mouth, just as I would expect from Thunder snus.

Ratings:  – Thunder Ultra Raspberry Portion is a great time-out snus that comes in handy in those long summer days. The taste is satisfing most of the time and the strongness is just fine.

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Oden’s Extreme Melon Portion

“almost like I had a fresh melon in front of me”

Hey snus lovers,

If I had to count all the snus products I have ever tried, Oden’s would top the ladder by a landslide. With that being said, I have never tried out Odens Extreme Melon Portion so I was quite excited when a I got the chance to.

First I would like to give a shout-out to the person who is behind the design of Oden’s products. I just love the simplicity and elegant look of it, it always catches my eye.

As soon as I opened the can I could feel the pleasant smell of melon almost like If I was in a supermarket and had one in front of me. Even few of my “non-snusers” friends told me they enjoyed the aroma of the snus. I must assure you, it won’t get any better than this.

After a few minutes in my usual spot under my lip, I could taste the melon in my mouth. Highly flavoured snus isn’t exacly my cup of tea, although I would prefer using Odens Melon instead of the actual tea.
As the spring begins here in Eastern Europe, I’m going for a walk with the sweet aftertaste of this exotic fruit and it takes me to a peaceful moment I can’t do other than enjoy. The nicotine kicked in after about 5 minutes and the nicotine strength doesn’t interfere with the taste and other way around. The portion however is a bit rough in my opinion. Nothing I couldn’t overcome though. As I’m reviewing this snus, the taste didn’t wear off for a half an hour now but the nicotine strenght did.

You who enjoy a great fruity taste in your snus products should definitely have this one in your collection. For the rest of you who don’t, Oden’s Extreme Melon Portion is still worth a try.

/ Pavel

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Siberia Blue White

“that “wake-up call“ snus”

Hi snusers,
for my next review, we will have to go deep into the beating heart of mother Russia. For those who didn’t take the hint yet, I’m gonna say that you are either really bad at geography or you are not acquainted with the world of snus. I will not tease you anymore. I’m talking about Siberia, my all time favorite branch of the GN Tobacco.

There are a few bugs to the branch. First of all, you only got 3 types of pouches, so exploration won’t take long. Today I’m gonna review the one I don’t like that much. However, better sounding declaration would be *The One I Love The Least“. Let’s get into it.

When you open that puck, the smell doesn’t knock you down, like you‘re used to the puck of stronger Siberia Red White. It’s not that aggresive, actually kind of smooth and if you would close your eyes, you could think you are sniffing to some kind of mouthwash.

For me the major disadvantage of Siberia Blue White is the packing. The portion is smooth and soft, however you have to spread the nicotine with your fingers so it would cover the whole portion and wasn’t stacked up on one side. When you put one under your lips, you get that well-known icy feeling and if you wait for a few minutes, the nicotine comes in place as well.

Siberia Blue White is the least strong snus in the roster, but it can still give you some chills. I would highly recommend starting your day with one, if you are looking for that “wake-up call“ snus. You will still manage to get to work/school safely and you will enjoy it as well. Also ideal for a sunny day in an upcoming summer. I put mine under the upper lip on a beautiful day and felt a great improvement in the enjoyment of this pleasent weather. It was a long time experience. The strongness didn’t wear off and I swear the icy feeling kept me at daze. That was great since I was no longer sweating like an animal in a rainforest.

Do you think you want to take the pleasure of snus on a next level, but you are afraid to take on the strongest boys in the ring? The Siberia Blue White is your entrance gate for this journey.

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Pavel – Snus Squad Member

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”

Name: Pavel Bartoš
Age: 18

Nationality: Czech

Hobbies: I enjoy living an active lifestyle. I have been playing floorball since I was 8 years old and lately went for football as well. In the little spare time left I like to read fantasy or play videogames.

Favorite Snus: I once asked my friend if he knows something stronger than Oden’s Cold Dry. He recommended me Siberia White Dry and it was a love on a first dip.

My first snus experience: My first snus was when I was 16. My friend gave me Thunder Ultra Strong and I remember successfully keeping it in my mouth for 5 minutes before I gave up.

Favorite life hack: Putting an alarm clock to 2 am so I could wake up only for the feeling of sleeping for another 5 hours.

A quote that sums up my view on life:  “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”
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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.