Thunder X, Chewing Bags, White Portion


I’m about to review the Thunder X, Chewing Bags, White portion. I first just want to say that the Chewing bags is really my new favourite type of pouches. They really bring out the best in every snus – honestly.

So, let the game begin. As I opened the can, I really felt the mint/menthol smell. It is something special with a mint/menthol flavoured snus – it smells extremely fresh. Every pouch is really welcomed! One thing that sort of bothered my eye, was how small packed the pouches where. It may be preconceptions, but a small packed pouch is not a strong snus.

Once I put a pouch in I felt the menthol flavour in my hole mouth –   almost as mouthwash. Really surprised that this tiny little pouch could taste so much. So, I first tried the old-fashioned way – under the lip. It just lays there, almost unnoticed – and just spreads a mint/menthol taste in the mouth. But about 40 minutes in, it starts to run. Just small amounts at the time. Sorry for the upcoming caps lock, but DAMN – this is a really, really, really strong snus. And the fact that it doesn’t run much, you can have it in easily for 1,5 hours (that is counted from when it starts to run).

So, let’s try the best way, the chewing way. I put it in, and lightly chewed on it. It started to run about 10 minutes in, and now it run a whole lot more then when you have it under your lip. It’s on the borderline to an extremely strong snus (Almost too strong for me, and well… that says a lot, hehe) But the minus for the chewing variant, is that it doesn’t last that long. Now, I’m not an expert of creating snus – but I’m taking a wild guess that it would last longer if you packed it more. Well, let’s not get down on that road cause sure there is a bigger picture with more aspects to think about.

Anyhow. I’ve noticed a thing with the brand Thunder. And that is that they want to bring out the best of a snuser. They know how to make a strong snus, hat’s off for you guys.

So, who’s up for this snus? I am not recommending this snus to anyone that isn’t used to snusing strong pouches. But if you are – you’re up for a chock!

I’m giving this one a  – really surprised of this one, and I really enjoyed it.

Best regards

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U Sample No 5 Chewing Bags

Hey friends!

This review will be about U Sample No5 white portion – not only an original pouch, but also a chewing pouch. And honestly, ten fingers to God, I was a bit concerned of this one. Not about the pouch itself, but about the chewing part. Cause for me, to chew a pouch has been kind of taboo. I prefer to just have it under the lip, like a membrane to the gum.

But my best friend always says that no one remembers a chicken. So, who am I not to listen to my best friend? (don’t tell him that I said that)

After inspecting the can, I must say that it is something about it that makes it hard not to look at it. I don’t know if it is because of the red text, or the big U. But it sure is something about it! One other thing that really got my attention was two simple words “xtra strong” – perfect match.

So, once opening the can, you could feel the bergamot sting in your nose. And if you’ve read my previous reviews, you probably understand that I really enjoy it. Bergamot is always a winning concept if you want a lovely snus (at least in my book!) I decided that I would try the first pouch the old-fashioned way, under the lip. And yes, it is pretty packed, and the bags are thicker than an original. Not sure if they really are, but it sure does feel like it.

It takes about 55 minutes for it to release the nicotine, and holy smokes, it’s a strong snus. You feel the citrus-bergamot mixed flavour. And it bonds together, like a hand in a glove! It last for another hour and half, then it starts to lose intense. And it is really, really good. I would almost call it delicious!

And now, the concerned part. It’s finally time to test the chewing part of it. And after reading instructions on how to chew it, I began to chew it very gentle. And it didn’t take long for the nicotine to kick in. We aren’t talking even 20 minutes. But wow, this was now a totally new snus. It runs pretty much, but not too much. And it’s even stronger now than before. But the downside of it, is that it didn’t last that long now. It almost made an hour extra though. But I must say, that the experience made me impressed. My concern is now an conviction – chewing snus is snus 2.0.

BRAVO to the makers of it – I’m giving it a 

Best regards,
Stay well!

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Jakobsson’s – Äpple & Skogsbär

Hello friends!

I’m about to review the Jakobsson’s – Äpple och Skogsbär (translation: Apple and Berries)

Jakobsson’s have, as I’ve said before, the gift to make every can representative and recognition for the brand. You can look at every can they’ve ever made, and be like “Yepp, that’s a Jakobsson’s”. And I like that! That means that they have made the effort for making every can unique, but still representative for what they make. I admire that.

The can…
The background of the can is orange, but not as an typical orange. It’s more like an autumn-colored orange. So you will for sure have the right feeling for a walk in the woods! Everything else is more common to Jakobsson’s other cans – The golden brand logo, with the white cursive flavor stamp under it. It’s like to watch a painting you really enjoy!

So once I opened the can, a sweet smell breezed out of it. It smells exactly like apple candy. Not the green sour apples (Think they are called Granny Smith?), but the sweet apples that you have in a pie. Hehe, anyhow! The bags are pretty moist, and are in a need of adjustments before you put it under your lip. Once I’ve put a pouch under the lip, I feel a sweet taste spread in the mouth – yes, the candy taste. This far in, it seriously don’t feels like I have a pouch under the lip. But, as from earlier experiences, I know this isn’t the lasting feeling. So, after about 30 minutes the nicotine kicks in. It’s not too strong, and not too sweet. It has a nice balance.

You can easy have it in for an hour and a half, and it is a pretty comfortable pouch to have in. You don’t need to adjust it after a while, as you may have to do with several other pouches.

I recommend this snus for anyone. But if you’re not a fan of flavored snus, don’t try it – cause of all the snus I’ve tried, this easy makes it to the top 3 of flavored.

Overall, I’m giving this a 

Until next time,

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General One Portion by Alexander Gustavsson

“Every pouch is a gift from the God of snus”

Hey guys!

Today’s review will be about the new snus, General One – that has been created together with the Swedish UFC-fighter Alexander ‘The Mauler’ Gustafsson. In my world, as a snuser, that is, by far, the absolute greatest honor you’ll ever receive. Cause all of a sudden, you are a piece of the brand that for many users, is possibly the only real selection. (And not to be forgotten, I am a huge fan of The Mauler)

So, let’s get down to business.
The can is absolutely gorgeous, and seriously deserves a High-five. It is a pretty basic design, with a big General stamp on it – Just in case you didn’t notice that it was a General can. And of course, they added Alexanders autograph on it. Sometimes, less is more. In this case, less is gold.

Once I opened the can, it hit me how similar it smells loose snus. Which I knew it means that there is not added flavors in it – just pure tobacco. And I think that, this is how a snus should smell, and hopefully taste. One thing that got my real attention was that the pouches didn’t feel like an ordinary pouch. (I will not sink in deeper on why, but Swedish Match has found a new way to create pouches for more stronger and softer pouches that makes the bag fill out a whole lot better than before. I applaud you for this) So the need for adjustments isn’t there, to be honest. Every pouch is perfect, every time. I put one in, and had it under the lip for a long time. After about 50 minutes it starts to run. And it doesn’t run that much – but the amounts are strong, and it tastes tobacco. You can have it in for almost 2 and half hours – before it’s time to put a new one in.

I’ve may have said it before, but this is my new favorite snus. I absolutely love it. It is seriously the most perfect pouch I’ve ever tasted. Every pouch is a gift from the God of snus.

This is not a snus for everyone, because it is stronger than an ordinary snus. But, if you do enjoy strong snus, I absolutely recommend it. This will be my new everyday snus.

I’m giving this a .

Until next time,

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Jakobsson’s Ultra Strong Chew Bags Original

“this one was a badass”

Hi guys!

It’s time to review another can of Jakobsson’s – the cans with many faces but each one is representative of the brand – brilliant. This one is called Jakobsson’s Ultra Strong Chew Bags Original, so to be honest, I was really looking forward to this one. Cause let’s face it, not every snus called and are supposed to be strong is not actually really that strong. So this one is Ultra Strong – like the strongest snus I’ve ever tasted. And it’s also a chewing bag.

So, let the dice roll.
Once I opened the can, I was almost stunned of the smell of tobacco. It was strong. Really strong. And the pouches are thick packed, so the adjustments are minimal for fitting under the lip.  And they are really moist, so the excitement for trying it out is halfway up to the atmosphere (haha!)

I putted a pouch under the lip, and it just rested under there. The fact that it just lays there, I forgot actually that it was there. So after about 45 minutes it started to run, and the flavour is pleasant and nice, not actually that strong (for now). But after another 15 minutes the ultra strong aspect kicked in. And take this sentence for real: this is one of the strongest snus I have ever tasted, in my whole life. To be honest with you, I had it in for another 45 minutes, and it was running a lot, so I had to put it out. I knew that this one was a pouch you have phase in, step by step.

So after having snusing up half the can, I know felt ready to try on to chew it. A began to chew it lightly, and after just a few minutes it began to run. And it runned about an hour and a half, then it slowed town it’s tempo.

I’m not recommending this snus for anyone that doesn’t have the experience of strong snus – cause seriously, this one was a badass.

I’m giving it a 

Best regards

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Northerner Citrus (CM6)


Hi everyone!

It’s time to review a snus, and this one is a white portion. I can’t even remember the last time I had a can with white portion. So it really has been fun to test this one.

It is named The Northener Citrus, and has a really cool design, both on the can and on the logotype. The can is ovalformed – and it’s something that I’ve never seen before. So I really hope that the person responsible for this read this: Thank you, you brilliant person! The can lays absolute perfect in the back pocket, and isn’t as thick as a ordinary can. I love it!

And I really like the big elk on the front of the can, with the sunset in the background.

Once I opened the can, the shy smell of nicotine zips out, with the small hints of citrus. So the first impression was mixed – I really liked the smell of it, but was a little bit sceptic to it just because that it is a white portion. The pouches are kind of small, so I took 2 pouches at the time.

When I stroke the tongue on the pouches I got a really sweet citrus taste. This was a big plus for me, considering the fact that it may be the second, or maybe the third time I tasted a snus with citrus flavour. It feels fresh, in some twisted way. So I absolutely found it interesting!

The nicotine kicked in after about 40 minutes, and wow – TALK ABOUT SURPRISE!

It has a extremely pleasing run of nicotine, that is perfectly balanced with citrus. Well, it’s not that strong that I’m used to and prefer. But I can absolutely say that it was a big surprise to witness this cute little pouch having this beautiful secret inside.

You can easy have it in for two hours without needing to take a new one in.

I recommend this snus to any snusers, cause it’s not a strong snus, and doesn’t run much. It’s a really pleasing snus – that has a citrus secret.

I’m giving this one a And to be honest, that’s a really high score coming from me, cause I’m not a big fan of white portion.

Best regards

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Jakobsson’s Hallon & Jordgubb – Summer 2017 Edition

“I would absolutely recommend this snus to anyone”

Hi everyone!

This review will be about a really interesting snus, Jakobsson’s Hallon & Jordgubb.I really got summerfeelings when I saw the can. And that’s a thing I would say of every can that Jakobssons has ever made. They have the ability to make every can characteristic for their brand. With that said, I’m sure you can feel my absolute joy of reviewing this snus.

As I mentioned earlier, I really got summerfeelings when I saw it – partly by the really nice design. (I absolutely love the compass formed trash can on top of the snus) – but mostly by the choice of colours. They have a baby blue background with golden letters. It gives you a really exclusive feeling about it. Not to be forgotten is the obvious name of the snus – Hallon & Jordgubb (directly translate is Raspberry and Strawberry)

So, it’s time to actually review the snus.

Once I opened the can, I got smashed in the face with the smell of strawberrys. And it reminded me of a Swedish tradition – Midsummer Eve. (Seriously on of the most enjoyable feast you can be a part of). It also have a smell that reminds me of tea. Fruit tea with a lot of sugar, hehe!

So I put a pouch under the lip, and it tastes almost exactly as it smells. And it’s really sweet. maybe too sweet for some peoples, but it’s nothing that bothers me. The pouches are wellpacked, so the adjustments are minimal. It just lays there – perfect.

The pouch starts to run after about 50 minutes, and this is where the raspberry kicks in. It has a pretty strong taste of nicotine, mixed with the raspberry taste. And the funny thing about this snus, is that it feels like it will never stop run. I seriously felt happy snusing this one, thou the fact that it’s strong, runs for a long time and that the pouch doesn’t need a bigger adjustment – mostly because it is so welled packed.

With all this said, I would absolutely recommend this snus to anyone.

And lets face the fact – a little bit of summer makes everyone happy.

I’m giving this one a .

Best regard,

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Siberia Brown – Power Portion

“it burns, and tastes menthol”

This is a snus I’ve actually been looking forward testing. Not just because it’s named Power Portion – but just that it is a beautiful can to look at. The designers really managed to create a piece of art.

So, as you surely can notice, I got myself a little crush on this one. But as we all know, it’s the inside that actually counts.
When I opened the can, the strong smell of menthol just hit me right in the face. Since it’s named Siberia Brown, it was a kind of a big surprise to witness a brown portion smell something that is so common with a white portion. But this didn’t bother me at all. It felt fresh. Toothpaste fresh (well… as the smell at least)

I put a snus under the lip, and almost directly I felt a burning feeling on the tooth flesh. This is a nice feeling that reminds me of when I began snusing.

So it burns, and tastes menthol for about 40 minutes – then the nicotine kicks in. It’s a slow running snus, with an extremely strong taste of tobacco. And the surprising part about this snus, is that it doesn’t change the actual run. It stays in that comfortable run all time. You can have a snus in for many hours. And it lays perfect under the lip!

Be noticed though. It is the world’s strongest snus, so it’s not recommended if you are sensitive for nicotine, or that you are new in the game.

If you do however want to try it, with the facts given, you will not be disappointed. Siberia Brown Power Portion, you get a The inside was just as beautiful as the outside. I’m absolutely in love.

Best regards

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Skruf Xtra Stark Portion

“a strong smell of tea and lemon”

When you have a first look at the can, you’ll notice the stylish white colour with the stylish texture. It gives you the feeling of a well thought product.
I can’t even remember the last time I had a Skruf. But I remembered that it had an almost innocent sweet flavour. I like the opposite, I want a burly tobaccoflavoured snus. With this in mind, Skruf Xtra Stark Portion really surprised me. It has a strong smell of tea and lemon. You now the smell when you open a Lipton lemon teabox? That smell, and add some tobacco smell on it.
I really like snus that you can relate to something. When you mix memories with something you enjoy.

As you put it in, you can feel the characteristic taste of bergamot. The snus is foggy and wellfilled, so it lays perfect under the lip, without any bigger adjustments.

The nicotine kicks in after about 40 minutes, and does not run that much in the beginning. But after ten more minutes, you can really feel why it’s named Xtra Strong. It has a strong tobacco flavour, that just keeps on going, even after an hour and half.

For me, that likes runny and strong snus, it was a happy surprise. But I would not recommend it for a person that doesn’t have been snusing for long.

I’m rating this badboy 

 Best regards


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Robin – Snus Squad Member

“I am the master of my faith, I am the captain of my soul”

Name: Robin
Age: 26
Nationality: Swedish
I am a huge wrestling fan, been following it sense forever. Spends a big part of my spare time on reading and watching it.
Series – wow. I could talk for hours about all the series I’m watching.
Well, I’m not just a wrestling and series guy. I rollerblade also, at least when the streets are cleaned from gravel.
Favorite Snus:
Grov Portion – my absolute favourite snus. Soggy, long lasting and rich in flavour. It’s pure perfection.
General Portion Extra Strong – Just as the name says – it is strong. Smells wonderful, and has a quick nicotine kick. Perfect snus for a long car ride.
Kronan Portion – One of the cheaper snus you can buy. But don’t be fooled by the price – it has a high standard, and is really tasteful. Is not as long lasting as a Grov or General, but you can easily have it in for and our, and you can still feel the dark tobacco flavour run.
My first snus experience: 
My first experience with snus, was when I stole some from my brothers can. I remember that I loved the smell of it, and I had grown up with it. I often say that some snus smells like your childhood.
Anyhow. My brother had a can of General Lös at the time – not really the idealistic beginner snus. Cause, with no experience other than the smell of it, I had absolutely no idea how to bake a snus. So, I took some, and put it under the lip. It trashed in my mouth, and damn, it was snus all over the place. Not really a great first experience.
I decided that I would try a Portion instead. Grov Portion – and I feel in love right away.
Favourite life hack:
Baby wet wipes. It is seriously the one thing that can clean everything. It the MacGyver of cleansing agents.
A quote that sums up my view on life: 
I am the master of my faith, I am the captain of my soul.
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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.