Black Line Slim White Portion Blast – Ultra Strong

“It’s just like you imagine the love of your life to be: elegant and strong”

As I have mentioned earlier the Black Line snus boxes are so freaking graceful. And under that elegant outside lies a strong inside.
It’s just like you imagine the love of your life to be: elegant and strong. In some way my mind goes to the story of the Beauty and the Beast, but in reverse. A charming prince that becomes a beast is what this snus is all about.

White slim portion is the best in my opinion, as the drip is minimal. I’m used to white snus being a bit more soft to the touch than this is, but I also think that softer snus means more drip. I guess that’s what they’re trying to avoid.

I could keep a pouch of the The Black Line Slim White Portion Blast in for about 45 minutes before I felt it becoming too moist. Also, the nicotine is really, really, really high. After 5 minutes my head starts to spin but if you can conquer that feeling you will be awarded. When your head stops spinning that calm feeling of the nicotine embraces you. So don’t give up! You will get what you came for!

This snus has a mild taste of mint that you can barely feel, but it helps the freshness under your lip. It’s not that heavy tobacco-taste that a regular snus has, neither is it too minty. I would say this is the perfect combination of the two worlds that is tobacco and flavour.


Don’t be fooled by the graceful appearance of this box. When you unleash it the beast will come to show.

Stay alert,

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Smålands Brukssnus Portion

“Imagine a deep misty forest, with flannelshirt-wearing woodsmen working”

Hey guys,

This snus is not for the weak or easily light-headed. For me, as a white portion user, the Småland Bruksnus is really strong.
The box design is classy and interesting. With the antlers and the old font I get intrigued to know what kind of snus it is inside. Imagine a deep misty forest, with flannelshirt-wearing woodsmen working. That is where it takes me, and that is the kind of people I believe this snus is made for. The taste is a bit whisky-like but also classic strong tobacco taste that you expect from a snus like this.
I must say I’m a bit surprised with how long I could have Småland Bruksnus under my lip, even though it’s not white portion. I guess it’s because they are a bit dryer than regular portion snus, so I could keep it in for almost an hour. I am also satisfied with the burning sensation I get under my lip, as a 5+ years user of snus I never expect that anymore. So for that – Smålands Brukssnus Portion earns an extra star!
With that said, the burning sensation makes the nicotine kick in a lot faster, about 5-10 min later. And that, my friends, is not for a silly light-headed white portion-girl like me.
Rating:  pouches

Your truly,

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Thunder Mel Oh!

“I could keep it in for more than an hour, suprisingly with the aroma still intact”

Thunder Mel Oh! Chewing bags

The very first time I tried melon-flavored snus, I was on vacation on an swedish island called Gotland. I remember I liked it so I was really glad to try the Thunder Mel Oh! I ignored the fact that it’s chewing bags beacuse of an earlier bad experience I had, and I’m just gonna use it as reguar snus.

When opening the can the smell of melon hits me, it smells lovely, fruity and fresh. I’m intrigued. The pouches are a bit dry but that’s because they are chewing bags. Putting a pouch under my lip it takes a few minutes for the snus to get moist, but when it does I can really taste the melon; it tastes great! After about five minutes I can feel the nicotine giving my body the calmness it wants, this snus is pretty strong! And because the pouches are dry (if you don’t chew on them first) I could keep it in for more than an hour, suprisingly with the aroma still intact. I understand why this snus is popular! I feel like the Thunder Mel Oh is the perfect snus for summer. A glass of rosé by the ocean, warm summer breezes and cool summer nights out dancing under the star-filled sky.


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Thunder Cool M

“Thunder Cool M would be great with a cold mojito!”

Thunder Cool M Chewing bags are the same brand as the Mel Oh, but this snus is mint-flavored.

It has a really strong scent of menthol, very fresh but I have to be honest, I do miss the mix of flavored mint with tobacco-scent. As soon as I pop a pouch under my lip it gets really refreshing, almost like a small ice-bag in my mouth. It stings right away, and the feeling gets to my head which I love about snus in general. As you may already know, I’m not the biggest fan of mint-flavored snus, but this hits me good.

I think the Thunder Cool M would be great with a cold mojito! It takes a good ten minutes before the nicotine really starts to kick in because the Thunder Cool M is almost numbing the lip (in a good way). After about 15 minutes I started to feel a bit of sweetness to the taste which was suprising, but I’m not really convinced that it’s a good mix. Although those are chewing bags they are not that dry, and I did not chew on them because they felt like regular snus. I had a pouch in for about 30 minutes before I felt it was enough, because the mint-taste started to fill my mouth way too much. If you like the flavor this is of course a good thing.

To sum up, I liked it at first but the taste just takes over the nice refreshing taste which is pretty sad.


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Knox Klassisk White


This snus is pretty straight forward. What you see, smell and taste is what you get. Just as it says on the box, it’s your typical classic snus.
I read somewhere that the Knox classic white is the stronger sibling of the Knox white family, but as I have never tried Knox before I cannot confirm it. I would say that it’s pretty strong but not too strong to handle. The taste is clean and traditional tobacco, would go really well with a neat whisky or a strong cup of coffee. And beacause it’s a white pouch it will not run even if you’re having a drink with it. The nicotine kicks in after about 10-15 minutes, pretty normal as well.

To sum up, this snus is for people who appreciate the common and sturdy things in life. There’s nothing extraordinary about this snus but it gives you what you want. And isn’t that what we all dream of? Something ordinary that makes us happy.

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Göteborgs Rapé XR Slim

“all the clouds scattered from the sky and the sun was shining with its sweetest beams”

Göteborgs Rapé XR (X-range)

The first time I tried Göteborgs Rapé XR I was skeptical. It was from my favourite brand Swedish Match – Göteborgs Rapé that I had used for a couple of years, but the XR snus was new to me.
I asked myself, why would I want a slimmer pouch? What did they mean with ”large”? And for the love of god, why is it named x-range? I almost felt like a cowboy trying it the first time as the name took me to the old west a few hundred years back.
But then I saw it, the most beautiful words I have ever read on a box of snus. I had in my hand the reality of my greatest dreams as a snusare: ”Minimal Drip”. Could this really be true?
As soon as I put a pouch under my lip, it felt like all the clouds scattered from the sky and the sun was shining with its sweetest beams on me. I saw angels coming down with harps, flying around me playing their heavenly tunes. It was truly a hallelujah-moment!

Rape XR is what you are looking for if you prefer snus with minimal drip! You can have the pouch in for ca 30 minutes (longer if you’re not talking).
The taste reminds you of the wild nature with a woody character and a small hint of citrus with lavendel blossom. This is the finest of the finest. Enjoy!


Yours truly,

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Nordic Storm Slim White Fresh

 “it’s like I’m drinking something cold and refreshing on a hot summer day”

Nordic Storm Slim White Fresh

Nordic Storm… the name of this snus gives me a real feeling of the northern Sweden, or actually any place with really harsh and freezing winters. Perhaps it’s no coincidence they made a mint flavored snus as the name of the brand is perfect for it. As I open the can I immediately feel the smell of mint, but also the classic tobacco which is a great mix of the two. The pouches are slim and white, but also feels a bit dry to the touch. The fresh feeling of the mint comes right away after putting a pouch under my lip, it’s like I’m drinking something cold and refreshing on a hot summer day.

The nicotine kicks in after 5-10 minutes and as it is a white portion I could have it in for quite a long time. Because of the pouches being a bit drier I had it in for over an hour (even while talking) without it starting to drip. Though, the fresh feeling of the mint subsides after about 20 minutes so if you still want that you’ll gonna have to take a new pouch. Nordic Storm Sliw White Fresh is pretty strong, 4 out of 5 according to the box, so it’s definitely not for the weak “snusers”.
I did like this snus but since I’m not a big fan of mint-taste in general (except for gum) I give it 

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Skruf Slim Nordic White

“futuristic in some way”

A few years back I worked on a ferry out on the seas, and usually the ocean was quite still but sometimes it would get really stormy. I got seasick from time to time and always got the recommendation to eat a bit of liquorice when that happened. Although I really don’t like the taste of it I had to eat it to calm my sea-sickness down. So why am I telling you this?

Because the Skruf Slim Nordic White has a scent and taste of liquorice, and I’m really surprised that I liked it so much although I don’t like that type of taste (candy, fennel etc). Also, it’s a slim portion (which is my fave snus-size) so I liked it a lot. The pouches felt softer to the touch than I’m used to so it was a nice contrast from the regular ones I use. The nicotine kicks in after about 10 minutes which is pretty normal, and as this is a white portion you can have it in for a longer period of time (depending on what you’re doing).
I also have to tell you about the box! I love boxes of snus that gives me a special feeling, cause it makes you curios about what’s inside. This box is light grey and kind of modern, almost futuristic in some way. I think the Skruf-team is on to something here…
To sum up, my mind is liquorice-blown!
Rating:  pouches

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Granit Maxad Portion

“I almost got tears in my eyes because of the nostalgia the scent brought me”

Granit Maxad

First things first: this snus smells AMAZING! It really brings me back to my very first times trying snus when I was about 15. I almost got tears in my eyes because of the nostalgia the scent brought me; when I locked myself in the bathroom of my family home to secretly use snus and read a book. Aaaah, those days! But, enough of the emotional mumbojumbo and on with the review!

The box is black and has a tiny mountain drawn on it. I get the feeling that they want us to feel adventurous with this snus, but the taste is actually classic tobacco. Also, this is the first time I encounter a new kind of lid. You know the lid where you put your used up pouches? When you open it, it’s “floor” is soft so you can fit more used up snus in there. That is so freaking cool and well thought out! Why doesn’t all snusboxes have this feature?
After about ten minutes the nicotine kicks in and I’m enjoying the Granit Maxad very much. I have no problem with it not being a white portion cause I can have it in for a longer period of time.
With a good book (without sitting on the floor of the bathroom), a cup of espresso and a nice pouch of this snus under my lip the day can’t get any better.


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Sara – Snus Squad Member

“Don’t always trust your gut feeling”

Name: Sara Szajewska
Age: 30
Nationality: Swedish/Croatian/Polish

Hobbies: Webdesign, games, movies, tv-series, zumba

Favorite Snus: Rapé XR

My first snus experience: In college (gymnasiet), one of my class mates used snus and I tried my
first pouch. I instantly liked it and remember snusing in the bathroom of my family home so my
parents wouldn’t notice.

Favorite life hack: Keep your headphones on even if you’re not listening to music to keep people
from talking to you in public.

A quote that sums up my view on life: Don’t always trust your gut feeling.

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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.