Skoal Mint Snus

“I am impressed with the menthol’s bite”

Skoal Mint snus by the U.S. Smokless Tobacco Company is an American entry into the snus market. It is not the first American attempt at snus; there have been several mediocre attempts already. This is the first American snus that I have seen resemble the quality in production and taste of European products. The Snus itself comes in large, white-style pouches and is similar in style to a “maxi” brand.

The snus is a heavily mentholated, rather sweet mint, and, honestly, does not taste half bad. It is not a subtle taste; the menthol hits the lip quickly and powerfully.  All in all, however, the mint flavoring does not distinguish itself compared to other brands. It is sweet, almost cloyingly so. I am more impressed with the menthol’s bite, but menthol is a personal favorite of mine. This is not my favorite snus, and I most likely would not seek it out, however, it certainly works in a pinch and is altogether agreeable.

Nicotine wise, this is a comparatively weak snus. It gets the job done, but it won’t impress you. The nicotine asserts itself in a mellow way about a minute after using the snus and is gone just as quickly in about fifteen minutes.

All in all, it isn’t a bad snus, but you have much better options for a mint snus.

I give this snus a

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Nordic Storm Slim White Original

“a refined taste and solid nicotine kick”

I will admit that I have never experienced the weather in northern Europe. I am not sure if Nordic Storm Slim White Original Snus’s name is attempting to invoke a comparison to a city-flattening hurricane or a light summer drizzle. Is JTI Sweden comparing their tobacco to a cold winter blizzard? Is there enough menthol in a pouch to numb my face? I assumed that Nordic Storms were apocalyptic, ice-laden events, and prepared myself for the most intense tobacco experience ever conceived.

It ended up being a pretty typical snus with traditional bergamot flavors, and really nothing about the experience made me think of a storm, cold weather, hot weather, wind, rain, or any other meteorological condition. Those seeking insight into Nordic weather are better off using Google that trying this snus. Still, I am extremely impressed with this snus. It is a modestly priced, white-pouched tobacco that can function as a daily go-to snus, yet has a refined taste and solid nicotine kick that make it competitive with more expensive snus.

As mentioned, the snus is a traditionally-flavored with bergamot and has a deep tobacco taste that plays well with the citrus. I found that the flavor developed during the experience; after about fifteen minutes a peppery flavor developed that was very enjoyable. Even though this snus is flavorful, the taste never overwhelms your senses and wouldn’t ruin, or be ruined by, a morning cup of coffee.

This is a strong snus, and it gives a solid nicotine punch. The first touch of nicotine rush in almost immediately, hits a solid peak about five minutes in, and gradually decreases. Impressively, the nicotine feel lasted a lengthy thirty minutes.  It is a solid nicotine punch, but it is not mood altering or overwhelming; it’s a good morning pick-me-up, but maybe not the snus you turn to before wrestling a bear.

While I still have no insight into the weather conditions of the Nordic countries after using this snus, would personally recommend this snus to anyone that enjoys traditionally flavored snus. Overall, it is refined, strong, and carries an excellent price. Given the quality of this snus and its modest price, I easily give this snus an 

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Jakobsson’s Wintergreen Strong

“an acquired North American taste”

Jakobsson’s Wintergreen Strong snus is an entry in Gotlandsnus’s premium Jakobsson’s snus line. For those of you who are not familiar with wintergreen, it is a flavor that is popular in North America that is derived from certain evergreen trees and is reminiscent of mint. Wintergreen is a strong flavor, and is typically used to cover less preferential tastes. This often means that most products that use it have such a large amount that the taste is simply overpowering. Basically, something that once was excruciatingly awful was “wintergreened” until it was only mildly awful, sort of minty, and made your breath smell nice. This made it a perfect flavoring for American oral tobacco (and mouthwash!) since “snuff” tastes somewhat like burnt twigs to the uninitiated. Hence, I was pretty hesitant to review this product since I can’t remember ever enjoying a wintergreen product.

Jakobsson’s Wintergreen Strong Snus, however, does wintergreen right. Since snus’s innate tobacco flavor is not strong, the wintergreen flavoring in this snus does not need to overpower. Instead, there is a mild and sweet wintergreen flavor that delightfully tingles the lips and gums and compliments the subtle smoky tobacco flavor of the snus. Personally, this snus gives me flash-backs of Lifesaver’s mints and Listerine mouthwash, and Wintergreen is not even close to my favorite flavor, but I do enjoy this particular snus.

This is a strong snus, and you can certainly feel the nicotine, but it doesn’t assault you. The nicotine hits quickly in the first half a minute or so, but never seems to dominate. I feel the nicotine level off after about fifteen minutes and disappear after twenty to twenty-five minutes.  Users that prefer a rush out of their snus may want to try something stronger, however those comfortable with low strength snuses will not be overwhelmed.

Overall, this is a solid snus that easily gets a The only drawbacks I see to this snus are that it is extremely moist and drips quite quickly. Wintergreen is, arguably, an acquired North American taste, and some people may not like using a snus that reminds them of the last time they brushed their teeth. However, as wintergreen goes, this is the best tobacco product I have had. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone who enjoys wintergreen as well as anyone who enjoys trying new flavors.

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Offroad Original Portion

“it gets the job done and doesn’t leave the user disappointed”

Do you enjoy frugality as much as snus? If so, V2 Tobacco’s Offroad Original portion snus should be at the top of your list. But what is wrong with being cheap? I argue nothing is. This may not be the snus you turn to when sitting in front of your fire place and reading the unabridged version of Les Misérables, and you certainly won’t impress a Swede (especially because it is Danish), but I wholeheartedly argue this snus should not be overlooked. This snus may not shine, but it does not shrivel. Instead it delivers a middle of the road, yet admirable, snus experience at a very reasonable price.

This snus has a strong, sweet, citrus and bergamot flavor. To some, it will be overpowering – and it is strong – however I think this flavor compliments the light tobacco undertone of the snus nicely. It is not a subtle or complex flavor, and it will surly disappoint the more refined and discriminating. Admittedly, I would not serve this snus to anyone I wanted to impress. You might want to be careful what you drink while using it, too. Still, overall the taste is agreeable and entirely appropriate as a go-to snus to get you through the day.

Offroad Original has an average, and I would say appropriate, nicotine content. You can feel it carefully creep in during the first two minutes, stay for about twenty minutes, and then gently wash out. Those who need a nicotine rush will want to upgrade to Offroad’s bigger brother, the Thunder line of snuses, however I think the nicotine is well balanced in this snus and makes for a rather delightful experience. It might not wake you up in the morning, yet I can say that without a doubt that it gets the job done and doesn’t leave the user disappointed.

Overall, this snus rates a There is no getting around the fact that this is a mediocre snus. While I enjoy this snus, I would be lying if I said it was great. It’s not. But frankly, it also isn’t offensive. Furthermore, given its typically price, and the fact that it is almost always on sale, I argue it punches well above its weight and is a better option than quite a few more expensive snuses that don’t measure up to the cash you are throwing down.

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Grov Stark Portion

“Swedish Match’s Grov Stark portion snus is a tobacco out for your grandfather’s heart”

It is comforting to know that even with the explosive development of new flavors and technologies within snus manufacturing that some still pay attention to the more traditional flavors that a snus can bring to its user. Swedish Match’s Grov Stark Portion Snus is a prime example of this: a next-generation “strong” portion snus that still calls back to its roots by providing an unaltered tobacco flavor. While many snus users, especially of younger generations, marvel at how extreme the newest raspberry flavored snus can be or how impressively a seasonal snus can remind you of holidays like Christmas, there is a certain comfort and pleasure to be had by allowing older, simpler flavors from bygone eras  to unfold.

Swedish Match’s Grov Stark portion snus is a tobacco out for your grandfather’s heart. This snus is clearly designed to be “traditional,” at least in the sense that it forgoes fancy flavoring and the technological advances in snus packaging of the past decade, but with a significant nicotine kick. Grov Stark is a high-nicotine content snus with a rich and complex tobacco flavor. In this sense, it is something of an oddity. It has no obvious flavor additives, yet possesses the enhanced nicotine content.

Grov Stark’s flavor is a delightful, rich tobacco. While some users may find it plain, those that are willing to give this natural, earthy flavored snus will be delighted. At first, the flavor of the snus is unassuming. Given time, the rich tobacco of the snus will reveal its complexities and present a multitude of flavor profiles much like a fine wine or scotch would. Personally, I pick up a bitter, chocolate flavor and the slightest hint of pepper.

This snus has a solid nicotine kick. You can feel it quickly, and the nicotine stays for a reliable 20 minutes. It is certainly a strong snus, however the nicotine is not overwhelming.

As with most Swedish Match products, Grov Stark Portion Snus is a product of exceptional quality. I find it odd that a snus with such a traditional tobacco flavor would come in a high nicotine variety, as that seems to cater to two very different populations of snus users. In that sense, it is a snus that is a bit out of place and I am not sure how big the “I like traditional flavors that unfold like a fine whiskey’s but I also need extra stimulants” market is.

Overall, I give this fine snus a .

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William – Snus Squad Member

“I’ll eat what I want, and I’ll die like a man”

Name: William Paul O’Neill III
Age: 34

Nationality:  US-American 

Hobbies: For the most part, I’m a family man, so anything with my wife and daughter when I’m not working. I also like to start, and occasionally finish, woodworking projects, but admittedly I’m probably the world’s most mediocre woodworker.

Favorite Snus: Oden’s Original. This snus is the perfect mixture of value and quality. I find the peppery flavor to be exceptional. While I can’t use it for extended periods of time and usually have to switch brands after a few cans, I always find myself coming back to this snus.

My first snus experience: I was in College in upstate New York. I had just started using Copenhagen and decided to look up “snuff” on Wikipedia. The article referenced Scandinavia as the origin of smokeless tobacco, which I guess makes sense as the city of Copenhagen isn’t in Kentucy. So I ordered some General Onyx and was amazed at the quality, taste, and presentation difference. Better yet, there were dozens of varieties of Swedish snus as opposed to the five or so even remotely acceptable American varieties.


Favorite life hack: Got this one in the Army – if you “ranger” roll your T-Shirts and arrange them in your drawer standing up, you save a bunch of space and it is easier to find the T-Shirt you are looking for without digging through a pile. Seems inconsequential, but it is life altering.

A quote that sums up my view on life: “I’ll eat what I want, and I’ll die like a man”

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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.