Taboca Extra Strong portion

“It tastes pure tobacco”

So, I received a new package of snus the other day. The box was red and didn’t really look like a snus box. It actually looked like one of those recycled plastic boxes, but the box was pretty clean. Completley red with only the “Taboca” brand on it in white and the green leaf hanging on the top.

When opening the box there isn’t an overwelming smell, you can only feel hints of tobacco hitting your nose. The packaging of the small bags are not in order, it’s basically just a mess of bags in the box. I took one bag up and flattened it out, put it up under the lip and then I could feel the taste mixing around in the mouth… It tastes pure tobacco. There is a difference between this brand and the others, most of the other brands have different tastes mixxed with the tobacco, this one however… It tastes pure tobacco and I love it!

Another notable thing is that this is actually a strong portion which you can feel. The strength of the snus is not in the taste but you can feel the nicotine hit you up.

I enjoyed it for as long as it lasted, there is no difference in the time lapse between this snus and the other brands, basically the same.

Taboca Extra Strong Portion goes great with coffee and as you all know, I love my snus and coffee.

Overall rating: 

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Kapten Melon Extra Stark

“I enjoy a fat bag of Kapten”

Alright, so I’ve tried alot of different variations of snus in my life. They’ve been flavored and non-flavored.

Let’s try KAPTEN Melon Extra Stark!

The box is a regular snus box and if you’ve had Kapten before you’ll know that they have a specific sigil and the text KAPTEN written all over the box.
“Kapten” means Captain in Swedish and to be honest, hitting up a snus with Melon flavour didn’t seem like their type of thing. I opened the package and the smell of Melon was actually non existant. The only smell coming from that box was the regular Kapten smell. Once opened, I picked up on of the bags, basically they have these fat bags compared to the rest of the snus industry that in general creates regular, thin sized bags. I don’t know about you but I enjoy a fat bag of snus. You might have to snus for a couple of years before enjoying that type of snus under your lips.

The taste doesn’t hit you straight away, it takes a while for the snus to get soaked and the flavors to be mixed up in your mouth, it actually took longer than I expected. After a while I could feel a small hint of melon, but mostly the other snus flavors overtook that part of the job. It’s actually a bit difficult to mix your own flavors with a totally new flavor.

Kapten has great snus usually but I have to say that I’m a bit dissappointed with this one.

Overall rating 

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Tre Ankare White Portion

“it takes you to a place where only hard sailors and heavy storms exist”

Tre Ankare White Portion

I went to the store the other day in search for some good snus but I wasn’t up for trying some new stuff, I wanted something I was familiar with.
Hence I looked over the counter and saw one of my favorite snus that I haven’t had for quite some while now…. Tre Ankare.

The red text that is fitted onto the green background, with the gold looking edges gives the snus a great classic look.
Upon opening the can you can feel the great smell of a smokey aroma hitting your nose. The bags looks juicy and not as dry as you’d expect a white snus to be.

Once you place the first bag under your lip it takes you to a different place, a place where only hard sailors and heavy storms exist. The feeling of the snus basically takes you back to that early 1900’s when everyone was working at the docks and the evenings consisted of moonshine and snus.

It doesn’t take long until the unique taste hits your tastebuds, at first you will feel the taste of smokey cedar and after approximately 10 minutes, once the snus has done it’s little trick, you can feel the nicotine hit you mixed with tastes of different herbs.The bag gets a bit more moisture than the rest of the snus brands, which for me is something I enjoy. The tobacco taste is there but you can only feel hints of it due to the strong taste of cedar and herbs.
After about 30 minutes in, you can feel that the experience you’ve had is coming to an end, the bag is a bit shrinked up, the taste is fading and the nicotine has taken it’s toll

Tre Ankare is the most classic portionssnus out there, it’s the first portionssnus ever made and should definatly be tested by all snus lovers.

So to all you hipsters, classic snus lovers and tryouts out there, this is the snus for you. A classic, tasteful and amazing experience.


“Snus is snus and nonsense is nonsense, though the golden boxes, and roses in a cracked jug, are still always roses.”
-Gustaf Fröding

Yasir Rasool

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Jakobsson’s Strong Cola

“the cola flavor hit you directly, like immediately”

Do you get these nostalgic trips after you smell something?
Can you feel how it used to be when you were young and the same smell or taste hit you?
At first sight when I got the package… to be honest, I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to try out this thing. I mean… Snus with Cola flavor? Sounds pretty bad!
But after glaring at the snusbox for about 10 minutes, I opened it…
The smell that hit me, it was like something taken from my childhood and put into that box. I’m not talking about that cola flavor from different sodas…
I’m talking about that real cola flavor. That flavor that is in candy (Swedish candy).
I got astound by the smell, it was so nice, not only could you feel the cola but there was also a hint of tobacco in it which actually, for some reason, fitted in perfectly.
I looked at the bags and they layed there, perfectly portioned, a bit moisture (remember this isn’t a white snus, so you want the moistured part). I picked one up and threw it in my mouth.
Once it was under the lip the cola flavor hit you directly, like immediately.
The cola flavor is dominant, even 10 minutes in… The only difference is, the nicotine is playing with you. Seeing how this is a strong snus, you can really feel the strength of it.
I’m used to use strong snus, but this snus was actually really strong for me, I could even feel a bit of soft nicotine kick, which was amazing.
After 30 minutes in, you can still taste the cola flavor, so it’s not like chewing gum with taste, where you throw them out after chewing for 5 minutes.
Also a thing to mention about this particular snus is that besides from the little hatch (where you put your used snus) being to small, the actual box is pretty sweet looking.
I could feel the ride coming to an end after about one hour. The snus got shrinked up and as we say in Sweden, “turned into a snail”.
This brand is something worth trying, not only is it one of a kind but the taste and strength of the snus is insane.
Overall rating: 
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INK Strong Chew V.S G.3 Super Slim White

“hits you pretty hard within minutes”

INK Strong Orginal vs G3 Superslim White Strong

INK Strong Original is a new brand on the Swedish market in regards to the G3 which has been available in different forms of snus for a while now.
G3 is a new concept from Swedish Match where they focus on a slim portion of “General”.

Smell and Taste:
INK Strong Orginal has a major smell of tobacco with a small hint of citrus, this is also something that hits your tastebuds once you put the snus under your lip.
G3 Superslim White Strong smells and tastes pure tobacco, you can also feel the strength of the snus when you open the package.

To measure the strength on these two different snus is a bit hard due to that they are completely different.
The G3 is a superslim and has a great amount of strength in regards to the size of the package.You can feel the nicotine kick in after about 10 minutes.
INK Strong Original also has massive strength, which actually hits you pretty hard within minutes after you put it in under your lip.

INK Strong Orginal has a timelapse of about 45 minutes. I could have the snus in for 45 minutes before I had to throw it out.
G3 Superslim White Strong had a timelapse much shorter than the INK Strong Orginal. I had to throw the snus out after about 20-25 minutes.

Overall rating:
G3 Superslim White Strong – Good packaging of snus, slim version of snus that fits perfectly under your lip, great strength and a good tobacco taste.

INK Strong Orginal – Good box, nice design, snus is perfectly packed. Combination of citrus and tobacco in taste is pretty amazing.
The snus packaging is well done and fits good under your lip.


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Yasir – Snus Squad Member

“The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion”

Name: Yasir
Age: 26
Nationality: Swedish/Pakistani

Hobbies: Travelling and becoming more and more cultivated, Barbering, boxing and recently I have found a sort of enjoyment in coffee brewing.

My first snus experience: When I was at a young age I tried snus for the first time. I received a snus portion from a friend of mine, the feeling I had is inexplainable but I was hooked from the first time. The first brand I ever tried was Göteborgs Rapé. Since then I have tried all kinds of sorts of snus, I have even created my own snus.

Favorite Life Hack: Take a sip of coffee before adding sugar, you won’t need as much sugar for it to taste as sweet afterwards.

A quote that sums up my view on life: The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.

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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.