Ettan White Portion

“A smoky punch for your everyday life”

“Ettan” snus is a classic in every sense of the word. Ever since snus manufacturer Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf introduced his recipe in 1822, that soon enough would turn into the “Ettan” we know today. The taste, consistency, strength, humidity and overall feeling have stayed the same since then.

Today, we’re going to have a little chat about Ettan original’s mischievous, less runny, smoky little brother: Ettan White Portion. Ettan White is presented in classic circle formation when you open the can. A light breeze of pure tobacco enters your nostrils, and a soothing voice telling you that every little thing is going to be alright – wait. That’s just me. I got carried away, excuse me.

Anyway, unlike Ettan White’s big brother, this snus is more of a casual affair than the strong and more heavy sensation that Ettan original provides. Although it’s still as dark and smoky, the focus lies in the low amount of runniness. The outside is hard as any “old-school” snus portion should be and has a very moist content when it’s under your lip.

When I taste it even further, I taste the malt and a small hint of dark chocolate that reminds me of whiskey on a cold, winter night and the strong, pure tobacco aftertaste puts me back to reality almost instantly. This is where the sensation unfortunately ends. As you will soon notice, this is still the “Little brother” of the group. This means that all I’ve stated before – happens at a moment’s notice. Don’t get fooled by the brand alone. This is not a portion you put in your mouth after a heavy meal and just relax. This is a snus you might use during the day. I think of walking to town or coffee with your friends and still want to have the same taste of tobacco and feeling of Ettan original, without taking your mind off elsewhere like Ettan original would do.

Ettan White Portion is a great, safe choice if you’re interested in snus overall or just getting started with different tastes. With the runniness being low and the taste so strong and the light, casual feeling of it all, I would recommend this snus to anyone who’s just aiming for a good tasting, easy snus. It’s the little brother that could.

Sometimes, less is actually more.

Ettan White Portion gets a 

Best time for the snus: All day. Have it beside you at work, mark your territory on the table with it. Ettan is always your friend.

Meal and Drink: Ettan White Portion goes incredibly well with a salad. For drinks, Ettan is best with coffee, hands down.

Time of the year: Ettan White Portion really blooms during the spring.

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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.