General Onyx Portion

“clean and sophisticated”

Let’s start with the fact that this can has a very sleek and sophisticated look about it. It’s nice and simple but also highly striking with the presentation, this is a snus can that wouldn’t be out of place at a Black Tie event.
On opening the can the presentation continues with the lovely spiral packing of the snus that General does on their higher end products. As well as getting a lovely citrus smell coming from the can with some nice tobacco hints lingering in the background.

The taste is fantastic, it’s a very clean and sophisticated tobacco taste with some lovely citrus notes coming through, mixed with the lovely taste of lakrits at the end. The flavor really holds its own and lasts for up to an hour and I didn’t notice any dripping until about the hour mark.

I must admit I didn’t know anything about this beforehand, so the black portions really took me by surprise. However, I actually really like them.

This snus is an easy 

I highly recommend that you try this one, it doesn’t disappoint.

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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.