INK Strong Chew V.S G.3 Super Slim White

“hits you pretty hard within minutes”

INK Strong Orginal vs G3 Superslim White Strong

INK Strong Original is a new brand on the Swedish market in regards to the G3 which has been available in different forms of snus for a while now.
G3 is a new concept from Swedish Match where they focus on a slim portion of “General”.

Smell and Taste:
INK Strong Orginal has a major smell of tobacco with a small hint of citrus, this is also something that hits your tastebuds once you put the snus under your lip.
G3 Superslim White Strong smells and tastes pure tobacco, you can also feel the strength of the snus when you open the package.

To measure the strength on these two different snus is a bit hard due to that they are completely different.
The G3 is a superslim and has a great amount of strength in regards to the size of the package.You can feel the nicotine kick in after about 10 minutes.
INK Strong Original also has massive strength, which actually hits you pretty hard within minutes after you put it in under your lip.

INK Strong Orginal has a timelapse of about 45 minutes. I could have the snus in for 45 minutes before I had to throw it out.
G3 Superslim White Strong had a timelapse much shorter than the INK Strong Orginal. I had to throw the snus out after about 20-25 minutes.

Overall rating:
G3 Superslim White Strong – Good packaging of snus, slim version of snus that fits perfectly under your lip, great strength and a good tobacco taste.

INK Strong Orginal – Good box, nice design, snus is perfectly packed. Combination of citrus and tobacco in taste is pretty amazing.
The snus packaging is well done and fits good under your lip.


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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.