Marko – Snus Squad Member

“You only live once? Wrong, you only die once. Live every day to the fullest”

Name: Marko Lulic
Age: 30
Nationality: Croatian

Hobbies: Playing bass guitar and manufacturing beard products – Beard oils and beard combs (only quality products for fellow bearded guys – mahogany or nothing!). Rainy and cold days are the best days to take out my bass guitar and play some bluesy or country tunes, while during sunny times I gladly replace my playing with woodworking and dusty room to create beard oils and various one of a kind, unique and personalized mahogany beard combs for fellow bearded villains of the world!

Favorite Snus: Offroad Coffee Vanilla, no dilemma here! Can you imagine a better way to start your every day, than with a hot cup of black coffee and coffee-vanilla flavored snus? It’s the best of two worlds combined, an unbeatable combo for everyday waking up!

My first snus experience: Several years ago I was attending a metal show downtown, and that nights guest band was a band from Sweden. Swedish band playing metal – you can’t go wrong with that, so after a great show onstage, I met the guys and we started talking. One thing caught my eye, every now and then; the drummer was shoving a weird pack under his lip and going “Mmmmmm… Now, where were we?” “What’s that dude?”, I asked. The dude explained. “Can I try that?” I asked, and I think I didn’t even get the chance to finish the sentence, he already opened up his pack, and served it. The smell of eucalyptus was overwhelming, portions were neatly stored in a circular formation, it was beautiful just to stare at it. I took one, and boy was I in a weird time lapse of 20 minutes… Burning sensation was both pleasant and repulsive, the smell and aroma of eucalyptus was something I never experienced nor ever imagined I would experience when it comes to tobacco products; it was definitely love at first taste! That same night I found out a disastrous thing – snus is only obtainable in Sweden… “Yeah, well you can look it up online, I think some websites might even ship to Croatia.” – That was enough. I googled “buy snus online”, first webpage that popped up was Northerner. The variety of available products made me feel like a little kid in a chocolate factory. But, does Northerner ship to Croatia? It does? A-WE-SO-ME! I filled up my shopping cart, paid everything, and a week later, my first order of snus arrived. That was the beginning of a long lasting snus relationship, which will last for a long, long, looooong time! Long story short, I discovered snus, thanks to one band from Sweden, whose drummer had snus. Thank you Sweden, thank you snus!

Favorite life hack: Removing large quantities of meat from the fridge by simply grilling it and eating it afterwards. Works every time!

A quote that sums up my view on life: YOLO – You only live once? Wrong, you only die once. Live every day to the fullest!

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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.