Oden’s Double Mint

“just a steady, smooth mint rising”

Like most adult human beings, I can happily fly through a pack of After Eight mints without company or conscience – in fact, such moments are usually the highlight of Christmas. But that is as far as my relationship towards mint as enjoyment stretches. Nobody I know drinks Mojitos for the minty flavour and, even though it is possible to look cool doing it, brushing teeth is a function rather than a pleasure.

So with all my prejudices intact and an almost childish stubbornness against enjoying Oden’s Double Mint, I cracked open a can on an unusually bright September morning with the intention of writing a bad review. Well, there’s a surprise, I thought, as the mint aromas emanated from the chubby little bags within. Mint. Not overpowering, not chemical smelling though; just a steady, smooth mint rising up my nose. I cursed the clement weather and a good night’s sleep for making me enjoy this moment and set about finding faults.download full film Logan

Believe me, I have put this snus through rigorous tests in order to support my previous dislike for mint. Falling short of drinking fresh orange juice whilst snusing, I’ve tried my best and failed. Oden’s Double Mint is absolutely inoffensive and – I hold my hands up – really, really rocks.

As expected, there’s no hanging around for the first burst of flavour. It has that nice burn, which I look forward to, but stops well short of blowing your eyebrows to the back of your neck. After 3 or 4 minutes, it settles into a warmth which remains and a freshness which has enough depth to shine with coffee in the morning without overpowering. In fact, it is this very point which has been the major positive of today’s experiment.

I generally dislike mint, so it stands to reason that Double Mint would be displeasure squared. Far from it though. For my taste, this snus gives just enough of everything – the nicotine hit, the taste, the longevity – but sits on the gum like a humble butler. At hand to smooth over, to facilitate, to bolster you throughout the day should need arise.

If I had to find one fault with Double Mint, as with all Oden’s products, it is the packaging. The hideous fonts, stripes and choice of colours are enough to make a mole wince with disgust, which is a shame. These cans contain a cracking, modest and refreshing snus which has provided stimulation and even turned this cynic into a believer.

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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.