Meet Ian


“True to the roots of snus, it was at sea”

Name: Ian
Age: 38
Nationality: British

I’m currently renovating a cabin, so my hobbies are mainly carpentry, plumbing and plastering. When I had spare time, I played guitar and read non-fiction.

Favorite Snus:
I developed a soft spot for Jakobssons Autumn Snus last year. A nice hazy kick and sweet cinnamon flavour reminded me why autumn is my favourite season.

My first snus experience:
True to the roots of snus, it was at sea. I was crossing from Denmark to Sweden and spotted some interesting ‘cans’ in the onboard shop. I bought, I tried and then I bought more. Ettan White Portion, tusen takk!

Favorite Life Hack:
The only trick I regularly use is putting my phone into an empty cup to amplify the sound. The quality is still terrible, but it’s louder and makes me feel clever.

A quote that sums up my view on life:
Yesterday’s weirdness is tomorrow’s reason why.

Stay tuned for Ian’s first review!

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Ettan White Portion

“A smoky punch for your everyday life”

“Ettan” snus is a classic in every sense of the word. Ever since snus manufacturer Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf introduced his recipe in 1822, that soon enough would turn into the “Ettan” we know today. The taste, consistency, strength, humidity and overall feeling have stayed the same since then.

Today, we’re going to have a little chat about Ettan original’s mischievous, less runny, smoky little brother: Ettan White Portion. Ettan White is presented in classic circle formation when you open the can. A light breeze of pure tobacco enters your nostrils, and a soothing voice telling you that every little thing is going to be alright – wait. That’s just me. I got carried away, excuse me.

Anyway, unlike Ettan White’s big brother, this snus is more of a casual affair than the strong and more heavy sensation that Ettan original provides. Although it’s still as dark and smoky, the focus lies in the low amount of runniness. The outside is hard as any “old-school” snus portion should be and has a very moist content when it’s under your lip.

When I taste it even further, I taste the malt and a small hint of dark chocolate that reminds me of whiskey on a cold, winter night and the strong, pure tobacco aftertaste puts me back to reality almost instantly. This is where the sensation unfortunately ends. As you will soon notice, this is still the “Little brother” of the group. This means that all I’ve stated before – happens at a moment’s notice. Don’t get fooled by the brand alone. This is not a portion you put in your mouth after a heavy meal and just relax. This is a snus you might use during the day. I think of walking to town or coffee with your friends and still want to have the same taste of tobacco and feeling of Ettan original, without taking your mind off elsewhere like Ettan original would do.

Ettan White Portion is a great, safe choice if you’re interested in snus overall or just getting started with different tastes. With the runniness being low and the taste so strong and the light, casual feeling of it all, I would recommend this snus to anyone who’s just aiming for a good tasting, easy snus. It’s the little brother that could.

Sometimes, less is actually more.

Ettan White Portion gets a 

Best time for the snus: All day. Have it beside you at work, mark your territory on the table with it. Ettan is always your friend.

Meal and Drink: Ettan White Portion goes incredibly well with a salad. For drinks, Ettan is best with coffee, hands down.

Time of the year: Ettan White Portion really blooms during the spring.

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Meet Matt


“Sleep when you’re dead”

Name: Matt

Age: 24
Nationality: Canadian

Brewing beer is my favorite hobby that has evolved from a pastime to a career for me. I’m a co-founder of a microbrewery in Toronto called Pint Pursuits Brewing Co. I also love bikes of all sorts – downhill racing, trails, BMX…

Favorite Snus:
My go-to snus is General G.3 Extra Strong Slim White. Great feel, perfect strength, and no-nonsense flavor! A close second that I like to mix into the lineup is Göteborgs Rapé Lingon. So tasty!

My first snus experience:
My first experience with snus was during a round of disc-golf (throwing Frisbees into a metal net). I had never heard of it, and am now glad that it is catching on in Canada!

Favorite Life Hack:
Warm beer? Throw a wet paper towel around it, pop it in the freezer for 5 minutes, and voila, ice cold.

A quote that sums up my view on life:
Not sure who said this, but, “Sleep when you’re dead.” Too much to do and experience.

Matt’s first review will be published here soon!

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Lundgrens Skåne Vit

“By Snusers, for Snusers”

This is the tag-line you get greeted by when you’re opening a can of “Lundgrens Skåne Vit”.

A quick aroma of licorice and salmiak enters your nose when you open the can. The weird design of the little dump flap at the top greets you with a letter from the company reminding you that they are serious with their tobacco. You can also see the passion for tobacco craftsmanship with the shape of the teabags their wrapped in. It’s an interesting design, when there are holes in the bags.

“Wait a minute” I hear you ask, why would you poke holes in the bags?!

Taste, that’s the focus of Lundgrens snus. Unlike the big companies that produce such snus as “Göteborgs rapé” and “General”, which tend to have a shorter lasting taste and be a bit more runny, “Lundgrens Skåne Vit” provides taste > all. The focus on taste makes the runniness in the mouth exceedingly small, which also gives the snuser less of a dry throat.

However, while the taste lasts for a long time and provides the snuser from having a coughing fit and drinking large amounts of water which tend to ruin the taste of other snus, it’s not that strong. Other snusers are looking for the burning sensation in the lip, this does not provide that. It’s kind of tame. But like a good craft beer, It’s not about the power-level of the snus that matters, Lundgrens knows what proficient snusers are looking for and what matters, It’s taste. A long, lasting taste.

Lundgrens Skåne Vit : 

Best time for the snus: Early morning, keep the can in your fridge overnight for the cold sensation (Always keep your snus fresh).

Meal and Drink: Lundgrens has a tendency to be extra tasteful after a meal of meat. Any kind of meat really. From a classic burger to pork chops. For drinks, I would recommend chandlery, ice water and coffee.

Time of the year: Autumn and early winter

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Meet Martin

“A burning passion for videogames, barbering, music and of course, snus”


Name: Martin
Age: 23
Nationality: Swedish

Right now: A burning passion for videogames, barbering, music and of course, snus. Currently involved with a “Arcade” group in Halmstad, Sweden, with the aim of bringing the kids, adolescents and the rest of the community together with their passion for video games. Now I’m digging into the art of writing and Roman Philosophy.

Favorite Snus:
Lundgrens Förbakad. Just the fact that it does not come in a bag, and actually preventing “Over­Runniness” is craftsmanship only wizards are capable of. And the taste Is really good, too.

My first snus experience:
My dad was a “snuser”. He would open the can of “Ettan” and let me and my big sister smell the snus. Somehow, in some way, we loved the smell of It. My actual first “Snus” happened when I turned 18 (age requirement for tobacco purchases in Sweden, follow the law and good things will happen to you!) and I bought my first can of Göteborgs Rapé. Got a little dizzy, though the sensation was on another level.

Favorite Life Hack:
Working with radio broadcasting, my portable recording device eats up batteries like no other. To keep myself from mistakenly using batteries that are dead and gone, dropping a battery on my desk (about 6inches) will indicate if their usable or not. If they give a small bounce, they’re good. If they bounce around like people in a nightclub, they’re dead or on the way out.

A quote that sums up my view on life:
Read what you want. Watch what you want. Play what you want. Think what you want. Say what you want. Liberty.

Stay tuned for Martin’s first review, which will be published here soon!

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Pöschl Red Bull Nasal Snuff

“An instant hit”

So I’m new to snuff and this is the first one I’ve tried, but I actually really enjoyed it. The snuff itself has a really nice menthol smell as soon as you open up the tub and the flavor to match when you use it. I experienced a near instant hit which only lasted about a minute or two but the flavor hung around in the back of my throat for around five to ten minutes which was fantastic and I really enjoyed that.

To compare snus to snuff is not the easiest thing to do as they are both so different. However, snus is definitely more discreet as you can pop one under your lip no matter where you are and no one notices. But with snuff it is a lot more noticeable, and in my opinion best done in private. The only other downside to snuff is that you can’t really use it outside as a gust of wind will take your helping away from you. However, its major pluses are the fact that you get a near instant hit and the fact that it is practically mess-free and completely waste-free, so it’s definitely more considerate towards others.

Overall I really enjoyed snuff and will definitely be using it again in the future – I look forward to trying some different ones out.


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The Lab 13 Slim Portion

Sweet and spicy

Hi there!

On opening The Lab 13 can you are greeted by a lovely sweet/spicy smell with a slightly fruity smell about it also as well as a notable familiar smell that reminds me of Monster Energy. With a few subtle tobacco hints coming through. On placing one of the portions under your lip you will be able to notice how this snus gets straight to work with no messing around. The taste is slightly sweet and spicy, slightly fruity and again reminds me of Monster Energy but with some lovely tobacco hints popping through.

The taste is a fantastic combination and lasts for about 45 minutes before it starts fading out to just a tobacco taste. Drip wise this snus is awesome, it lives up to the non-drip claim, as I could have it in for around an hour and a half before I noticed any dripping.

I do love the design of the portions, they are nice and slim and really fit under the lip super comfortably. However if you are new to snus I would recommend staying clear of this one for a little while as it certainly packs a punch!!

If you need help picking a good first snus scroll through the blog for one of my previous reviews, or post below for recommendations!

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Thunder Frosted Mini and Offroad Mint Mini White

“So small but so huge impact”

Fellow snusers,

today we gathered here to celebrate Snus history. My humble self has been chosen by the Snus council to experience a new dimension of pouch-sizes. Before reading further, forget everything you thought you knew: It has been proven, smaller actually can be better!

“How is that?”, you might ask, for “the bigger, the better” has always been common knowledge? The wind is turning my friend and it has a minty scent of change to it. So Pixar movies always told us the truth? Something that small can really have a huge impact? I tell you what I like about this Snus. It’s this freshness that slaps you in the face, wakes up all your nerves and makes you ready to face the modern battles of our society, while at the same time being so insignificantly small.

So finally I get to the facts: I am comparing here two Mini-Versions. “Thunder Frosted Mini” with 16 mg/g nicotine and “Offroad Mint Mini White” with 8 mg/g nicotine. This is the same amount like their bigger brothers have. But with the pouches being half the size of normal pouches, of course you have to keep in mind, they are also just half as strong.

First thing you notice when you’re freshly opening the cans is the slight burn in your nose like a cold breeze of air, with the “Offroad Mint Mini White” smelling a lot more fresh, like a green mint plant. Therefore I like it much better, even though I think it would be better of when just as strong as the “Thunder Frosted Mini”.

Dripping starts after 1:15h for the “Thunder Frosted Mini” and a record breaking 2:00h for the “Offroad Mint Mini White”. But of course a comparison in this category isn’t fair. I haven’t tried the mini versions before and really like the fact, that you just barely feel them under your lip. An “Offroad Mint White” version with the strength of the “Thunder Frosted Mini” would be the perfect one for me!

What do you think about small pouches? Can they keep up with their bigger brothers?


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Nick & Johnny Americana Portion

“pure essence of summer memories”

Hi Guys,

If your wondering what Snus will be making a regular appearance under my lip this summer look no further because here is the down low. This summer my main Snus choices are going to be General Snus in collaboration with Mackmyra (see my review that was posted on June 27th) to find out why! And then Nick and Johnny Americana Snus because it is the pure essence of my summer memories.

On opening the Americana can you get a very cherry smell initially with the tobacco coming through afterwards with hints of spices. The smell alone reminds me of summers gone by. The flavor of the Snus is beautiful you get a gorgeous taste of cherry and cinnamon with some nutty flavors coming through shortly afterwards which is then followed by the taste of top quality tobacco. The flavor really holds its own and still has a great taste about an hour later.I started to notice a small drip after about 40 minutes but it could easily be looked past because of the great taste.

This is one of my favorite Snus’s for the summer and makes frequent trips to under my lip. Try this unique Snus you will be delighted by its flavor.

I’m planning on having a pretty relaxed summer with a few day trips and other activities planned however I will end my summer this year by celebrating my birthday in NYC. I hope you all have a great Summer and I would love to hear about your plans and what kind of snus who will appear under your lip this summer, so please comment about them below!


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General Mackmyra

“Just fantastic”

Here’s my review for General Snus in Collaboration with Mackmyra.

On opening the can you get a lovely smell of Tobacco with the whisky hints in the background. And can tell already that it has been blended perfectly before you have even put it in your mouth.

The taste of this snus is fantastic and I mean fantastic, it starts of with the normal great tobacco taste we all know and love form General Snus products, but it also has the great light and fruity notes from the Mackmyra whisky almost right away and then after a couple of minutes you start to get a gorgeous slightly spicy peaty flavor coming through.

The flavor really holds up as well over an hour in and it still tastes great and I only noticed a very minimal drip around the hour mark. This is by far without a doubt the best whisky Snus I have ever tried and will 100% be making a very regular appearance under my lip.

All in all a huge well done to everyone at General Snus and Mackmyra whisky. You have created the ultimate Swedish Snus.

An easy 


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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.