Skruf Slim Rålakrits White

“a sweet tobacco taste pop through the licorice flavor”

Hey guys!! Today I will be reviewing Skruf Rålakris for you, I hope you all enjoy!

So on opening a can of the Rålakris snus you are greeted by a lovely gentle aroma of Licorice with a slight tobacco hint there also. It smells great!
I found that the portions were quite a bit dryer then most white portion snuses but I actually preferred that.  But even with that said the portions were still a good size and fitted really comfortably under my lip.

Once placed under the lip you get a great almost sweet tasting licorice flavor come through pretty quickly after you have moistened the portion. After about 15 minutes I started to notice a sweet tobacco taste pop through the licorice flavor. The flavor of this snus holds up well though and still tastes great a good 45 minutes into the portion. With no noticeable drip until about the same time.

It is only a regular strength snus mind so a bit weaker then the snuses I normally favor but I still really enjoyed it and will most definitely be having it again in the future.

So in my books Skruf Rålakris gets an easy


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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.