General One Portion by Alexander Gustavsson

“Every pouch is a gift from the God of snus”

Hey guys!

Today’s review will be about the new snus, General One – that has been created together with the Swedish UFC-fighter Alexander ‘The Mauler’ Gustafsson. In my world, as a snuser, that is, by far, the absolute greatest honor you’ll ever receive. Cause all of a sudden, you are a piece of the brand that for many users, is possibly the only real selection. (And not to be forgotten, I am a huge fan of The Mauler)

So, let’s get down to business.
The can is absolutely gorgeous, and seriously deserves a High-five. It is a pretty basic design, with a big General stamp on it – Just in case you didn’t notice that it was a General can. And of course, they added Alexanders autograph on it. Sometimes, less is more. In this case, less is gold.

Once I opened the can, it hit me how similar it smells loose snus. Which I knew it means that there is not added flavors in it – just pure tobacco. And I think that, this is how a snus should smell, and hopefully taste. One thing that got my real attention was that the pouches didn’t feel like an ordinary pouch. (I will not sink in deeper on why, but Swedish Match has found a new way to create pouches for more stronger and softer pouches that makes the bag fill out a whole lot better than before. I applaud you for this) So the need for adjustments isn’t there, to be honest. Every pouch is perfect, every time. I put one in, and had it under the lip for a long time. After about 50 minutes it starts to run. And it doesn’t run that much – but the amounts are strong, and it tastes tobacco. You can have it in for almost 2 and half hours – before it’s time to put a new one in.

I’ve may have said it before, but this is my new favorite snus. I absolutely love it. It is seriously the most perfect pouch I’ve ever tasted. Every pouch is a gift from the God of snus.

This is not a snus for everyone, because it is stronger than an ordinary snus. But, if you do enjoy strong snus, I absolutely recommend it. This will be my new everyday snus.

I’m giving this a .

Until next time,

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INK Strong Chew V.S G.3 Super Slim White

“hits you pretty hard within minutes”

INK Strong Orginal vs G3 Superslim White Strong

INK Strong Original is a new brand on the Swedish market in regards to the G3 which has been available in different forms of snus for a while now.
G3 is a new concept from Swedish Match where they focus on a slim portion of “General”.

Smell and Taste:
INK Strong Orginal has a major smell of tobacco with a small hint of citrus, this is also something that hits your tastebuds once you put the snus under your lip.
G3 Superslim White Strong smells and tastes pure tobacco, you can also feel the strength of the snus when you open the package.

To measure the strength on these two different snus is a bit hard due to that they are completely different.
The G3 is a superslim and has a great amount of strength in regards to the size of the package.You can feel the nicotine kick in after about 10 minutes.
INK Strong Original also has massive strength, which actually hits you pretty hard within minutes after you put it in under your lip.

INK Strong Orginal has a timelapse of about 45 minutes. I could have the snus in for 45 minutes before I had to throw it out.
G3 Superslim White Strong had a timelapse much shorter than the INK Strong Orginal. I had to throw the snus out after about 20-25 minutes.

Overall rating:
G3 Superslim White Strong – Good packaging of snus, slim version of snus that fits perfectly under your lip, great strength and a good tobacco taste.

INK Strong Orginal – Good box, nice design, snus is perfectly packed. Combination of citrus and tobacco in taste is pretty amazing.
The snus packaging is well done and fits good under your lip.


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General Wintergreen Portion

“You know exactly what you’re getting with this snus”

General Snus is probably one of the best known names in the States as far as real Swedish snus goes. In fact, it’s the only Swedish snus I’ve seen sold fairly regularly anywhere here. I’ve seen Thunder sold only in a handful of locations, most of which are in New York City, and that’s too much trouble for me to hop a train (and pay 20 dollars) for some snus. So, from my introduction to snus, it’s been the General by my side and in my lip. I’ve tried the American versions of snus but they are far from enjoyable in comparison to the authentic stuff.

That being said, General is a very no-nonsense product, regardless of which type you prefer. You know exactly what you’re getting. Their product is very consistent in quality and there’s no second guessing how your experiences with them will be.

That being said, I was presented with a can of their Wintergreen portions.

Here’s a fun science fact: did you know that crunching a wintergreen candy in the dark can emit a small blue spark? And if you were to crush pure wintergreen crystals, it will put on quite the display? Google triboluminescence to learn more.

Here’s a less fun fact: Chewing a wintergreen snus portion will NOT provide you with any fireworks, aside from a nicotine buzz. In fact, don’t ever chew your snus. It’s simply bad manners and a waste of snus.

General seems to take great pride in their packaging, from the elegant labeling to the neatly placed portions in what resembles a flower pattern in the can. It’s always a joy to crack open a new can and see the perfect symmetry of those well-placed portions. The aroma, as with any product from General, leaves nothing to the imagination. A healthy wintergreen aroma fills your nose, with the smell of their fine tobacco in the background. You know exactly what you’re getting with this snus.

Now, here’s where I must confess a little secret: I do enjoy a wintergreen candy, but only on occasion. It’s not something I can really take on a regular basis. It’s just not my favorite flavor. Nevertheless, the wintergreen flavor in General Wintergreen is there, and your mouth tingles slightly from the abundance of flavor. It’s not cloyingly sweet like the candies, but just sweet enough to let all the flavors of the wintergreen and the tobacco blend together in harmony. If you’ve never experienced a General snus, that tobacco flavor is mild but flavorful enough to be very pleasant. Even though I am not a huge wintergreen fan, I have to admit I like this. The portions are mild enough to keep in for a long time with minimal flavor loss, and any dripping is not harsh enough to make you take it out.

While I freely admit my bias towards General, I’m fairly certain most snus users will agree that you’re hard pressed to find a better made, more consistent product than theirs. I’m easily giving this a Over the years I’ve grown accustomed to the extra strong snuses, so if theirs were a hair stronger I’d give a 10 without hesitation.

By Frank, Snus Squad

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G.3 Volt Slim White

“it tastes beautiful”

On opening the can you are greeted with a pleasant peppermint smell followed by a nice gentle sweet  tobacco smell.

On putting a portion of the G.3 Volt snus under your lip you get the taste of a nice cooling peppermint and after about 15 – 20 minutes the tobacco taste starts to come through. However considering this is a white portion snus the portion itself is not overly dry and surprised me with its moisture levels. I typically kept a portion in for about an hour and twenty minutes taking until about 50 minutes in before I started noticing any dripping.

This snus isn’t as strong as it promises but I do enjoy my strong snus a lot However it still works beautifully for me which means it does have a nice high nicotine content and may be a touch to strong for people who are not avid snus users, that said if you enjoy a good mint flavored snus be sure to give this a try because it tastes beautiful.

Overall I really enjoyed the G.3 bolt snus and will be ordering it again so it’s an easy 

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General Onyx Portion

“clean and sophisticated”

Let’s start with the fact that this can has a very sleek and sophisticated look about it. It’s nice and simple but also highly striking with the presentation, this is a snus can that wouldn’t be out of place at a Black Tie event.
On opening the can the presentation continues with the lovely spiral packing of the snus that General does on their higher end products. As well as getting a lovely citrus smell coming from the can with some nice tobacco hints lingering in the background.

The taste is fantastic, it’s a very clean and sophisticated tobacco taste with some lovely citrus notes coming through, mixed with the lovely taste of lakrits at the end. The flavor really holds its own and lasts for up to an hour and I didn’t notice any dripping until about the hour mark.

I must admit I didn’t know anything about this beforehand, so the black portions really took me by surprise. However, I actually really like them.

This snus is an easy 

I highly recommend that you try this one, it doesn’t disappoint.

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Meet Matt


“Sleep when you’re dead”

Name: Matt

Age: 24
Nationality: Canadian

Brewing beer is my favorite hobby that has evolved from a pastime to a career for me. I’m a co-founder of a microbrewery in Toronto called Pint Pursuits Brewing Co. I also love bikes of all sorts – downhill racing, trails, BMX…

Favorite Snus:
My go-to snus is General G.3 Extra Strong Slim White. Great feel, perfect strength, and no-nonsense flavor! A close second that I like to mix into the lineup is Göteborgs Rapé Lingon. So tasty!

My first snus experience:
My first experience with snus was during a round of disc-golf (throwing Frisbees into a metal net). I had never heard of it, and am now glad that it is catching on in Canada!

Favorite Life Hack:
Warm beer? Throw a wet paper towel around it, pop it in the freezer for 5 minutes, and voila, ice cold.

A quote that sums up my view on life:
Not sure who said this, but, “Sleep when you’re dead.” Too much to do and experience.

Matt’s first review will be published here soon!

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General Mackmyra

“Just fantastic”

Here’s my review for General Snus in Collaboration with Mackmyra.

On opening the can you get a lovely smell of Tobacco with the whisky hints in the background. And can tell already that it has been blended perfectly before you have even put it in your mouth.

The taste of this snus is fantastic and I mean fantastic, it starts of with the normal great tobacco taste we all know and love form General Snus products, but it also has the great light and fruity notes from the Mackmyra whisky almost right away and then after a couple of minutes you start to get a gorgeous slightly spicy peaty flavor coming through.

The flavor really holds up as well over an hour in and it still tastes great and I only noticed a very minimal drip around the hour mark. This is by far without a doubt the best whisky Snus I have ever tried and will 100% be making a very regular appearance under my lip.

All in all a huge well done to everyone at General Snus and Mackmyra whisky. You have created the ultimate Swedish Snus.

An easy 


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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.