Kapten Melon Extra Stark

“I enjoy a fat bag of Kapten”

Alright, so I’ve tried alot of different variations of snus in my life. They’ve been flavored and non-flavored.

Let’s try KAPTEN Melon Extra Stark!

The box is a regular snus box and if you’ve had Kapten before you’ll know that they have a specific sigil and the text KAPTEN written all over the box.
“Kapten” means Captain in Swedish and to be honest, hitting up a snus with Melon flavour didn’t seem like their type of thing. I opened the package and the smell of Melon was actually non existant. The only smell coming from that box was the regular Kapten smell. Once opened, I picked up on of the bags, basically they have these fat bags compared to the rest of the snus industry that in general creates regular, thin sized bags. I don’t know about you but I enjoy a fat bag of snus. You might have to snus for a couple of years before enjoying that type of snus under your lips.

The taste doesn’t hit you straight away, it takes a while for the snus to get soaked and the flavors to be mixed up in your mouth, it actually took longer than I expected. After a while I could feel a small hint of melon, but mostly the other snus flavors overtook that part of the job. It’s actually a bit difficult to mix your own flavors with a totally new flavor.

Kapten has great snus usually but I have to say that I’m a bit dissappointed with this one.

Overall rating 

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Kapten Extra Stark Salmiak

“not a bad snus for the kick”

For those who aren’t familiar with Salmiak, it’s a traditional candy in the Nordic countries that combines licorice and ammonium chloride in a strong, “salty licorice”, flavor. I Felt that it would be unfair to review Kapten Extra Stark Salmiak without, at first, understanding the flavor it was meant to invoke, so I ordered a couple bags of “salmakki”. No doubt, it’s a strongly flavored candy that reminds me, for reasons I cannot even begin to articulate, of the candies that my grandmother fed me when I visited. All in all, not a bad style of candy – an acquired taste, for sure – but totally appropriate to flavor snus.

That being stated, Kapten Extra Stark Salmiak barely tastes like the candy it sets out to emulate. It isn’t that this snus tastes bad, it is that it barely has any taste at all compared to your average snus. It has a very faint licorice flavor with a slight hint of saltiness, and while it technically is a “salty licorice” flavor, it does not pass muster as “salmiak” (I consider myself a Salmiakki snob merely two days after having had it for the first time). Legitimacy of the flavor aside, it really is difficult to pick up the taste of this snus without physically putting it on your tongue. By comparison, it is even less flavorful than a traditional flavors-of-tobacco-only snus pouch.

Strength wise, this is a strong snus but not overwhelmingly so. The nicotine hits softly a minute or so after you put it in and builds from there. I guess the kick lasts for about twenty minutes, however typically the pouch has lost all flavor by then and I’ve replaced it. Overall not a bad snus for the kick, but not one that will impress you either.

This snus gets a 

it appears to be a quality product based on the packaging and the overall build of the snus portions, however it doesn’t have enough flavor to be enjoyable. This is unfortunate. Salmiak is such an interesting flavor, especially to someone foreign to the Nordic lands, and this snus concept has such potential.

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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.