Lundgrens Skåne Vit

“By Snusers, for Snusers”

This is the tag-line you get greeted by when you’re opening a can of “Lundgrens Skåne Vit”.

A quick aroma of licorice and salmiak enters your nose when you open the can. The weird design of the little dump flap at the top greets you with a letter from the company reminding you that they are serious with their tobacco. You can also see the passion for tobacco craftsmanship with the shape of the teabags their wrapped in. It’s an interesting design, when there are holes in the bags.

“Wait a minute” I hear you ask, why would you poke holes in the bags?!

Taste, that’s the focus of Lundgrens snus. Unlike the big companies that produce such snus as “Göteborgs rapé” and “General”, which tend to have a shorter lasting taste and be a bit more runny, “Lundgrens Skåne Vit” provides taste > all. The focus on taste makes the runniness in the mouth exceedingly small, which also gives the snuser less of a dry throat.

However, while the taste lasts for a long time and provides the snuser from having a coughing fit and drinking large amounts of water which tend to ruin the taste of other snus, it’s not that strong. Other snusers are looking for the burning sensation in the lip, this does not provide that. It’s kind of tame. But like a good craft beer, It’s not about the power-level of the snus that matters, Lundgrens knows what proficient snusers are looking for and what matters, It’s taste. A long, lasting taste.

Lundgrens Skåne Vit : 

Best time for the snus: Early morning, keep the can in your fridge overnight for the cold sensation (Always keep your snus fresh).

Meal and Drink: Lundgrens has a tendency to be extra tasteful after a meal of meat. Any kind of meat really. From a classic burger to pork chops. For drinks, I would recommend chandlery, ice water and coffee.

Time of the year: Autumn and early winter

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Meet Martin

“A burning passion for videogames, barbering, music and of course, snus”


Name: Martin
Age: 23
Nationality: Swedish

Right now: A burning passion for videogames, barbering, music and of course, snus. Currently involved with a “Arcade” group in Halmstad, Sweden, with the aim of bringing the kids, adolescents and the rest of the community together with their passion for video games. Now I’m digging into the art of writing and Roman Philosophy.

Favorite Snus:
Lundgrens Förbakad. Just the fact that it does not come in a bag, and actually preventing “Over­Runniness” is craftsmanship only wizards are capable of. And the taste Is really good, too.

My first snus experience:
My dad was a “snuser”. He would open the can of “Ettan” and let me and my big sister smell the snus. Somehow, in some way, we loved the smell of It. My actual first “Snus” happened when I turned 18 (age requirement for tobacco purchases in Sweden, follow the law and good things will happen to you!) and I bought my first can of Göteborgs Rapé. Got a little dizzy, though the sensation was on another level.

Favorite Life Hack:
Working with radio broadcasting, my portable recording device eats up batteries like no other. To keep myself from mistakenly using batteries that are dead and gone, dropping a battery on my desk (about 6inches) will indicate if their usable or not. If they give a small bounce, they’re good. If they bounce around like people in a nightclub, they’re dead or on the way out.

A quote that sums up my view on life:
Read what you want. Watch what you want. Play what you want. Think what you want. Say what you want. Liberty.

Stay tuned for Martin’s first review, which will be published here soon!

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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.