Mustang White Portion

“Like the soothing morning sun and the soft breeze”

Unlike the car, this cheap and creative alternative is a great starter snus and should not be left out.
Mustang White presents itself with a bit of class and with a somewhat progressive attitude. You might think that, when they’re sharing the same name as the famous car.
But we’re not here to talk about the car; we’re here to talk about the snus! When you open the can, a familiar smell of pure tobacco swifts through the air. And, that’s it. Nothing new, nothing exciting. HOWEVER! What it doesn’t deliver in excitement, it surely delivers in a consumer friendly portion and build quality, for you see: The packaging of the portions is differently built than any other snus on the market.

When you put it under your lip, you will realize that the softness of the packaging will form around the lip. In almost a scientific manner, it will just fit nicely. No more ultra-hard portions that you have to squeeze out the juices from and you will certainly not find the portion putting up a fight by making the tobacco in the portion uneven. It’s a controllable portion!
Taste-wise, what you will find is a nice blend of a light tobacco spicing and some tea elements. As with the “White” potions, it is less runny but it still holds a certain moistness to it. It’s an interesting product indeed. You won’t get a dry mouth or throat from this. All in all, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fresh start for snus or just wants to experiment with something new. And with a low price point, you won’t be disappointed.

Mustang White Portion gets a 

Time of the day: Mornings. With the softness of the portion that’s keeping the tobacco in check, this is a great “Top of the morning” snus. It’s light, easy going and will not wake you up with a punch, but rather like a kiss from your beloved.
Meal and drink: I would actually recommend you try this after a salad. The light spicing does wonders! For drinks, try ice water, wine and chandlery.
Time of the year: This is truly a summer snus. Like the soothing morning sun and the soft breeze, this snus will treat you just right.

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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.