Nick & Johnny Strong Portion

“Like taking a whiff of a nice Dominican cigar”

To me, Nick & Johnny has always been a reliable source for great snus. No-nonsense, quality tobacco. This is a pretty plain-jane product from Nick & Johnny, not sporting any special flavours or extreme strength, but don’t stop reading yet. I can confidently say this is one of my favorite snuses. I used a few portions and was extremely pleased, but decided to wait to review this product until I got through the whole tin, to make sure my initial impressions were not premature.

This is a large-sized portion, and I found that it needs a little bit of fluffing to prep it for my lip. It’s not hard by any means, it just comes packed in pouches that are a little packed more to one side. Once you fluff it, its good to go.

Upon opening the tin, I’m hit with a slightly spicy, strong tobacco aroma. It is not overpowering, but the best way I can describe it is being very rich. It reminds me of taking a whiff of a nice Dominican cigar. The portion is pretty dry for a non-white portion. It is obvious that it isn’t white, I’m just saying that it doesn’t have as much drip as others. I quite enjoy it, as I get a bit more flavor than my normal white portions, without a lot of drip. On to the flavor. The rich tobacco I spoke of in the aroma directly carries over to the flavor. It has a very full bodied tobacco taste, with hints of pepper. It also has a nice lime character that becomes more prominent as time goes on.

This Nick & Johnny is labelled as a strong portion at 3 out of 4 for strength. It has a great nicotine hit that doesn’t knock you off your feet. I could use it all day. If you are into beer, as I am very much, I would pair this snus with a Porter or Stout. The rich tobacco would mingle well with the roasty and chocolatey characteristics of those beer styles. Another perfect match would be a Belgian Dubbel beer.

Overall, a very good offering from Nick & Johnny, that I will be sure to use again. Keep yourself tuned into the Snus Squad reviews here at Northerner – I will be sure to start offering my beer pairing opinions to everything else I review.



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Nick & Johnny Americana Portion

“pure essence of summer memories”

Hi Guys,

If your wondering what Snus will be making a regular appearance under my lip this summer look no further because here is the down low. This summer my main Snus choices are going to be General Snus in collaboration with Mackmyra (see my review that was posted on June 27th) to find out why! And then Nick and Johnny Americana Snus because it is the pure essence of my summer memories.

On opening the Americana can you get a very cherry smell initially with the tobacco coming through afterwards with hints of spices. The smell alone reminds me of summers gone by. The flavor of the Snus is beautiful you get a gorgeous taste of cherry and cinnamon with some nutty flavors coming through shortly afterwards which is then followed by the taste of top quality tobacco. The flavor really holds its own and still has a great taste about an hour later.I started to notice a small drip after about 40 minutes but it could easily be looked past because of the great taste.

This is one of my favorite Snus’s for the summer and makes frequent trips to under my lip. Try this unique Snus you will be delighted by its flavor.

I’m planning on having a pretty relaxed summer with a few day trips and other activities planned however I will end my summer this year by celebrating my birthday in NYC. I hope you all have a great Summer and I would love to hear about your plans and what kind of snus who will appear under your lip this summer, so please comment about them below!


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Nick & Johnny Crushed Ice

“the best mint flavored snus I have ever tried”

Hi there!

Nick & Johnny Crushed Ice (White) Review:

On opening the can you get an instant hit of a really nice fresh mint smell with slight tobacco hints in the background. The portions themselves are a great size and are really comfortable under the lip, being a white portion they are dry and take a bit of saliva to really release the flavor but it is definitely worth it.

The flavor it self is a really nice combination of different mint flavors which is just right it really gives off a wonderful cooling sensation from the very start which lasts for a good while. The flavor isn’t at all overpowering which can be an issue with mint flavored snus so is a great bonus. It has a great long lasting flavor and I can keep it in for about an hour before I start noticing any dripping which again is fantastic. This is by far the best mint flavored snus I have ever tried and makes an appearance under my lip very regularly.

I would recommend this if you want to try a great mint snus. 

If you tried it, please leave a comment in the commentfield!

Sincerely Matt

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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.