Offroad Melon Mini White Portion

Offroad Melon Mini

“I have to say guys… this is gold”

As you can tell by the name these pouches are small. I have not used mini-snus since my first couple of years when I first started using snus. At that time we called it “tjejsnus” which in english translates to girl-snus. I think they started to make mini pouches so it would also be “appropriate” for girls to start buying and using it. Who gives an eff today, seriously? Everyone can and should use snus, since it’s delicious.

Offroad Melon Mini White Portion is a really good snus. I took two at the same time because otherwise it would disappear under my lip and get lost somewhere haha. I’m not that fond of snus with flavor anymore but this, I must say, is a hit. It smells like melon gum, it got that nice hint of classic tobacco and it sits well under the lip. White portion means minimal drip, the best kind of drip in my opinion.

I recently got the “privilege” to try extremely strong snus, so the Offroad was a real vacation so to speak. Beacause the pouches are smaller, ofcourse it will be less nicotine. But as I did take two at the same time I guess it’s more like a regular pouch. The nicotine kicked in after about 10 minutes or so, and I could keep it in for about 45 minutes.

I was thinking about writing a joke in the style of “oh, they really got offroad with this one” before trying it, but I have to say guys… this is gold.


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Grov Portion

“the holy grail of snus”

I’m not a morning person. In fact, I am the absolute opposite. I need a big cup of black coffee,

That’s my morning ritual. You can postpone the breakfast, if you just have some coffee (if you are a coffee person so to say). This, and a snus of course. In the morning it’s not really that important what kind of snus it is, just as long as you have something under the lip. The missing piece. But there is something special with this one.

Grov Portion – the holy grail of snus, in my own opinion. Of all the snus that I have tried among the years, I’ve managed to always return to Grov Portion. For me, it’s the piece that closes the circle. It’s the snus that makes every morning a little bit better.

It has this wonderful sort of wooden taste, and a lovely strong tobacco flavour.

And I would actually go so far, that I will say it tastes nostalgic. Grov Portion is the snus that your father, uncle, grandpa and so on. was snusing. At least in my case. It has that childhood smell. The same smell that newly done pancakes smells like. Well… not as pancakes, but you get the picture.

Speaking of time!

Once you put the snus in you will not have to wait more than just 25 minutes before the nicotine kicks in, and the flavour remains even after 1hour – and is still going strong. This is one of the main reasons I snus Grov. You can have the can longer, and don’t need to rush down to the corner shop 5 minutes before closing, just because you only have 4 left.

If you don’t snus that often, it not a big deal. The bags are soggy, and remains so even after a week (that is actually the longest time I’ve had a can.) Even though I am convinced that you can have one for longer.

I think that it is a snus for a person that has been snusing original portion. Considering the fact that it has a strong tobacco flavour, and that the nicotine kicks in pretty fast.

So overall, as earlier mentioned, Grov Portion is my holy grail of snus,

I would absolutely give it a 

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Offroad Gold Selection Portion

“Offroad Gold Selection really is a golden selection”

Hey friends,

It’s time to rate this nice little fella, Offroad Gold Selection Portion.
I must say that I was really happy when I saw the can, cause it is a really fine can with nice golden details on a carbon black background. It really has a stylistically pure impact, almost as when you lay your eyes on a perfectly designed car – a pure satisfaction for the eye. So basicly, you get the feeling that it’s a snus for real snusers, at least I did!

The description from the producer of the snus, described it as a “classic tobacco taste with hints of bergamot.” Once I opened the can, a nice tobacco and citrus mixed aroma just spread through the room. So, my first impression of the snus was “Alright, the smell is perfect”.

So how about the taste?
One thing that did cross my mind, was that the bags was not as filled. So I nearly knew from the beginning that the bag was going to twist itself, once it start to run. The bags are moist, but not so you get smudgy on your fingers. So, I put one under the lip, and the tobacco smell sustained with a strong flavour. This, and a really, really nice citrus taste. And I’ll have to agree with the producer, it has a nice hint of bergamot. So, to say about the taste is that Offroad Gold Selection really is a golden selection.

The nicotine kicked in fast, just about 25 minutes. But it did only last for about an hour and half. But don’t get me wrong, it’s no shame in that, cause it’s a very pleasing hour and a half! And considering the fact that the bags are not so well packed, I must say that I was honestly surprised that it did last so long.

Offroad Gold Selection gets an  from me.

I would recommend this to everyone, cause it is a nice snus experience!

Until next time

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Ink X-treme Tropic – Nordic Chew

“it’s really hard not to call it snus when you see it”

It’s always fun to experiment with tropical fruits and aromas, especially during the summer, and INK’s X-Treme Tropic original is on the menu today!

The all dark packing looks more menacing than the product inside, which can be noticed immediately after opening the can and smelling the light melon aroma. There is no punch in any specific smell, no strong overtaking from the tobacco, nor anything else to be honest, you just have that light, breezy melon sniff with some tropical and mango background. But is that it? Definitely not! Here is the fun part, it’s chewing tobacco! Well… Modern version of chewing tobacco; we don’t want to be walking around with spittoons, now do we? It’s long cut tobacco packed in pouches, and it’s really hard not to call it snus when you see it.
I received the can with a lot of questions in my head, and I was quite reserved to it. Will it be good? How can this work? Won’t I chew through the portion?
First one was really tricky. Since I’m used to regular snus, I forgot to chew it. Second one, I had to remind myself to do it (thank got we have reminders on our phones)… Now I understand the light aroma and light smell while opening the can. You actually need to work your way to the sweet nectar inside! Boy oh boy… A few light chews, and the aroma, the juice, and the nicotine runs out. Watch out though, you will feel that nicotine kicking in really good after chewing – that’s where you really notice it’s a proper xtreme product, not some regular or strong.
The only down side is the aroma duration, which goes up to 40-50 minutes. There are worse aroma duration products out there, but you would really want this one to last at least an hour and a half after you start to play with it.
This is my first chewing bags product, and I will not let it be my last. I’m glad my doubts were quickly resolved positively when it comes to taste and nicotine; but please, give us some more enduring aroma. It’s a shame to use it for an hour, when you could easily play with it for at least 1.5 – 2 hours without even noticing.

The overall grade could be higher if we had longer taste, so let’s give it a and let’s hope the grade will make them think about it.

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Northerner Citrus (CM6)


Hi everyone!

It’s time to review a snus, and this one is a white portion. I can’t even remember the last time I had a can with white portion. So it really has been fun to test this one.

It is named The Northener Citrus, and has a really cool design, both on the can and on the logotype. The can is ovalformed – and it’s something that I’ve never seen before. So I really hope that the person responsible for this read this: Thank you, you brilliant person! The can lays absolute perfect in the back pocket, and isn’t as thick as a ordinary can. I love it!

And I really like the big elk on the front of the can, with the sunset in the background.

Once I opened the can, the shy smell of nicotine zips out, with the small hints of citrus. So the first impression was mixed – I really liked the smell of it, but was a little bit sceptic to it just because that it is a white portion. The pouches are kind of small, so I took 2 pouches at the time.

When I stroke the tongue on the pouches I got a really sweet citrus taste. This was a big plus for me, considering the fact that it may be the second, or maybe the third time I tasted a snus with citrus flavour. It feels fresh, in some twisted way. So I absolutely found it interesting!

The nicotine kicked in after about 40 minutes, and wow – TALK ABOUT SURPRISE!

It has a extremely pleasing run of nicotine, that is perfectly balanced with citrus. Well, it’s not that strong that I’m used to and prefer. But I can absolutely say that it was a big surprise to witness this cute little pouch having this beautiful secret inside.

You can easy have it in for two hours without needing to take a new one in.

I recommend this snus to any snusers, cause it’s not a strong snus, and doesn’t run much. It’s a really pleasing snus – that has a citrus secret.

I’m giving this one a And to be honest, that’s a really high score coming from me, cause I’m not a big fan of white portion.

Best regards

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Sisu Extreme Mint White Dry

“probably the softest portions you will ever touch”

Let’s start off with the clear thing here, SISU Extreme Mint is the first white dry product from AG Snus. Now when we’re out in the blue, it is to be expected that first tries do not always justify customers needs, and they need some tweaking along the way… Or do they?

SISU Extreme is the complete opposite. Just after you open the can, you get a nice refreshing wave of spearmint and menthol aroma, as if it has absolutely no tobacco. We are all used to those a bit rough portions of white dry snus, and it’s not really an issue to be honest: it’s dry, it’s supposed to be a bit harsh on your gums. SISU made that dissapear. SISU Extreme White Dry portions are probably the softest portions you will ever touch, when comparing to any existing snus you have consumed, and you are more than welcome to correct me here (you will not – trust me).

Let’s move to flavor… The spearming and menthol flavor is really rich, full, light, and packs a nice kick, but not a rather strong burning sensation like other extreme snus products. It’s more of a chilly sensation, hence I wouldn’t really put it into proper extreme category. That might, of course, differ from user to user (I mostly prefer really strong snus). Another reason why I wouldn’t put it in extreme category is the nicotine kick, which is also not overwhelming – it’s similar to strong white dry snus. The flavor duration, on the other hand, is nailed to perfection, with almost an hour and a half of freshness in your mouth.
Let’s sum it all up and say AG did a really good job with their first white dry snus, and I would love to see what’s next from their dry releases.

Kudos AG, for your first try, you get a decent .

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Jakobsson’s Strong Cola

“the cola flavor hit you directly, like immediately”

Do you get these nostalgic trips after you smell something?
Can you feel how it used to be when you were young and the same smell or taste hit you?
At first sight when I got the package… to be honest, I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to try out this thing. I mean… Snus with Cola flavor? Sounds pretty bad!
But after glaring at the snusbox for about 10 minutes, I opened it…
The smell that hit me, it was like something taken from my childhood and put into that box. I’m not talking about that cola flavor from different sodas…
I’m talking about that real cola flavor. That flavor that is in candy (Swedish candy).
I got astound by the smell, it was so nice, not only could you feel the cola but there was also a hint of tobacco in it which actually, for some reason, fitted in perfectly.
I looked at the bags and they layed there, perfectly portioned, a bit moisture (remember this isn’t a white snus, so you want the moistured part). I picked one up and threw it in my mouth.
Once it was under the lip the cola flavor hit you directly, like immediately.
The cola flavor is dominant, even 10 minutes in… The only difference is, the nicotine is playing with you. Seeing how this is a strong snus, you can really feel the strength of it.
I’m used to use strong snus, but this snus was actually really strong for me, I could even feel a bit of soft nicotine kick, which was amazing.
After 30 minutes in, you can still taste the cola flavor, so it’s not like chewing gum with taste, where you throw them out after chewing for 5 minutes.
Also a thing to mention about this particular snus is that besides from the little hatch (where you put your used snus) being to small, the actual box is pretty sweet looking.
I could feel the ride coming to an end after about one hour. The snus got shrinked up and as we say in Sweden, “turned into a snail”.
This brand is something worth trying, not only is it one of a kind but the taste and strength of the snus is insane.
Overall rating: 
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Jakobsson’s Hallon & Jordgubb – Summer 2017 Edition

“I would absolutely recommend this snus to anyone”

Hi everyone!

This review will be about a really interesting snus, Jakobsson’s Hallon & Jordgubb.I really got summerfeelings when I saw the can. And that’s a thing I would say of every can that Jakobssons has ever made. They have the ability to make every can characteristic for their brand. With that said, I’m sure you can feel my absolute joy of reviewing this snus.

As I mentioned earlier, I really got summerfeelings when I saw it – partly by the really nice design. (I absolutely love the compass formed trash can on top of the snus) – but mostly by the choice of colours. They have a baby blue background with golden letters. It gives you a really exclusive feeling about it. Not to be forgotten is the obvious name of the snus – Hallon & Jordgubb (directly translate is Raspberry and Strawberry)

So, it’s time to actually review the snus.

Once I opened the can, I got smashed in the face with the smell of strawberrys. And it reminded me of a Swedish tradition – Midsummer Eve. (Seriously on of the most enjoyable feast you can be a part of). It also have a smell that reminds me of tea. Fruit tea with a lot of sugar, hehe!

So I put a pouch under the lip, and it tastes almost exactly as it smells. And it’s really sweet. maybe too sweet for some peoples, but it’s nothing that bothers me. The pouches are wellpacked, so the adjustments are minimal. It just lays there – perfect.

The pouch starts to run after about 50 minutes, and this is where the raspberry kicks in. It has a pretty strong taste of nicotine, mixed with the raspberry taste. And the funny thing about this snus, is that it feels like it will never stop run. I seriously felt happy snusing this one, thou the fact that it’s strong, runs for a long time and that the pouch doesn’t need a bigger adjustment – mostly because it is so welled packed.

With all this said, I would absolutely recommend this snus to anyone.

And lets face the fact – a little bit of summer makes everyone happy.

I’m giving this one a .

Best regard,

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Epok Lime Slim White

“The aroma is so mild, yet rich, fruity and full”

When you see Epok Lime Slim White on your order page, it seems like a refreshing snus for hot summer days; and trust me, it’s full of great surprises!
I was quite skeptical about this pack, since Epok Lime snus is a sting-free snus… Yep, you read correct – pop it in, and you can’t feel a thing (or so they say, I thought).

The very first second I opened the can, I was surprised with seeing nothing but little white portions. Where are the brown packs? There was absolutely no tobacco smell, no strong nor pungent aroma, you just smelled lime!
The aroma is so mild, yet rich, fruity and full, my room immediately started to smell great. I popped one in, and waited in order to notice at least one or two negative things so I can get back to my regular snus. I must admit, it was a great surprise. You can’t find a single bad thing!
Taste was quite full and fresh, but not strong or overpowering. Sting-free combination of white tobacco and aroma was spot on, taste is really long lasting – up to 30-40 minutes easily. Every next pack was even better – no coloring like in regular snus, no snus rush, yet still packs all the benefits and effects of regular snus!
I am glad to be proven wrong when it comes to a good product, and Epok Lime made me want to try even more various white fruity snus as soon as possible!

Thank you Epok, you deserved a good from me!

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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.