Smålands Brukssnus Portion

“Imagine a deep misty forest, with flannelshirt-wearing woodsmen working”

Hey guys,

This snus is not for the weak or easily light-headed. For me, as a white portion user, the Småland Bruksnus is really strong.
The box design is classy and interesting. With the antlers and the old font I get intrigued to know what kind of snus it is inside. Imagine a deep misty forest, with flannelshirt-wearing woodsmen working. That is where it takes me, and that is the kind of people I believe this snus is made for. The taste is a bit whisky-like but also classic strong tobacco taste that you expect from a snus like this.
I must say I’m a bit surprised with how long I could have Småland Bruksnus under my lip, even though it’s not white portion. I guess it’s because they are a bit dryer than regular portion snus, so I could keep it in for almost an hour. I am also satisfied with the burning sensation I get under my lip, as a 5+ years user of snus I never expect that anymore. So for that – Smålands Brukssnus Portion earns an extra star!
With that said, the burning sensation makes the nicotine kick in a lot faster, about 5-10 min later. And that, my friends, is not for a silly light-headed white portion-girl like me.
Rating:  pouches

Your truly,

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Gustavus Slim Cut Blue

“Boy, was I in for a surprise!”

Gustavus Slim Cut Blue

I waited eagerly for my first review can to come in the mail, and was excited when they finally arrived. I eagerly opened my package and was greeted by a new face. A handsome can, white as the driven snow, emblazoned with a large blue S on it.I’m not familiar with the Gustavus brand nor any of their products, so I was looking forward to trying something new.

Now, to be fair, in the United States, there seems to be a default color-coding of flavors. It goes something like this:

Green – any generic “mint” flavor, but usually spearmint. Occasionally wintergreen.
Blue – Peppermint
Red – Cinnamon
Orange – Orange or some citrus-y variant

That being said, I, in my limited mindset, assumed what I was getting was a slim minty portion.

Boy, was I in for a surprise. I cracked open the can and discovered a scent that was both familiar and yet new. I’ve had the classic snus flavoring before, that bergamot-infused tobacco aroma. There’s definitely some of that in the aroma here, but with the Slim Blue it’s that (or a mind trick) plus an added floral/herbal scent that fills the nose with memories of a fresh spring day. Although I am a huge mint fan by default, I’m always open to new things, so I couldn’t wait to try this.

The portions are incredibly soft to the touch, and being white portions they are quite dry as well. Placing one in the lip is a sensory joy. It goe in easily, and the size plus the softness of the portion make adjustments in the lip completely unnecessary.

The nicotine is mild, at least to me. There’s no “rush” you’d get with a strong snus. Rather, it comes to you gently over the course of five to ten minutes. The flavor does remind me of that classic snus mix I mentioned before, but the juniper in the mix also smacks of a good gin.It’s present, and you know it’s there, but it’s also not bludgeoning you with its flavor. Overall, the flavor is quite pleasant and a nice change from what I normally use. Being one who likes to keep a portion in while I work, I found that I could handle a coffee or other beverage without the need to remove the portion. I kept my portions in for about 90 minutes on average before the drip made me need to remove it.

If you’re a fan of the bergamot snus flavoring, you’d really enjoy Gustavus Slim Blue. It’s familiar but just different enough to make it a refreshing change.
While it doesn’t click with my preferences, I can spot a good thing when I see it. It might not make its way into my favorites, but I can honestly say that I enjoyed this as something off the beaten path I tread, something that reminds me that good snus isn’t limited to just what you prefer, but can be found in unexpected places.

By Frank D.

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Oden’s Extreme Melon Portion

“almost like I had a fresh melon in front of me”

Hey snus lovers,

If I had to count all the snus products I have ever tried, Oden’s would top the ladder by a landslide. With that being said, I have never tried out Odens Extreme Melon Portion so I was quite excited when a I got the chance to.

First I would like to give a shout-out to the person who is behind the design of Oden’s products. I just love the simplicity and elegant look of it, it always catches my eye.

As soon as I opened the can I could feel the pleasant smell of melon almost like If I was in a supermarket and had one in front of me. Even few of my “non-snusers” friends told me they enjoyed the aroma of the snus. I must assure you, it won’t get any better than this.

After a few minutes in my usual spot under my lip, I could taste the melon in my mouth. Highly flavoured snus isn’t exacly my cup of tea, although I would prefer using Odens Melon instead of the actual tea.
As the spring begins here in Eastern Europe, I’m going for a walk with the sweet aftertaste of this exotic fruit and it takes me to a peaceful moment I can’t do other than enjoy. The nicotine kicked in after about 5 minutes and the nicotine strength doesn’t interfere with the taste and other way around. The portion however is a bit rough in my opinion. Nothing I couldn’t overcome though. As I’m reviewing this snus, the taste didn’t wear off for a half an hour now but the nicotine strenght did.

You who enjoy a great fruity taste in your snus products should definitely have this one in your collection. For the rest of you who don’t, Oden’s Extreme Melon Portion is still worth a try.

/ Pavel

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Jakobssons Melon Strong

“make me want a sextant and more faded tattoos”

For some reason, fruit flavoured snus stimulates the same reaction in me as when someone says something illogical in the company of Dr Spock. Perhaps there is a link to my waning taste for sweet during my 20’s, maybe it’s just another fascinating side to my oh-so-interesting character. Whatever the reason, I generally would like snus to be snus and fruit to remain in the bowl, gradually getting soft, then thrown onto the compost.

I was tempted by Jakobsson’s Strong Melon, however, for 2 reasons. Firstly, I wanted to know which descriptor won. Is it more strong than melon, or is the melon strong? The second reason was less about semantics and more about my crush for Jakobssons. I really believe Jakobssons’ cans are the coolest, most authentic and ace snus cans around. There, I said it. They’re all maritime-y and Olde World-y and make me want a sextant and more faded tattoos.

The melon is definitely strong on the nose. Opening the can is like being cocooned in a bubble of Hubba Bubba, but this fades quickly – thankfully. The initial taste is quite sickly sweet too; the moist, soft bags secreting a dose of melon-ish juice from the off, but slow enough to be manageable. As said, the bags are soft and, well, baggy, requiring no lip contortion to work or keep in place, which is fortunate as I found most of my face to be convulsing in reaction to the sudden hit of syrupy, melon flavourings.

As for the hit itself, it’s lurking in the background from the off – building gently as the melon subsides, but never peaking as with other strong snus’. This could be due to my brain, suddenly alive to the joys of e-numbers again, reverting to a childlike state, where tobacco and nicotine did not figure and sugar was King. And as with those sugar highs of my young days, the rush is soon over with Jakobsson’s Strong Melon and I feel a little empty and I want to play outside.

But alas, now I am grown and am expected to be mature and honest, which can sometimes be hard. Did I mention that Jakobsson’s cans are very pleasing on the eye? Oh, I did. Did I explain properly that I don’t really enjoy sweet tastes anymore? Oh.

Well, it’s crunch time then. I didn’t get much out of Strong Melon Portions, other than childhood memories and wasting good money on a dark IPA, which I could barely taste due to the strength of the melon flavour coating my mouth. Chalk it up to experience, I suppose and get back to my Vulcan ways.

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Qvitt Original

“The freshness keeps coming and coming”

Rubber bullets, alcohol free lager, hybrid cars, lactose free milk, virtual reality et cetera et cetera. Substitutes or developments of the initial concept intended to offer choices, cause less harm or, in some cases, replace entirely the original. Where does tobacco and nicotine free snus fall on the line? Could it be the future or merely a misnomer?

To be frank, when I tried Qvitt for the first time, I really didn’t care. I lived in an ever widening gap between deliveries of my regular snus and in a town where even buying milk and salt can present challenges. However, a bizarre quirk of fate meant that a mere 3 kilometres away, Gotlandssnus’ Qvitt was sold at what can almost be described as a supermarket. I had been initially sceptical; could anything displayed so brazenly by the cashiers come close to providing the gentle joy of our beloved brands of choice? Luckily, the answer is Yes. Qvitt comes pretty close indeed.

I’ve a soft spot for Gotlands anyway and I can only commend them on keeping Qvitt in line with their other quality products. The unique compass design on the lid is a comfort – it confirms that this is no half-baked substitute snus made by an interloping company of chancers and charlatans, the pouches have the same dimensions and the idiosyncratic longer flaps on the ends which tickle the gums. They have also gone all out for punch, both in odour and burn, which is a pleasant surprise when you read the ingredients are mainly Ginseng and Green Tea.

There’s a minty, almost forest-like smell to Qvitt, not unlike Vicks Vaporub, which may sound odd, but which I found quite enticing. As is the hit when you slip the pouch into position. Again, not unlike a strong, frosted portion but with a softer, warmer sensation. The freshness is there and keeps on coming, with virtually no drip or dribble. And it keeps coming and coming. The flavours do not expand or intensify, however, it’s just that these pouches continue to sit there and stimulate your gum, which is definitely the strength of this product.

Obviously, by its very nature, Qvitt lacks the ultimate effect of snus, but this has been cleverly countered in a few ways. The brand, look and feel of the product is familiar and the physical stimulation is equal to any other medium to strong portions I have tried. Or am I being bluffed and placebo’d by my own optimism, hope and folly? I’m not entirely sure, but Gotlandssnus’ Qvitt is certainly better than the alternative.

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Oden’s Double Mint

“just a steady, smooth mint rising”

Like most adult human beings, I can happily fly through a pack of After Eight mints without company or conscience – in fact, such moments are usually the highlight of Christmas. But that is as far as my relationship towards mint as enjoyment stretches. Nobody I know drinks Mojitos for the minty flavour and, even though it is possible to look cool doing it, brushing teeth is a function rather than a pleasure.

So with all my prejudices intact and an almost childish stubbornness against enjoying Oden’s Double Mint, I cracked open a can on an unusually bright September morning with the intention of writing a bad review. Well, there’s a surprise, I thought, as the mint aromas emanated from the chubby little bags within. Mint. Not overpowering, not chemical smelling though; just a steady, smooth mint rising up my nose. I cursed the clement weather and a good night’s sleep for making me enjoy this moment and set about finding full film Logan

Believe me, I have put this snus through rigorous tests in order to support my previous dislike for mint. Falling short of drinking fresh orange juice whilst snusing, I’ve tried my best and failed. Oden’s Double Mint is absolutely non-harmful, inoffensive and – I hold my hands up – really, really rocks.

As expected, there’s no hanging around for the first burst of flavour. It has that nice burn, which I look forward to, but stops well short of blowing your eyebrows to the back of your neck. After 3 or 4 minutes, it settles into a warmth which remains and a freshness which has enough depth to shine with coffee in the morning without overpowering. In fact, it is this very point which has been the major positive of today’s experiment.

I generally dislike mint, so it stands to reason that Double Mint would be displeasure squared. Far from it though. For my taste, this snus gives just enough of everything – the nicotine hit, the taste, the longevity – but sits on the gum like a humble butler. At hand to smooth over, to facilitate, to bolster you throughout the day should need arise.

If I had to find one fault with Double Mint, as with all Oden’s products, it is the packaging. The hideous fonts, stripes and choice of colours are enough to make a mole wince with disgust, which is a shame. These cans contain a cracking, modest and refreshing snus which has provided stimulation and even turned this cynic into a believer.

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Mustang White Portion

“Like the soothing morning sun and the soft breeze”

Unlike the car, this cheap and creative alternative is a great starter snus and should not be left out.
Mustang White presents itself with a bit of class and with a somewhat progressive attitude. You might think that, when they’re sharing the same name as the famous car.
But we’re not here to talk about the car; we’re here to talk about the snus! When you open the can, a familiar smell of pure tobacco swifts through the air. And, that’s it. Nothing new, nothing exciting. HOWEVER! What it doesn’t deliver in excitement, it surely delivers in a consumer friendly portion and build quality, for you see: The packaging of the portions is differently built than any other snus on the market.

When you put it under your lip, you will realize that the softness of the packaging will form around the lip. In almost a scientific manner, it will just fit nicely. No more ultra-hard portions that you have to squeeze out the juices from and you will certainly not find the portion putting up a fight by making the tobacco in the portion uneven. It’s a controllable portion!
Taste-wise, what you will find is a nice blend of a light tobacco spicing and some tea elements. As with the “White” potions, it is less runny but it still holds a certain moistness to it. It’s an interesting product indeed. You won’t get a dry mouth or throat from this. All in all, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fresh start for snus or just wants to experiment with something new. And with a low price point, you won’t be disappointed.

Mustang White Portion gets a 

Time of the day: Mornings. With the softness of the portion that’s keeping the tobacco in check, this is a great “Top of the morning” snus. It’s light, easy going and will not wake you up with a punch, but rather like a kiss from your beloved.
Meal and drink: I would actually recommend you try this after a salad. The light spicing does wonders! For drinks, try ice water, wine and chandlery.
Time of the year: This is truly a summer snus. Like the soothing morning sun and the soft breeze, this snus will treat you just right.

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Ettan White Portion

“A smoky punch for your everyday life”

“Ettan” snus is a classic in every sense of the word. Ever since snus manufacturer Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf introduced his recipe in 1822, that soon enough would turn into the “Ettan” we know today. The taste, consistency, strength, humidity and overall feeling have stayed the same since then.

Today, we’re going to have a little chat about Ettan original’s mischievous, less runny, smoky little brother: Ettan White Portion. Ettan White is presented in classic circle formation when you open the can. A light breeze of pure tobacco enters your nostrils, and a soothing voice telling you that every little thing is going to be alright – wait. That’s just me. I got carried away, excuse me.

Anyway, unlike Ettan White’s big brother, this snus is more of a casual affair than the strong and more heavy sensation that Ettan original provides. Although it’s still as dark and smoky, the focus lies in the low amount of runniness. The outside is hard as any “old-school” snus portion should be and has a very moist content when it’s under your lip.

When I taste it even further, I taste the malt and a small hint of dark chocolate that reminds me of whiskey on a cold, winter night and the strong, pure tobacco aftertaste puts me back to reality almost instantly. This is where the sensation unfortunately ends. As you will soon notice, this is still the “Little brother” of the group. This means that all I’ve stated before – happens at a moment’s notice. Don’t get fooled by the brand alone. This is not a portion you put in your mouth after a heavy meal and just relax. This is a snus you might use during the day. I think of walking to town or coffee with your friends and still want to have the same taste of tobacco and feeling of Ettan original, without taking your mind off elsewhere like Ettan original would do.

Ettan White Portion is a great, safe choice if you’re interested in snus overall or just getting started with different tastes. With the runniness being low and the taste so strong and the light, casual feeling of it all, I would recommend this snus to anyone who’s just aiming for a good tasting, easy snus. It’s the little brother that could.

Sometimes, less is actually more.

Ettan White Portion gets a 

Best time for the snus: All day. Have it beside you at work, mark your territory on the table with it. Ettan is always your friend.

Meal and Drink: Ettan White Portion goes incredibly well with a salad. For drinks, Ettan is best with coffee, hands down.

Time of the year: Ettan White Portion really blooms during the spring.

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Thunder Frosted Mini and Offroad Mint Mini White

“So small but so huge impact”

Fellow snusers,

today we gathered here to celebrate Snus history. My humble self has been chosen by the Snus council to experience a new dimension of pouch-sizes. Before reading further, forget everything you thought you knew: It has been proven, smaller actually can be better!

“How is that?”, you might ask, for “the bigger, the better” has always been common knowledge? The wind is turning my friend and it has a minty scent of change to it. So Pixar movies always told us the truth? Something that small can really have a huge impact? I tell you what I like about this Snus. It’s this freshness that slaps you in the face, wakes up all your nerves and makes you ready to face the modern battles of our society, while at the same time being so insignificantly small.

So finally I get to the facts: I am comparing here two Mini-Versions. “Thunder Frosted Mini” with 16 mg/g nicotine and “Offroad Mint Mini White” with 8 mg/g nicotine. This is the same amount like their bigger brothers have. But with the pouches being half the size of normal pouches, of course you have to keep in mind, they are also just half as strong.

First thing you notice when you’re freshly opening the cans is the slight burn in your nose like a cold breeze of air, with the “Offroad Mint Mini White” smelling a lot more fresh, like a green mint plant. Therefore I like it much better, even though I think it would be better of when just as strong as the “Thunder Frosted Mini”.

Dripping starts after 1:15h for the “Thunder Frosted Mini” and a record breaking 2:00h for the “Offroad Mint Mini White”. But of course a comparison in this category isn’t fair. I haven’t tried the mini versions before and really like the fact, that you just barely feel them under your lip. An “Offroad Mint White” version with the strength of the “Thunder Frosted Mini” would be the perfect one for me!

What do you think about small pouches? Can they keep up with their bigger brothers?


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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.