Qvitt Original

“The freshness keeps coming and coming”

Rubber bullets, alcohol free lager, hybrid cars, lactose free milk, virtual reality et cetera et cetera. Substitutes or developments of the initial concept intended to offer choices, cause less harm or, in some cases, replace entirely the original. Where does tobacco and nicotine free snus fall on the line? Could it be the future or merely a misnomer?

To be frank, when I tried Qvitt for the first time, I really didn’t care. I lived in an ever widening gap between deliveries of my regular snus and in a town where even buying milk and salt can present challenges. However, a bizarre quirk of fate meant that a mere 3 kilometres away, Gotlandssnus’ Qvitt was sold at what can almost be described as a supermarket. I had been initially sceptical; could anything displayed so brazenly by the cashiers come close to providing the gentle joy of our beloved brands of choice? Luckily, the answer is Yes. Qvitt comes pretty close indeed.

I’ve a soft spot for Gotlands anyway and I can only commend them on keeping Qvitt in line with their other quality products. The unique compass design on the lid is a comfort – it confirms that this is no half-baked substitute snus made by an interloping company of chancers and charlatans, the pouches have the same dimensions and the idiosyncratic longer flaps on the ends which tickle the gums. They have also gone all out for punch, both in odour and burn, which is a pleasant surprise when you read the ingredients are mainly Ginseng and Green Tea.

There’s a minty, almost forest-like smell to Qvitt, not unlike Vicks Vaporub, which may sound odd, but which I found quite enticing. As is the hit when you slip the pouch into position. Again, not unlike a strong, frosted portion but with a softer, warmer sensation. The freshness is there and keeps on coming, with virtually no drip or dribble. And it keeps coming and coming. The flavours do not expand or intensify, however, it’s just that these pouches continue to sit there and stimulate your gum, which is definitely the strength of this product.

Obviously, by its very nature, Qvitt lacks the ultimate effect of snus, but this has been cleverly countered in a few ways. The brand, look and feel of the product is familiar and the physical stimulation is equal to any other medium to strong portions I have tried. Or am I being bluffed and placebo’d by my own optimism, hope and folly? I’m not entirely sure, but Gotlandssnus’ Qvitt is certainly better than the alternative.

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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.