Skruf Slim Rålakrits White

“a sweet tobacco taste pop through the licorice flavor”

Hey guys!! Today I will be reviewing Skruf Rålakris for you, I hope you all enjoy!

So on opening a can of the Rålakris snus you are greeted by a lovely gentle aroma of Licorice with a slight tobacco hint there also. It smells great!
I found that the portions were quite a bit dryer then most white portion snuses but I actually preferred that.  But even with that said the portions were still a good size and fitted really comfortably under my lip.

Once placed under the lip you get a great almost sweet tasting licorice flavor come through pretty quickly after you have moistened the portion. After about 15 minutes I started to notice a sweet tobacco taste pop through the licorice flavor. The flavor of this snus holds up well though and still tastes great a good 45 minutes into the portion. With no noticeable drip until about the same time.

It is only a regular strength snus mind so a bit weaker then the snuses I normally favor but I still really enjoyed it and will most definitely be having it again in the future.

So in my books Skruf Rålakris gets an easy


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Skruf Slim Nordic White

“futuristic in some way”

A few years back I worked on a ferry out on the seas, and usually the ocean was quite still but sometimes it would get really stormy. I got seasick from time to time and always got the recommendation to eat a bit of liquorice when that happened. Although I really don’t like the taste of it I had to eat it to calm my sea-sickness down. So why am I telling you this?

Because the Skruf Slim Nordic White has a scent and taste of liquorice, and I’m really surprised that I liked it so much although I don’t like that type of taste (candy, fennel etc). Also, it’s a slim portion (which is my fave snus-size) so I liked it a lot. The pouches felt softer to the touch than I’m used to so it was a nice contrast from the regular ones I use. The nicotine kicks in after about 10 minutes which is pretty normal, and as this is a white portion you can have it in for a longer period of time (depending on what you’re doing).
I also have to tell you about the box! I love boxes of snus that gives me a special feeling, cause it makes you curios about what’s inside. This box is light grey and kind of modern, almost futuristic in some way. I think the Skruf-team is on to something here…
To sum up, my mind is liquorice-blown!
Rating:  pouches

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Skruf Slim Mynta White

“a pick-me-up from the cya-later-summer blues”

Well, we are right at the midway point of October, and as the weather starts to turn to crap, I found myself needing a pick-me-up from the cya-later-summer blues.That pick-me-up came in the form of a can of Skruf Slim Mynta White from the fine people across the world at Northerner. Mint flavoured snus was what got me into the whole snus game in the first place, so it seems fitting to return to my roots a little bit!

The can is pretty nifty looking with a matte-finished look to it. It also sports a good sized compartment for your used portions.

When initially opening the can, I’m hit with a great aroma of fresh spearmint. What I like about this is that the aroma doesn’t seem artificial like some other mint snuses. I later found out that each tin contains one-tenth mint leaves – neato!

The portion is slim and the material is as soft as cashmere. Combine that with the fact the tobacco is very supple, it doesn’t take much fluffing to prep this portion for your lip. It’s very comfortable. The manufacturer gives it 2 out of 4 on the strength scale. I’d say that’s about accurate. Maybe 1.5 out of 4 if I was being picky. It is definitely a mild-mannered snus.

I don’t get any drips until at least the hour-mark. It is a very dry white portion. This makes it the perfect morning snus for when you wake up but still can’t get out of bed! Why, you ask? I used my tried-and-trued test method of laying in bed in multiple head positions, which usually instigates even white portions to drip, but this Skruf did not! Perfect.

The taste is what you’d expect from a mint portion. There’s not much menthol going on, just smooth spearmint and a little tobacco, which could be the result of those real mint leaves mixed in there.

Overall, a pretty tame snus, but I can definitely tell that it is high quality. If you’re a fan of mint, and want something to accompany you as you smash the snooze button on your alarm in the morning, give this Skruf a go!



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My first snus experience #9

“Snus is my best friend during exams to calm my nerves”

Name: Kim
Age: 24
Nationality: Norway/UK
Proffession: Student

Hi! My name is Kim and I’m 24 years old, born in Norway but Live here in the UK ( Liverpool!) and I’m studying management within media and online streaming

First time I tried snus was when I was alone at work one night. I’ve been working for 5 years at a retail store where they sold snus. After being around them and knowing all the names and flavours I wanted to try for myself. After been selling snus for such a long time in a store I said to myself  “it can’t be that horrible” and I tried a mint flavored snus, which I instant liked because of the fresh feeling it gave. I went directly over to other different brands with similar tastes and mint/fresh tastes, and once the Skruf slim fresh white was released I knew it was the perfect one. It’s slim, fits in under my lip, have the same fresh feeling as the first snus I ever tried and perfectly strong enough for me. I always look at the new ones coming to the market but I always go back to skruf fresh white, it simply just fits me best! Now i´ve enjoyed snus for almost 6 years.

Right now i have moved from Norway to study at Paul McCartneys Liverpool Institute of Performance art School. Away from home and where I can buy snus in the stores, I turn to the amazing internet as an option to order my snus in. Snus is my best friend during exams to calm my nerves and as a daily treat or my best wing-man on a night out here in England. I always look on the market for new flavours to try out, as its a million versions to try out there.

Sincerely Kim

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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.