Skruf Super White #2 Cassice

Skruf Super White #2 Cassice

“cooling sensation and a pleasantly fruity Blackcurrant flavor”

Hey guys hope youre all well today! I have a review of Skruf super white #2 Cassice for you all!

The can is nice and simple in design like all Skruf Snus cans which I have come to appreciate over time.

On opening the can you are met by a beautiful Blackcurrant smell with hints of licorice as well, and tiny amounts of menthol being hinted at. It’s very pleasant and summery smell which I really enjoy.

When you pop a portion under your lip you are greeted by a nice cooling sensation and a pleasantly fruity Blackcurrant flavor witch isn’t too swee. It does taste natural and after a while you can notice the menthol esque flavors in the background but they are not overly noticeable and definitely don’t take away from the amazing Blackcurrant flavor. The flavor itself I found lasted for about an hour and barely produced a noticeable drip if any at all.

Now I myself do have a soft spot when it comes to Skruf as it was the first ever Snus I tried but I do tend to swing towards something with a fair bit more kick than this one in particular.

With all that said this still scores a comfortable

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Black Line Breeze Ultra Strong Slim


“This snus is called Ultra Strong and trust me, they are not kidding!”

The Black Line snus box can be described in one simple word: elegancy. It’s all black and you can only see the name of the snus if you tilt the box. This is a box of snus that I can imagine bringing to a luxurious dinner in a big city at night, and just keep it on the table. I see myself wearing a black beautiful gown listening to classic music playing in the background, while sipping on a glass of champagne. Yes, THAT kind of luxury.

Opening the box I smell a soft scent of mint. It’s not too much, it’s just the right amount of mint (or as we swedes say: “lagom”). I’m not really fond of flavored snus but this is actually perfect.

Putting a snus under my lip I feel the nice sting and after about 3 minutes I feel my head spinning. This snus is called Ultra Strong and trust me, they are not kidding! This is the strongest snus I have ever tried and the nicotine kicks in so fast I can hardly keep it in for long.

I tried another pouch right after I had dinner and I did actually feel a difference. It’s like when you drink on an empty stomach, you get drunk pretty quickly. Same thing with this snus in some weird way. Take one after dinner and you’ll be fine. Take one on an empty stomach and you will feel like you’re on a rollercoaster.

Despite that, I really enjoy the Black Line Breeze Ultra Strong Slim. You can’t really feel the minty tone, so for you tobacco-lovers out there this snus is the perfect combination of refreshing taste and that classic tobacco you want.

This snus simple, elegant and just right.
/ Sara

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Skruf Xtra Stark Portion

“a strong smell of tea and lemon”

When you have a first look at the can, you’ll notice the stylish white colour with the stylish texture. It gives you the feeling of a well thought product.
I can’t even remember the last time I had a Skruf. But I remembered that it had an almost innocent sweet flavour. I like the opposite, I want a burly tobaccoflavoured snus. With this in mind, Skruf Xtra Stark Portion really surprised me. It has a strong smell of tea and lemon. You now the smell when you open a Lipton lemon teabox? That smell, and add some tobacco smell on it.
I really like snus that you can relate to something. When you mix memories with something you enjoy.

As you put it in, you can feel the characteristic taste of bergamot. The snus is foggy and wellfilled, so it lays perfect under the lip, without any bigger adjustments.

The nicotine kicks in after about 40 minutes, and does not run that much in the beginning. But after ten more minutes, you can really feel why it’s named Xtra Strong. It has a strong tobacco flavour, that just keeps on going, even after an hour and half.

For me, that likes runny and strong snus, it was a happy surprise. But I would not recommend it for a person that doesn’t have been snusing for long.

I’m rating this badboy 

 Best regards


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Skruf Slim Mynta White

“a pick-me-up from the cya-later-summer blues”

Well, we are right at the midway point of October, and as the weather starts to turn to crap, I found myself needing a pick-me-up from the cya-later-summer blues.That pick-me-up came in the form of a can of Skruf Slim Mynta White from the fine people across the world at Northerner. Mint flavoured snus was what got me into the whole snus game in the first place, so it seems fitting to return to my roots a little bit!

The can is pretty nifty looking with a matte-finished look to it. It also sports a good sized compartment for your used portions.

When initially opening the can, I’m hit with a great aroma of fresh spearmint. What I like about this is that the aroma doesn’t seem artificial like some other mint snuses. I later found out that each tin contains one-tenth mint leaves – neato!

The portion is slim and the material is as soft as cashmere. Combine that with the fact the tobacco is very supple, it doesn’t take much fluffing to prep this portion for your lip. It’s very comfortable. The manufacturer gives it 2 out of 4 on the strength scale. I’d say that’s about accurate. Maybe 1.5 out of 4 if I was being picky. It is definitely a mild-mannered snus.

I don’t get any drips until at least the hour-mark. It is a very dry white portion. This makes it the perfect morning snus for when you wake up but still can’t get out of bed! Why, you ask? I used my tried-and-trued test method of laying in bed in multiple head positions, which usually instigates even white portions to drip, but this Skruf did not! Perfect.

The taste is what you’d expect from a mint portion. There’s not much menthol going on, just smooth spearmint and a little tobacco, which could be the result of those real mint leaves mixed in there.

Overall, a pretty tame snus, but I can definitely tell that it is high quality. If you’re a fan of mint, and want something to accompany you as you smash the snooze button on your alarm in the morning, give this Skruf a go!



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My first snus experience #9

“Snus is my best friend during exams to calm my nerves”

Name: Kim
Age: 24
Nationality: Norway/UK
Proffession: Student

Hi! My name is Kim and I’m 24 years old, born in Norway but Live here in the UK ( Liverpool!) and I’m studying management within media and online streaming

First time I tried snus was when I was alone at work one night. I’ve been working for 5 years at a retail store where they sold snus. After being around them and knowing all the names and flavours I wanted to try for myself. After been selling snus for such a long time in a store I said to myself  “it can’t be that horrible” and I tried a mint flavored snus, which I instant liked because of the fresh feeling it gave. I went directly over to other different brands with similar tastes and mint/fresh tastes, and once the Skruf slim fresh white was released I knew it was the perfect one. It’s slim, fits in under my lip, have the same fresh feeling as the first snus I ever tried and perfectly strong enough for me. I always look at the new ones coming to the market but I always go back to skruf fresh white, it simply just fits me best! Now i´ve enjoyed snus for almost 6 years.

Right now i have moved from Norway to study at Paul McCartneys Liverpool Institute of Performance art School. Away from home and where I can buy snus in the stores, I turn to the amazing internet as an option to order my snus in. Snus is my best friend during exams to calm my nerves and as a daily treat or my best wing-man on a night out here in England. I always look on the market for new flavours to try out, as its a million versions to try out there.

Sincerely Kim

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My first snus experience #6

“I was down in my knees in 2 minutes”

Name: Michal
Nationality: Slovakian living in France
Hobbies: Ice hockey
Profession: Professional Ice hockey player

Hello everyone!

So a little bit about me:

My name is Michal. I’m from Slovakia, but living in France where i play ice hockey as a professional hockey player. I live with my fiancée (7 years together) and my daughter which was born last year in August. I can say we are one happy familly 🙂 .

I stared with snus like 6 years ago when i played hockey in Czech Republic. Some of my teammates already was using it, so i tried too. I remember the first one i had. Skruf Tranbar. I am glad that i tried this one, it was not that strong as Skurf xtra stark, I was down in my knees in 2 minutes haha. After that i tried some stronger and many other brands.

And finally get to the THUNDER. Now my favorite is Thunder Frosted xtra white dry.

Let med know about your first snus experience in the commentfield below:)

Sincerly Michal

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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.