20 years Anniversary

Today we launch our 20 years anniversary month! 

Celebrating a birthday is normal – but normal is boring, so we celebrate our birthmonth! This means we will have great offers on a huge variety of smokeless tobacco products all September through.
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Click here to shop Northerner anniversary product if you live outside of the EU and the US: Northerner CM6 – Limited Edition 

Click here to shop Northerner anniversary product if you live in the US: Northerner CM6 – Limited Edition 

Click here to shop Northerner anniversary product if you live in the EU: Thunder Ultra Frosted WD – Limited Edition


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Thunder Ultra Winter G

“one of my favorite wintergreen products”

Today we will be talking about the Thunder Ultra Winter G chewing bags!

When you open up the can you are greeted with a beautifully familiar smell of wintergreen with tobacco hints in the background which I’m sure we have all come to live through our snus usage, I mean I know I do!!

The taste is very typical of wintergreen snus if not a bit more mellow then normal but it was nice and long lasting, with it lasting around 75 minutes before the flavor wasn’t noticeable anymore, and next to no dripping at all until about 35 – 40 minutes which is amazing.

This has been my favorite Nordic chew that I’ve tried so far and one of my favorite wintergreen products full stop. I recommend all you wintergreen fans to try it

An easy 

Will definitely be having this one regularly without a doubt.

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Thunder Snus vs. Thunder Chew

“both is definitely 100 percent snus in nature”

Thunder Extra Strong Portion vs. Thunder Extra Strong Chew Bags

You may believe that having attained an E grade in Advanced Level Law and having been in court once would give me a unique understanding of the intricate laws and regulations regarding snus distribution. Alas, it is not so. The whys and wherefores of varying snus availability in certain countries is a baffling mystery which, to be honest, I haven’t researched at all. If I can get snus, I’m happy. If not, then I’ll moan and complain and shake my fist and sulk.

Chew bags sound more like something you would give a horse to munch on, but they may be small saviours when finding yourself in those areas unenlightened to the joys of snus as they fall into a legislative grey area. Chew bags are apparently not snus. At the same time, they closely resemble snus and are produced by snus manufacturers. So many questions, so many contradictions. In the interests of aiding the debate, satisfying my own curiosity and, perhaps, guiding human civilisation to a new level of knowledge and ultimate peace, I tested Thunder Extra Strong Chew Bags against their ancestral form, Thunder Extra Strong Portion Snus.

I’ll spring elegantly over my thoughts on the packaging as I have written before on my opinions of Thunder cans. Suffice to say, the chew bags are presented in the same way as other Thunder products. The chew bags themselves, however, do look and smell slightly different. Not as dark in colour or aroma as Extra Strong Portion; they have a khaki-ness to them and a nice little whiff of liqourice. The Extra Strong Portion are, as mentioned, darker and a bit greasier to the touch, with a very strong odour of something I can’t quite place, but is definitely 100 percent snus in nature.

Extra Strong Portion hides nothing in it’s approach. Dark, quite drippy and a strength which lasts until you physically are unable to contain or dispose of the juices anymore and are forced to submit. This is by no way a criticism, as I prefer a solid blast of snus over more delicate, slow burners for the most part, although I do find most Thunder products a bit too full, if you know what I mean?

The Chew Bags, as indicated by their lighter shade, are a touch gentler. Extra Strong Portion kicks in the door and grabs the arm chair, Chew Bags knock first, sit quietly for a while before livening up and getting going. Hit and taste-wise, the CB’s gradually rise from a steady buzz to a bona fide extra strong level over a quarter of an hour. I must also mention that no chewing is required to activate the snus. Sorry, I meant chew bag. It is easy to forget that, in some bizarre and undefined way, Chew Bags are not snus.

In comparitive terms, I preferred the Chew Bag for it’s more meandering way to the hit and a drier experience, more akin to a white portion. The flavour is a toned down version of the Extra Strong Portion, without any loss of strength of effect. In my attempt to find the flaw, the sign that something was lacking, which could explain why Chew Bags are not snus, I failed. In a blind taste test, with no prior knowledge, I’d bet my emergency frozen snus can that not one of you could tell the difference between a chew bag and a snus portion.

Whatever the difference is, be it ingredient, terminology or other is unimportant. I can only offer my deep gratitude to whichever creative soul first thought to produce chew bags. The name is a little odd, but behind the smokescreen is for all intents and purposes, snus for those who know snus.

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Thunder Frosted Mini and Offroad Mint Mini White

“So small but so huge impact”

Fellow snusers,

today we gathered here to celebrate Snus history. My humble self has been chosen by the Snus council to experience a new dimension of pouch-sizes. Before reading further, forget everything you thought you knew: It has been proven, smaller actually can be better!

“How is that?”, you might ask, for “the bigger, the better” has always been common knowledge? The wind is turning my friend and it has a minty scent of change to it. So Pixar movies always told us the truth? Something that small can really have a huge impact? I tell you what I like about this Snus. It’s this freshness that slaps you in the face, wakes up all your nerves and makes you ready to face the modern battles of our society, while at the same time being so insignificantly small.

So finally I get to the facts: I am comparing here two Mini-Versions. “Thunder Frosted Mini” with 16 mg/g nicotine and “Offroad Mint Mini White” with 8 mg/g nicotine. This is the same amount like their bigger brothers have. But with the pouches being half the size of normal pouches, of course you have to keep in mind, they are also just half as strong.

First thing you notice when you’re freshly opening the cans is the slight burn in your nose like a cold breeze of air, with the “Offroad Mint Mini White” smelling a lot more fresh, like a green mint plant. Therefore I like it much better, even though I think it would be better of when just as strong as the “Thunder Frosted Mini”.

Dripping starts after 1:15h for the “Thunder Frosted Mini” and a record breaking 2:00h for the “Offroad Mint Mini White”. But of course a comparison in this category isn’t fair. I haven’t tried the mini versions before and really like the fact, that you just barely feel them under your lip. An “Offroad Mint White” version with the strength of the “Thunder Frosted Mini” would be the perfect one for me!

What do you think about small pouches? Can they keep up with their bigger brothers?


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Thunder Limo G’N’M (Lemongrass & Mint)

“a lovely cool sensation”

Hi Everyone!

Here is my review of Thunder Limo G N M (Lemongrass & Mint):

As soon as you open up the can you are instantly greeted by a nice subtle lemon smell with a slight herbal edge to it. On trying the snus, as soon as you stick a portion under you’re lip you get a lovely cool sensation but only a taste of lemon, as the flavor progress’s it gets slightly more herbal in flavor and you start to get a taste of eucalyptus coming through.

I myself didn’t get so much mint flavors with this snus. Overall it is a very gently flavored snus, but thankfully still maintains that signature nicotine punch of other Thunder snus flavors and options. In my opinion this would make a good first snus, as it is very subtle!

Talk to you soon!

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My first snus experience #6

“I was down in my knees in 2 minutes”

Name: Michal
Nationality: Slovakian living in France
Hobbies: Ice hockey
Profession: Professional Ice hockey player

Hello everyone!

So a little bit about me:

My name is Michal. I’m from Slovakia, but living in France where i play ice hockey as a professional hockey player. I live with my fiancée (7 years together) and my daughter which was born last year in August. I can say we are one happy familly 🙂 .

I stared with snus like 6 years ago when i played hockey in Czech Republic. Some of my teammates already was using it, so i tried too. I remember the first one i had. Skruf Tranbar. I am glad that i tried this one, it was not that strong as Skurf xtra stark, I was down in my knees in 2 minutes haha. After that i tried some stronger and many other brands.

And finally get to the THUNDER. Now my favorite is Thunder Frosted xtra white dry.

Let med know about your first snus experience in the commentfield below:)

Sincerly Michal

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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.