Zyn Smooth 06 LTD

“The ultimate Swedish “fika” snus”

This little sweet-tooth is one of the ultimate ”Swedish Fika” snus and will put a smile on your face.

Tired of the strength and smokiness of tobacco? Portions strugglin’ under the lip? Did that super hot clerk at the store turn you down? Today just isn’t your day?

No worries paesano. I got the fix for you. Introducing; for your ultimate taste pleasure, Zyn Smooth 06.

Zyn presents itself rather cute. With the cahttp://us.northerner.com/zyn-smooth-06-limited-edition-white-mini-portionn, interesting design and all that it doesn’t come with a dump-flap, has a welcoming attitude to it. The portions inside look like mint tablets, but I encourage you to not get fooled. These little white delicious marvels have some of the sweetest tastes ever to find in a portion. As you put one under your lip, it almost melts into place. Juices with a tint of vanilla, tobacco and light sugary candy flow. It has an incredible strong start. It just invades your taste buds like a kid in a candy shop. And with a good pricepoint to match.

It ain’t all sunshine and rainbows, though. The dose is only 15 portions and although the taste is strong at the start, this is not the kind of snus that you use during the workday. It goes away pretty fast and the portions tend to shrink like a pastille candy. Do not buy this snus and use them like you would use General, Göteborgs Rapé etc. You’ll go bankrupt in a day. And no snuser wants to have less snus for their money.

However: A king is sleeping within these halls. Let me tell you what we Swedes call “Fika”.

Swedes highly value their fika. Any time of the day, any weather, whatever the occasion. During Fika, you sit with your best friends, have a chat, drink coffee and eat a lot of pastries. When a Swede asks you out for a fika, you better go. It means the Swede likes you. A lot. It’s the Swedish way of showing that the Swede wants to be friends. Swedes don’t go out for coffee or beer like any common peasant, we go for fika. And here’s where Zyn06 Smooth strikes gold like a crazy ol’ man in Klondike. With the combined sweet taste, strong feel in the beginning and the ease that does not interfere with other tastes, this is your saviour for a traditional fika. If you’re ever going out for coffee with your friends or other occasions that involves pastries or sweets, this is the right snus for the taking.

Look, you might think I’m pulling your leg and you’d might ask yourself: “Why should I take one of these polarbear droplings instead of my mighty General with pure tobacco taste on my coffee break? I’m literary chewing on the leaves right now!”

Bring Zyn Smooth 06 with you instead. Leave your other snus at home. Trust me on this one. I’m Swedish, I know my fika/coffee breaks with pastries. And this is one of the best when it comes to to just that. Like it says on the can – It’s smooth. Like any coffee break or fika should be.

Time of the day: Any time of the day.

Meal and Drink: Anything with pastries, sweets or other deserts. This one shares the throne with Ettan on being one of the kings of coffee. Soft drinks works great, too.

Time of the year: A great summer snus. The tastes and the ease will remind you of a long, sunny holiday with your best friends.

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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.