U Sample No. 15 Slim CB

U sample no 15 Slim Chew Bags
“a wonderful sweet smell of licorice and mint”

Hey guys today I have a review of U-Sample number 15 Slim Chew bags (licorice mint) for you all.

The can design of U-Sample Chew Bags is new, but the chew bags are the same just in a slim format, which in case your not familiar with them, is simplistic and clean.

When you open the can you are greeted by a wonderful sweet smell of licorice and only minimal amounts of mint but the smell does have a coolness to it.

The portions themselves are nice and slim, fairly soft and are very comfortable under the lip. When you place a portion under your lip you are greeted by a pleasant cooling sensation from the mint in the portion with a sweet licorice taste which is fairly mellow starts to come through pretty soon after. The flavor combination is great, the two flavors work in harmony and really compliment each other. Once the portions settle the licorice taste is definitely more up front than the mint taste which is what you want from a licorice Snus. I found that the flavor lasted for just over an hour. And there wasn’t a noticeable drip for about 55mins to an hour or there abouts.

Overall I loved these chew bags and would definitely have it again. So it gets an easy 

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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.