U Sample No. 7 Slim CB

U Sample no 7 Slim CB

“wonderful sweet minty smell with a wonderful cooling nature”

Hey guys today I have a review of U Sample No. 7 Slim CB (Cool Spearmint) for you all.

The can design of U-Sample Chew bags is new and now they come in a new slim format, the design is simplistic and clean. I also feel like I should point out that the design for these new cans is a lot better than that of the old style.

When you open the can you are greeted by a wonderful sweet minty smell with a wonderful cooling nature to it. You don’t really get any tobacco or much else apart from maybe a touch of menthol.

The portions themselves are nice and slim, fairly soft and are very comfortable under the lip. When you place a portion under your lip you are greeted by a pleasant cooling sensation from the mint which has a fantastic sweetness to it almost reminiscent of a mint flavored candy such as lifesavers, etc. it really is great. The cooling sensation hangs around but doesn’t get in the way at all. The flavor lasted for a fair while about an hour and twenty minutes. And no noticeable dripping for about an hour.

Overall I loved this chew and would definitely have it again. So it gets an easy

Hope you had a good Christmas.

Kind Regards,

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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.