Countries where Snus is illegal

Countries where snus is illegal

The regulation of tobacco products is a central concern to countries in the EU, as well as the USA and Australia. In fact, oral tobacco products have been largely banned in the EU since 1992. Only oral tobacco products that can be smoked or chewed are currently permitted – thus permitting cigarettes, vapes, and e-cigarettes, but restricting the use of products such as snus. Of course, we all know that snus is a highly popular product in Sweden – which is an EU member state – but Sweden has its own legislation on this.

The ban on snus

Although the ban on snus has existed since 1992, Sweden has not been forced to impose this restriction. When they entered the EU, they were given an exemption to this ban, and are therefore free to keep using snus. Snus has always been a popular product in Norway too and, luckily for Norwegian consumers, Norway is not part of the EU, so they can keep “snusing” to their heart’s content.

The reason for the ban is based on a 1985 WHO study, which found the use of certain oral tobacco products carcinogenic. The Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland has already expressed its opinion that the ban is illegal and unconstitutional, and therefore snus can now be purchased throughout Switzerland. This ruling was founded on their belief that snus is less hazardous than other tobacco products currently sold in Switzerland.

In the UK, residents are permitted to use snus; however, the selling of it is illegal, and so it can be difficult to purchase beyond online means.

The availability of snus outside of the EU

Countries outside of the EU are a bit of a mixed bag. While residents in the US are free to enjoy smoke-free tobacco products, and are well known for snuff (watch any country western movie), it is not as freely available on the Australian market.

Although the import and purchase of snus is not illegal in Australia, the actual selling of it is, and thus Australian snus users buy their snus online. The initial purpose of banning snus in Australia was to restrict the expansion of tobacco products throughout the country.

Of course, the sale of snus in the US is not without its own set of restrictions. Although traditional cigarette smoking has seen a decline in the USA in the past few years, there has been a rapid increase in the use of vapes and e-cigarettes. Because the products are often flavoured, and therefore appealing, the US government has restricted the sale and use of any tobacco products for minors under the age of 21 – and naturally this includes the consumption of