How to dispose of snus properly

Throwing Snus away - Is it biodegradable?

If you have ever walked along a street in Sweden, you have most likely looked down and seen some tiny tea-bag looking pouches trampled into the ground. These are the small portioned pouches containing snus, and many users tend to simply spit them out after use. But what is the proper way to dispose of snus? Below, we will examine the dos and don'ts of throwing out snus.


Is snus biodegradable?

Snus pouches not only look like tiny tea-bags – the paper containing the portion is made from the same cellulose material as tea-bags as well. Thus, as long as the paper contains no plastic substances, it is most definitely biodegradable. However, because of the binding agents contained within the cellulose fibers of these snus
pouches, decomposition can take a long time.

In addition, the ingredients within the actual snus are biodegradable as well, and they tend to break down faster than the paper holding the snus.

However, despite the fact that the snus pouch will eventually break down, experts caution against throwing it on the compost heap. The reason for this is the length of time that it takes for the product to actually decompose – especially the bag. Instead, they urge users to rather use the rubbish bin to dispose of their used snus – as spitting it out, throwing it down the toilet, or tossing it in the compost will most likely see the snus ending up in nature, in the ocean, or simply polluting the streets.


Flushing snus down the toilet

A survey conducted in Sweden showed that 68% of all Swedish snus users flush their pouches or snus balls down the toilet. Considering that many of us have, at one stage or another, thrown a wet-wipe or cigarette, etc. down the toilet, snus seems like a reasonably harmless thing to flush, right? Wrong! Not only does snus clog the drains and sewers, but it also pollutes the water (just like all pollutants that
contain heavy metals). This pollution then costs the state extra funds each year, as they try to remove all these toxins before the water runs into the ocean and impacts the marine environment. Clogged drains are also not much fun – as we all probably know. So always think before you flush!


Recycling snus jars

If you find yourself stuck without a bin, and desperately wishing to dispose of your used-up snus, look no further than the jar it came in. The jar has a lid, so you are able to store your used snus until you find a proper means of disposal – remember: this is always a trash can, either your own or a public one.

Speaking of these jars – how should one dispose of them? Well, they are made from plastic and can therefore be tossed into your plastic recycling bin, together with the rest of your domestic plastic (e.g. plastic cutlery, old bottles and plastic bags).

In all, doesn't it feel great to know that you can enjoy your favourite tobacco product without causing any harm to the beautiful nature around you!