How to keep Snus fresh

How to keep Snus fresh

If you are a snus user, you may prefer to buy your brand in bulk, so that it's always available at the ready (and sometimes perhaps even a little cheaper in the long run). Of course, keeping products for a longer period of time has always been considered a bit risky (who hasn't mistakenly used bad milk in their morning coffee...). However, the good news is that snus is practically immune to the greater issues of long-term storage. Below, we investigate why, and how to store your snus in order to maintain its shelf life.

Optimal snus storage

Depending on how much snus you use per day, you could potentially only be consuming one box of snus per week. Keeping the box in your pocket or bag all week would definitely have an effect on the taste, and ultimately the enjoyment, of the product – as it would dry out and potentially lose flavour over time. You may even find that the texture changes in a slightly unpleasant way. The solution is to always keep your snus in the fridge. This maintains its moisture, and preserves the flavour and texture.

Snus products do come with a printed expiry date on the packaging but, as with most things, this is simply an advisory (and great news for those of you who do buy in bulk). Experts reckon that, if stored properly in the fridge, loose snus can be stored for up to 14 weeks, while portioned snus should last for a whopping 20 weeks.

It's also possible to freeze snus. Simply seal it in an airtight freezer bag and take it out a day or two before you wish to use it. Allow it to defrost in the fridge so that it retains all its moisture. You are able to freeze snus like this for a full year. It is also possible to defrost and then re-freeze snus, but this will have some impact on the flavour and texture. Instead, try to freeze smaller portions of snus, in order to prevent any need for re-freezing.

Can snus get moldy?

The main concern when storing things for a longer time is always mold. Here is some good news: the sodium carbonate and salt in snus prevents it from growing mold. If you're not enjoying the texture or taste of your snus product, this is most likely due to it having dried out, and not the fact that it’s become moldy.

Tips and tricks for keeping snus fresh

Users have some tried-and-tested methods for keeping snus moist, and even for trying to restore snus that has dried out.

Tip number one: invest in a snus box – there are some cool snus boxes available on the market – or simply keep an old snus jar instead of throwing it out. Keep your snus in the fridge, and top up your extra jar in the morning with your daily supply. This will be the jar that you keep on you at all times, while the rest of the snus stays nicely chilled in the fridge.

Tip number two: if you left your snus out by mistake, and it has become slightly dry

and lackluster, do not fret! Slice up a piece of cucumber, put it in the box, shake it a little, and then wait patiently for 10 minutes (perhaps try a refreshing glass of cucumber water while you wait). Remove the cucumber and try the snus. It won't be as fresh as new, but the cucumber will have helped to restore the moisture levels somewhat.

The pattern emerging here is a simple rule of thumb: always keep your snus chilled (preferably in the fridge), and it will retain its moisture, taste and texture for a good while.