Snuff brands - Different types of snuff

Snuff brands - Different types of snuff

In essence, snuff is a powder created by ground-up tobacco leaves, and is then used in the mouth or nose to receive a nicotine kick. The world of snuff is an exciting one – with a veritable smorgasbord of flavours, brands and modes of consumption. Regardless of whether you're new to snuff, an old hand at smokeless tobacco, or simply curious, this article will hopefully get you started on the road to trying different types and uses of snuff, and help to clear up any questions that you may have about what snuff really is.

The difference between snuff and snus

It is easy to become a bit confused by the difference in these two products. They strongly resemble one another, as they are packaged either loose or portioned inside tin cans. However, they do have one notable difference that sets them apart: the way in which they are consumed. Whereas snuff has a variety of uses, including being sniffed into the nasal cavity, or being placed in the mouth for either chewing or sucking purposes, snus is strictly an oral tobacco product that rests beneath the user's lip.

While out and about, you may have seen a snuff user spit out some black-stained saliva. This is because users tend to blend their spit with moist snuff, in order to draw out as much flavour and nicotine as possible. Then, when they have an excess of saliva, they spit it out in order to continue the sucking process. It does make this type of snuff a little less discreet than snus (which requires no further action and therefore involves no spitting), but users maintain that they are able to really get the most out of their snuff before discarding it.

The different types of snuff

As mentioned above, loose snuff can be placed in the mouth, either beneath a lip or in the cheek, and sucked. However, this is not the only type of oral snuff available. Chewing bags filled with moist snuff are also popular, and are slightly less messy than their loose counterparts. These chewing bags strongly resemble snus pouches, but they are not placed beneath the lip. Instead, users move them around the mouth, either sucking or gently chewing on them, in order to release the bag's flavour and get their nicotine boost. These bags can then be easily tossed into a bin after their flavour has been depleted – as opposed to the loose variety that needs to be spat out or removed by hand.

Chewing tobacco snuff is also available in loose leaf variants. These can be either loose (as suggested by the name) or "braided" together to form a sort of solid snuff rope. This is then placed in the mouth and chewed. Some ropes are long off enough that the user can bite off a piece, and keep the rest for later – which could be somewhat reminiscent of an old Western movie.

Snuff tobacco is another type of snuff. It is not moist like the kind used orally, and users consume it by sniffing it up into the nasal cavity. Users will often place the desired amount onto the back of their hand (aka “the anatomical snuffbox”), then lean down and inhale the snuff in one fast "snuff"– by far the most subtle of the smokeless tobacco products, especially when well practiced. Remember not to snort the snuff all the way into your nasal cavity, as it only needs to be in the front of your nose for full enjoyment.

The most important thing to remember, if you're wanting to try out one of these products, is to choose the correct variant: moist or dry. It would be no good to sniff moist snuff into your nostril – so please always read the label beforehand.

Snuff is also available with flavours that enhance the sucking or chewing process, and the user’s enjoyment. These flavours include citrus, peach, mint, and so many more – consumption here really depends on the user’s personal taste and palate.

Snuff brands

Naturally, there are many snuff brands available on the market, in order to cater to every taste, budget and mode of consumption. As with coffee, tea or cigarettes, users need to decide for themselves what kind of snuff option they want, ranging from floral, toast and flavoured snuff, to Gourmand (dessert-like) and Schmalzler (coarse grind). Once this has been decided upon, there are several famous and reputable brands, such as Singleton’s, American Snuff co., Wilson of Sharrow, and Hedges to try out. The most important here is to find something that suits your own personal preferences.

What is a snuff box

Back in the day, queen Catherine de' Medici of France was an avid snuff user. Of course, she couldn't simply walk around the court holding a bag of loose snuff tobacco, and so she instead chose to place her supply in a pretty little box. Throughout the years, snuff boxes have evolved and
changed to suit modern tastes, and are still available in specialty tobacco stores. So if you are ready to take your snuff habit to the next level, why not invest in a snuff box of your own?