The secrets behind keeping snus fresh

When does snus go bad? Keeping snus fresh

Unlike other tobacco products, snus is a bit higher maintenance when it comes to shelf-life and storage. It is considered to be a perishable item, and therefore needs to be stored away in a cool place, preferably in the fridge between 4-8°C, in order to keep well and last longer.

How long can you keep snus unrefrigerated for?

Go into any store that sells snus and you will see all the brands displayed inside a fridge. This is because snus is a moist tobacco product, and therefore needs to be kept chilled in order to retain its moisture. Snus that is kept in the fridge can last up to 14 weeks without losing its moisture or texture.

The length of time that you can keep your snus out of the fridge really depends on climate and season. If you leave your snus in a hot car, or on a table right at a sunny window, it will not last longer than a day or two, as the heat will cause it to dry up. However, if you are “lucky” enough to live in a colder and wetter climate, then you may be able to keep your snus unrefrigerated for a little while longer.

There are also certain things you can do to slow down the time it takes unrefrigerated snus to go bad. Avid snus users swear by placing the can in a ziplock bag, as the plastic serves as an extra layer from the elements. Keeping the can sealed and unopened will also preserve its shelf-life for a little while longer. However, these are only temporary methods, and it really is best to keep your snus in the fridge if possible.

Can snus go bad?

Due to its high level of salt, snus does not go “bad” in the conventional sense. There will be no mold or rot once it begins to grow old. Rather, the effects will be felt when you actually use it – it will have dried up, affecting the texture and taste of your product, and ultimately impacting the pleasure you experience from consuming it. But if you wish to use the product despite these changes, you do not have to fear ingesting any toxins from mold.

If you are worried that you will not be able to consume all the snus you own without it getting old, please remember that you are able to freeze snus, which will help to retain both its moisture and shelf-life. Just make sure that you defrost it in the fridge for a day or two before use.

Why does snus have an expiration date?

But, you may ask, if snus is not able to mold like old food, then why does it have an expiration date? Well, snus is classified as a food product and a perishable item, and is therefore legally required to show an expiration date on the packaging. However, much like the expiration date on a can of tomatoes, you can use the product a little bit past its best before date. But remember, the expiration date is there to show you when to enjoy the snus’ peak levels of moisture and taste, and thus these elements may start to slowly decline as time goes by. Therefore, although not essential, it is best to try to enjoy the product within the time parameters given.

Why buying fresh snus matter?

The length and conditions of the shipment may impact the levels of moisture, as explained above – although snus companies will know how best to combat mother nature in this instance, and will do their best to ensure that you get a premium product. However, if you are able to buy it fresh, then this is definitely the best option. Imagine picking a fresh and ripe plum off the tree. It will be juicy and delicious – much like the moist and flavourful enjoyment of fresh snus.