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Northerner CM3

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Citrus and menthol.
Northerner CM3 has a fresh flavor of citrus and menthol. This snus has a dry white mini pouch.

This is a totally dry snus without any added water, so when you pop a portion under your lip just add some moist with your tongue.
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Our Review

Our Northerner Citrus & Menthol (3mg) Review

Introduced by Snus Bruket / TillCe AB in 2007 by, Oomph Citrus & Menthol 3 mg Mini portion snus is classified as a Dry White Mini type. The Dry classification means that the snus has little to no moisture in it. With Oomph Citrus & Menthol, there’s about 1% moisture which makes the snus its self a powder. Second, the White part means, again, no moisture is added to the material at the end of production and Mini means that the portions themselves are about half the size of a regular sized portion. Even though the material is dry, TillCe uses a soft, teabag type material for their portions which, once you wet it a bit, is surprisingly comfortable in the lip for as long as the flavor lasts which is about an hour and a half. Each can of Oomph Citrus & Menthol 3 mg has 24 portions that are about .3 grams each and the Nicotine content in them is 3 mg of Purified Nicotine per portion. Oomph Citrus & Menthol’s can is made of white plastic and is flatter than standard snus cans. There are also two hinged lids in the can, one for new portions and a smaller one for used portions which is another unique thing about Oomph Citrus & Menthol. Ok, now that you have the basics, let’s move on to the flavor! Oomph Citrus & Menthol’s flavor is really not that strong. Don’t get us wrong, you can taste the subtle flavors of the citrus, which is the flavors of lemon and orange, and the light menthol but, the flavors are not overpowering like in a regular portion. The menthol actually comes thru as a very light tang in the snus but is felt by its light burn in the lip. The two together gives a light, fresh flavor in the mouth but what we didn’t taste in Oomph Citrus & Menthol was the tobacco flavor. We feel that Oomph Citrus & Menthol 3 mg makes a great snus for the user that wants a light flavor without the typical tobacco flavor that’s in all Swedish snus. So, why not give Oomph Citrus & Menthol 3 mg Mini portion snus a try with your next order and leave us a review letting us know what you think. We’ll be looking forward to reading it!

Product Info Flavored, Dry White, Mini
Nicotine (mg/g) 10
Portion Weight (g) 0.3
Water (%) 0
Flavor Citrus, Menthol
Brand Northerner
Manufacturer Råå Snus Bolag AB
For 1 Roll order 10
Net Weight (g) 6
Net Weight (oz) 0.21