Red Man Straight 12oz Long Cut

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Smooth, mellow tobacco, hint of spice, sweetness.
Red Man Straight 12oz Long Cut is a snuff product based on long cut tobacco. The fact that the tobacco is long cut makes it easier pack and pinch, while staying together better in your mouth. Red Man Straight 12oz Long Cut has a traditional tobacco flavour and is manufactured by The Pinkerton Tobacco Company. The nicotine strength is 2 on a 5-grade scale, placing it within the “normal” range compared to similar snuff and dip products. Snuff and dip can also be experienced in fine cut and loose ground. You can find more classic chewing tobacco on the Red Man brand page.
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Unit type Can
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Brand Red Man
Manufacturer Pinkerton
Nicotine Level Regular
Flavor Straight
Product Info Long Cut
For 1 Roll order 5
Net Weight (oz) 1.2
Net Weight (g) 34.02
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