Strong Peppermint Duet, Nicotine Pouches

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The Strong Peppermint Duet contains: 1x ZYN 6mg Peppermint Nicotine Pouches and 1x Rogue 6mg Peppermint Nicotine Pouches

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Introducing our favorite duets! What are your Nicokick friends buying? Try a duet - our most popular purchase duos of top tobacco-free, spit-free, nicotine pouch brands. This Strong Peppermint Duet is perfect for anyone looking for a great Nicotine release with a refreshing peppermint flavor.

The Strong Peppermint Duet contains:

1x ZYN 6mg Peppermint Nicotine Pouches

1x Rogue 6mg Peppermint Nicotine Pouches

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Brand Miscellaneous
Manufacturer -
Nicotine Level Strong
Flavor Peppermint
Product Info Flavored, Tobacco Free, All White, Mini
Nicotine Strength 6mg/pouch
Core flavor Mint, Peppermint
Net Weight (g) 19.5
Net Weight (oz) 0.69
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