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Learn more about the top snuff & dip tobacco brands in the US

Founded in 1822, Copenhagen was one of the first brands to introduce smokeless tobacco—and today, it still remains one of the most authentic and best-selling premium tobacco products on the market. Buy Copenhagen tobacco online today!


- Several flavor options
- Fine cut, long cut, snuff and pouch options
- Made with American-grown tobacco


Skoal® smokeless tobacco has been sliding into back pockets since 1934. Made from 100% American-grown tobacco. Buy Skoal online today and discover for yourself why this premium U.S. tobacco has stood the test of time.


- 25+ different kinds of dip
- Fine cut, long cut and pouch options
- Made with American grown tobacco

Grizzly Snuff is an American dipping tobacco brand. Every single can is cut and blended by experts who believe that tobacco, no matter how it’s consumed, should taste like tobacco—which is why Grizzly still remains a leader in the smokeless tobacco category. 


- 15+ varieties
- Fine cut, long cut and pouch options
- Made with traditional cured premium tobacco


Longhorn Snuff tobacco is dedicated to delivering high-quality moist, smokeless tobacco. Find Longhorn dip online at the best prices on Northerner.


- 6+ varieties
- Fine cut, long cut and pouch options
- Stow lid compartment feature


Timber Wolf chewing tobacco offers long cut, fine cut and pouches, so you don’t have to compromise. Order Timber Wolf chew online today.


- 11 varieties
- Long cut, fine cut and pouch options
- Range includes popular flavors such as wintergreen and mint


Red Seal Tobacco believes that the best dip comes from tobacco grown right here in the Heartlands. Their premium dark tobacco is fired using only oak and hickory hardwoods, and then aged in wood barrels to deliver moist, flavorful tobacco every single time. 


- 6 varieties
- Long cut and fine cut options
- Made with dark tobacco


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